Monday, April 03, 2017

The weekend I had a crudtastic race....

So I'm trying to get back to real life...
except there's this whole "my mouth feels weird" & "I'm still afraid to eat" thing happening.

Having a hole in your gum isn't the most fun I've ever had.  Sigh....

Friday, I headed out at lunch to pick up my race packet for the final race of the Triple Crown... the Papa John's 10 Miler. Or as I call it, "The most despising, hated, horrible, miserable race that exists". Sounds like fun, huh?

Someone asked me if I hate it so much, why do I do it?

Well, mainly because its the last race of the Triple Crown & I like doing all 3.  Why? Because a t-shirt is involved.  I'll do a lot for a t-shirt. But mainly because in my half marathon training, it always falls right when I need to do 10 miles anyways - so why not do it where people are handing you water & cheering you on & you get a medal?

& any excuse to drink a venti Starbucks doesnt hurt either

It just so happens this 10 miles is also in a park with horrid hills that I just dont care for.

But let's back it up.

Friday, I went to the packet pick up with still no wonder if I was going to make it to the start line of the race.  I mean, my mouth was still killing me - the hole is still in my gum.  Plus, the pain has been more intense on Wednesday & Thursday than it was the day of the procedure.  I am still scared to death to eat normal food so I've been on a liquid diet all week long too - & I can feel the lack of nutrition.  I think one day, I literally got something like 9 grams of protein. I'm supposed to get like 95grams. Yeah.... I've just felt blah all week. Plus, I tried working out ONCE & it was awful. My jaw was aching so bad - so I hadn't worked out, nor ran, all week long.

You can see why I was leery about showing up at that start line.

But I set the alarm anyways... & Ricky told me that we can do it.  Even if it was just me walking, I can do it. He was my biggest encouragement.  Mainly because he knows me - I would beat myself up for not doing it in the end.

So we get up early & I get my knees all held together with KT Tape & we head to the start line.

Everything seemed to go really smoothly on this race morning - a rarity.  We got there in plenty of time, got a good parking spot, missed traffic by coming in the back way, got to the start line with just 5 minutes before the gun went off - everything went perfectly.

... & then we started...

Good bye perfect race morning.

I just felt so blah from the beginning.  Instantly, I could feel the heart beat in my gum where the missing tooth was.  It wasn't horrible.  But it wasn't comfortable.  & then we got to about mile 3 & I was like, I'm not going to be able to do this.  Ricky again, being my biggest cheerleader was just telling me that he knows I have the strength to get through this... & in reality, we were at the point of going into the park - it was just pressing through & making it out to go back - or turn around at this point which would have been so disappointing. I still mostly wanted to chose to turn around....

but I'm all about PRESSING ON...

& then got on the back side of the park & was wanting to punch myself in the face for being so stupid.

MISERABLE.  I was miserable.  I had to walk the majority of the park. Even running on the downhill had my jaw throbbing.  & when we got out of the park & I hit mile 7, I literally said in tears, "I'M DONE - I'M DONE - I'M DONE!"... like screamed it.  I just wanted it to be all over with.

I told Ricky I was not running another step.  I basically was like a child throwing a fit at this point.  But there was no option but to walk the direction we were going to get back to the car - so Ricky told me we were just going to enjoy the walk.  No pressure - no hurry.  My time was already screwed. At the 10k mark, I was already like 8 minutes slower than my time from the last week ... & getting slower by walking.

So we just held hands & walked.  It made it easier. The pity party ended & we just had fun talking & watching squirrels fight... & I got to show Ricky a house that I love every year.  They have no grass - their entire front yard is flowers. & they bloom for only a few weeks & then its just like dead flowers in their yard. So bizarre.... but so pretty those few weeks of the year. I was glad to get a picture of it this year.

& then we were watching all the policemen on the road putting up ribbons on the trees.  See, in our town, a police officer was killed in the line of duty.  So horrible. He was a young man with a young family... he has 2 babies with one being a few weeks old.  His poor wife.  But they were going to take his body on a route that afternoon around landmark areas of his life.... & that area where we were running was where he grew up.  It was something to see all the blue ribbons on every tree down the road.

Finally - FINALLLLLLYYYYY - we were coming up the hill to the last mile.  At this point, it was almost comical what my time was & we even stopped mid race to take a picture of the finish line behind us.

Still a mile away... but there's the finish line in the parking lot

& as we rounded the corner, Ricky told me, let's run. I got tickled because I tried to run & I felt so weak & no energy & my calves were cramped & I just felt like I had never ran a day in my life.  I dont know why it made me laugh so hard... but I got so tickled that it pepped me up enough to run the last quarter mile to the finish.

I did it.  It sucked. 100% sucked.  ROYALLY sucked. My time, the way I felt, the day (it was cold & windy & gray the whole race) ... but I did it.  I crossed the finish line.. I got the same medal the winner got.  I crossed the same finish line that over 4,000 other people ahead of me crossed.

& in all honesty - I didnt even care.  I usually pout about horrible times & kick myself in my head... I honestly didnt care.  I was just proud I made it through after the week I had.

Though I have to admit, at the end, I was questioning if I'm going to do the half marathon coming up in a month. Ricky kept telling me I have a month to heal & recover & I'll be fine. I just dont want to feel this bad again in a race & I'm afraid its going to be just like this.... blah... I guess I'll cross that bridge in a few weeks.

How I really felt about the race....

The best part of this race... when you do a Papa John's 10 miler, you get Papa John's pizza at the finish line.  Me? I'm still afraid to eat anything chewy so I just went for the banana & Gatorade & told Ricky to eat a piece for me.

He was happy to oblige.  Poor guy earned it.

& then we walked backed to the car & I told Ricky, "let's run it"... & got tickled all over again at how sore my body was.  I think the crazy was leaking out.

The rest of the day was low key for us.  I had some plans for the evening that fell through, so we just hung out around the house.  Ricky took a nap while I knitted & watched a documentary on a guy that lived off of Craigslist for 30 days.  Crazy to me - people are so trusting.... I would have ran into a murdered for sure if I tried it.

Image result for craigslist joe

Sunday, I headed to church & so glad to see my MSM girls since I missed the week before.  I ended up getting both 7th grade groups since the other group's leader was on Spring Break so I had nearly 20 girls... & it ended up being some great conversation about what Jesus was like as a teenager.

I ran to Target after church to pick up some dog food & some more soft food (I dont think I'm ever going to eat hard food again) & then couldnt help myself but treat myself to some goodies.  Ricky just shook his head when I showed him my new Beast & told him he had to tell me how cute he is!!!

It was such a beautiful Sunday... warm, sunny... perfect.  So I took advantage & took my book in the back yard with my fur babies & soaked in the Vitamin D

This title is fitting for my life lately

It was such a pretty day that I went ahead & put together a stroller that we had gotten from Amazon.  The intentions was to put Zoe in it since it zipped up & then we could take Bruno in his cart.  Zoe wanted nothing to do with it.  She kept trying to find a way out of the covered up netting (we put the netting in because I knew she'd jump out)... she was pressing her face against it with the most pitiful look & then tried to bite her way out of the netting. So the stroller aint going to work for her.  We tried it out with our little grumpy old man... he's all about it. He loves anything where he gets to venture out but exert no physical activity.  He's my spirit animal.

Image may contain: dog

& then we got to go over to our neighbors where I got to pet on some baby chickens & see the biggest rooster I have ever seen in my life! & then even get to touch a turkey!!!  So many animals for me to love on!!!!  They are expecting some eggs to hatch soon too.... baby alert around these parts!!! I'm all about any animal creature being born.

The rest of Sunday was full of laundry & bills & grown up stuff.... & eating more soft stuff.... sigh.

& then got strapped in for the WILD RIDE of the finale of THE WALKING DEAD..... I think I'm still holding my breath!!!!!!! #teamshiva

But a lot I guess was accomplished.... & while I was in some pain, both physically & dentally (is dentally a word?) ... & hungry... I felt a little bit of pride... & disappointment.... a roller coaster of emotions - just another weekend in the life, right?

How was your weekend?

Run any miles/races?

Would you push your animal in a stroller?


  1. I didn't run at al this weekend and didn't even get to enjoy the sunny weather cus I was sick!

    I think it's quite appropriate that this race is part of the "triple crown" seeing as all the teeth trouble you've had deals with your Do you see the irony in that?
    I am so proud of you for not quitting and sticking it out with Ricky. Hopefully you can come up with a good run walk plan for the half marathon next month.

  2. Congrats on completing the race. So sorry you are feeling so bad. Hope you feel better soon.

    Love Bruno in that stroller. He's so adorable.

    I hope tjus week goes better for you.

  3. Ricky is such an amazing cheerleader for you - what a great support that man is for you!! It might not have been your most enjoyable run, but one I'm sure you'll remember! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Oh - I was wondering how you did and if your dental issues/pain would be gone. I'm so with you though - I hate that race. I don't mind the distance but I hate the actual route. Iroquois mountain in the middle and the Mt. Everest-sized overpass right at the end when you just want it to be over with. Blah. I hope you'll be feeling better soon for the rest of your training and for the half! My daughter got braces last week and she's been living off of smoothies and Panera soup (we found out Target carries them!). Hang in there and know that you are so blessed to have a Ricky in your life! :) Many runners I know don't have that support/encouragement.

  5. Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear you are still in so much pain with your mouth. I commend you for even trying! I don't even run on my good days lol. Even though you walked a lot of the way it sounds interesting to see the race from a different perspective and just taking in all the scenery. How crazy is that house with the flower yard?! You're right, I'm sure it's so pretty for those few weeks and then just odd after. I really hope you feel better soon! Beautifully Candid

  6. I'm sorry your mouth is still giving you so much pain! You're a real trooper for completing the race and much, much braver than me. :D I love the house with the flower yard. There used to be a home I drove by routinely that had a side yard full of beautiful sunflowers. I loved it when they were bloom, but they sadly got rid of them a few years back. Broke my heart. Feel better soon!

  7. I'm sorry this race was so tough :( That's awesome that you got through it with the pain and the not being able to eat solids! The second part where you guys walked hand in hand sounds so nice. And I would definitely be bummed about a race where having pizza at the end is a big deal and then I couldn't even eat it!

  8. I think Bruno is my spirit animal too!!! I am sorry this was a tough race for you, but it sounds like you had an amazing cheerleader with you and you got to have a few laughs out of it and make the best of the situation so that is always good. And look, you did it!

  9. I slogged my way through a BLAH 7.3 mile run Saturday morning.

    No stroller for the dog - but since he's only about 10 LBs my mom actually uses a baby sling for him that she wears like a messenger bag. He just likes to be wherever we are, so this is the easiest way.

    As much as I love ice cream and smoothies, and other soft foods, I think I would be a nightmare after no real solids in a week+. I can't believe you ran // walked 10 miles.

  10. Oh bummer!! That sounds like a rough race lady, but hey, you tried, and you stuck it out! That's an achievement in my book. heheh :) I know I already said, but I love your beast plushie. :) SO cute. We had cloudy cool weather for most of the weekend... but the rain did let up a bit. Spring in Kansas... hahah XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. You are dedicated, I will give you that lady! I would have stayed in bed and whined all day lol. Kudos to you though!

  12. YOU are amazing! It sucked and it hurt and you did it anyway! Kudos. To me, that's a bigger accomplishment than being the winner. I had the exact same crappy experience at my last race in May. Horrid!

    I love that Beast and I love that you got a dog stroller!

  13. Ugh, that race sounds so dreadful...I'm so sorry. That's discouraging, to say the least, but thank goodness you had Ricky there with you to help you make the best of a bad situation. Hills are tough even under ideal racing conditions, but I can only imagine how awful they'd be under those conditions. Hopefully you'll get things figured out soon with your mouth!

  14. Hurrah for reading outside!

    My dogs don't LOVE the stroller, but my Geege is so old he'll ride in it now.

  15. I'm so sorry you had such a miserable race, but that's so amazing you still finished! I'm so glad you had Ricky beside you to encourage you. I love the photo of Bruno in the stroller!

  16. Go you for running that race and coming out the other side! I was surprised to see that you'd done it!
    I squeal every time we drive out to my parents' because there are wittle baby cows in every field!!

  17. Ugh. I give you credit for just showing up when you were in pain. To keep on and finish is a huge accomplishment! Personally, I would never feel guilty about not doing a race if I knew it was going to be a miserable experience, but I agree to wait and see how you feel closer to race day.

  18. I cannot get over the fact that you still did this race! I can't imagine the amount of pain you were in or how hard it was to have the energy not being able to eat as much as normal, but you did it and that's so amazing and encouraging!!

  19. Your weekend sounds pretty good other than the tooth pain. But you made it through your race. Too bad you didn't get the pizza!

  20. You had me at, "I'll do a lot for a t-shirt!" HA!

  21. Oh my! I am proud of you and amazed at your tenacity. Ricky is pretty darn amazing too. When do you get your bridge? Hopefully before the next race so you can get some nutrition back in your tummy!

  22. I'm so proud of you for finishing that race!! Such a huge accomplishment! My granddog was a Westie and she was such a princess! When we'd take her to the dog park she'd tiptoe over to the grass and when the grass ended and the gravel began, she'd sit down and wait for someone to carry her. She would have LOVED that stroller!

  23. Ahhh I wrote a comment, hit publish, and it disappeared!

    However..I think you should be super proud of yourself for finishing the race and, heck, even showing up for the race.
    You deserved that relaxing Sunday!


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