Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Time for some more AMAZONING!!!!

I've been an Amazon-ing fool lately! YAHOO!
My mail man LOVESSSS me.  

Here's some goodies I've gotten lately

(nothing here is for compensation or selling anything 
- just for the fun of seeing what's out in Amazon World!
Just click on the title & it will take you to Amazon's site for that product)

When the flu was going around our office, a coworker told me about this - its kills the norovirus in 30 seconds!! It's no wonder that I dont have this stuff strapped on my belt like a gunslinger.
Actually, I have a bottle sitting on my desk at work & 2 bottles in arms reach at home at all times.

This started because I was clicking a pen in Bible Study & driving a friend totally crazy. I realized how much I am always needing to use my hands. I cant just sit still. Its why I knit or crochet when I'm watching TV - I just dont sit & watch TV.  So I heard about this & thought I'd give it a try - I mean, it was only $3.95!!!!  I love this little gadget. I keep it in my purse & am constantly playing with it, for no reason but just because.

Promises of Joy: Ad Adult Coloring Book 

We are working on a book by this same author in our Bible Study Group - also on JOY - so when I saw this, I wanted to get it for leading up to the Easter Season.
I have to say, I'm super impressed with this coloring book.
It has a place behind ever picture for notes/reflection on the verse you just worked on.
& every page is centered around a scripture verse.  I will be getting more of her coloring books now just for study purposes mixed with fun.

AmazonBasics 2-Piece Nonstick Fry Pan Set

I had a fry pan that I used for eggs or grilled cheese & everything was sticking to it - finally one morning, I literally just tossed it from the oven to the garbage & went on here to get something that would just get me by.  I was actually kind of impressed about these babies. One is bigger & one is smaller, though the picture makes it look like the same size. They heat really well & clean up really nice in the dishwasher. & for $16.99... I was thrilled.  My grilled cheese has never looked better. Seriously - Ricky even commented on it the other day.

AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed

We took our grumpy old man on a ride to the park the other day... but did it right after we gave him an antibiotic. Bad move. He got car sick & threw up that pill & his dinner all over his little bedding that we put on the seat for him to be comfortable in.  Thank goodness that was on my seat though. Whew!  But thank to Amazon, we had another one at my door in 2 days & my grumpy old man can ride comfy as ever.

TomBow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers 

These are what's gotten me started on my brush pen lettering.
& I've since tried other pens... nope - they are junk compared to these.
I see why everyone likes the TomBow name brand.
They really are fun to play with.  They have dual tips on them too so one to write with the brush pen lettering & then a fine tip marker on the other end, so perfect for writing notes or jotting down anything.  I love these. I need to get the other set with the fun colors.

VIV Collection Floral Leggings

Image result for viv collection leggings volcanic rose

I love these leggings.  & for $12.99, I had to give them a try. I originally bought them because they had roses on them & I thought I would wear them to see Beauty & the Beast.  Always thinking, I am... but now I'm just going to have to order some more because they are so comfy.
Someone asked me about the waist band & while I do love me some LulaRoe leggings (I have a closet full of those too) I dont mind the band on these. It's not as wide & thick as a Lula legging, but its not like its horrible. They stay up, they dont dig in, I dont have any issues with them. & again, for the price, I can give up a thicker band.

Dual Tip Brush Pen 
 Dual Tip Brush Pen

So these are only $8.99... & I can see the difference in good brush pens compared to not so good. These are what I use to practice with because the tips are SUPER SOFT & give too much when you need them to be stiff - important to get some thin lines. Plus, they sort of fray & spread out causing some bleeding lines. Totally not something I'll probably buy again, but glad to have them for the fun colors & to use this ink for practice instead of my good pens.  I do like the thin tips of these markers though.

So that's it for this round...

I actually have a few more things I've bought this month, but I'll save them for next month's Amazoning link ... especially because after this big haul of a month, I'm going on a spending freeze.
Yikes! You're welcome Mr. Postman.


  1. I love the VIV brand leggings too! They feel just like LLR at half the price.

    Just added that fidget cube to my cart! Definitely need one.

  2. You make me want to go Amazon-ing! ;)

  3. You always find the best stuff- the fidget cube sounds awesome and great that it fits into your bag.

  4. THAT FIDGET CUBE LOOKS AWESOME. I just told K about it and he goes, "You and your dad need that." Hahaha!

  5. The Purell spray would be very handy over here as well. I work in a school and am actually home on sick day today because the germs finally got me. The fidget cubes would also come in handy at work as well. We canceled our Amazon Prime account to save money since we weren't using it to be worthwhile. My parents have an account so we could always "borrow" theirs if we needed something ASAP.
    I am pretty sure I am a "reply" blogger I am new to blogging again no pressure to check it out though.
    Have a great day!

  6. Does the fidget cube make noise?

    I have a ring, it's 3 thin ones all connected that I bought off of Amazon in 2009 that is STILL going strong. I always roll it around and fidget with it, but it makes the noise of rings clinking together. So I'm sure EVERYONE I know would love if I got something quieter to fidget with. Haha.

    The postman probably hates us, everything we're getting right now is huge & bulky. 30 tablecloths? 20 table runners? A new set of pots and pans? Pyrex? ALL HEAVY.

  7. Oh, that's a great price for those pans! I was just thinking I need to replace some of the ones I have for the same reason.

  8. I'm going to look for that Purell. My recent sinus infection made me paranoid.

  9. I love some good amazon finds! That pet bed looks so comfy and I am loving those fun floral leggins! I need to replace some of my pans so I'm going to check these out. Beautifully Candid

  10. I like what you found. I've seen that fidget cube, I think my son would like it. I'm definitely going to look for that Purell.....

  11. My Amazon tab is open and waiting!! LOVE these posts and I'm a sucker for new pens/markers!!

  12. How fun, I love that we get a peak in your life and see what you've been buying :)

  13. I love seeing what you're buying on Amazon. Such a fun post.

  14. Yay for your grumpy man getting a new bed. You're a good pet mamma!

  15. THANK YOU for the brush recommendations! As you know, I'm attempting to learn lettering and picking a set of brushes is so overwhelming.

  16. I'm going to get that fidget cube for my brother - it would be PERFECT for him!

  17. It's been awhile since I've bought from Amazon ... totally not getting my money's worth on the Prime subscription. :( I saw some dual-tip brush pens at Target the other day and wanted to get them to try. I might have to cave and get some. Wonder if I can buy more time on Amazon to be able to do all the hobbies I want to try. Ain't nobody got time for work! ;)

  18. Wow a fidget cube sounds interesting lol I need one of those for my husband.

  19. Wish I could get away with wearing leggings. Those are cute. Great reviews today! Thanks for the recommendations.

  20. Those leggings look so pretty! I need to get some of that Purell spray. I'm always worried about Chris bringing stuff home from the hospital, so I disinfect everything.

  21. I like the Vivs but prefer the LLR waistbands. Viv also has capri leggings nad LLR does not.

    The Purell should live with all of us.

  22. I'm a sucker for pens! As a shopper, I can't believe that I don't buy more things off Amazon than I do. I think it's just so over-whelming for me that I don't even really know where to begin.

  23. We need those frying pans like yesterday!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  24. That little fidget cube looks fun! We need some new pans so bad!!!

  25. I need to do some research on fidget gadgets, they keep popping up on lists and my interest in totally peaked. I have always been a chronic nail bitter, which is a terrible habit and I try to resit but when I resist I end up clicking pens or fiddling with paperclips basically anything that is in reach and has movable parts or I can manipulate with my hands. I'm sure it's very annoying for others!

  26. I love and hate these amazon posts because I want to buy it all, but love seeing new products that I don't know about!

  27. I'm so glad you said something about the fidget cube. My oldest has ADHD and I was thinking of getting for him.


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