Thursday, August 03, 2017

New projects, sweet words, & little brave guy {Thankful Thursday #136}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal... just ignore}

503 / Weekend opened up.
I had a photo session scheduled for the weekend. & while I hated not seeing this beautiful new momma on the weekend, I was excited to have another free weekend when she had to cancel the session.  I'm growing to love these free weekends anymore.

504 / Missed the morning rain.
Whew! That was close. Since I have to take Bruno out in the weather with him not being able to see, I was SOOOO thankful when I took him out for his morning bathroom trip & the second we walked in the door, it down poured. I would have been drenched leaving for work.  That's what you call good timing.

506 / New project ideas!
I cant wait to try some new things for my Etsy store.

507 / Chewy Dog Food.
I'm excited to find this pet supply company online that automatically ships dog food to your door.  I'm all about having things show up at my door without me having to run & load stuff up myself.  & plus, I think I FINALLY found a dog food for Bruno that is good for his skin / low-carb. You have NO IDEA how hard the struggle is to find a low carb dog food. People think "Grain free" is low carb. Nope - because they use potatoes as filler instead & that's a huge carb.  That & peas, which I didn't realize is a high carb food for yeast production as well.  I found this dog food & read some reviews where a few people said this food totally helped their animals yeast issues. So fingers crossed it does the same for Bruno.

Garbanzo beans instead of potato fillers... I like it

508 / Spotify.
I dont know what I did before Spotify in my house.  Let the TV run - that's what I used to do.  Never really watched it, just had it for background noise. Well, this is better.  Especially when I saw Nicole Norderman's new album came out - I was able to listen to it all day long.  Yes, I do pay the $9.99 for the premium but its so worth it to me.  I especially love the Spotify app when running where it keeps your pace & give you music to go with that pace. That alone is worth it.

509 / My first zucchini bread experience.
To say it went well is an understatement.

510 / Another gorgeous day to do everything outside
The best of days.  Reading outside & even working out outside... let's just live outside on days like this please.

511 / MSM is back!!!
YAHOOO!!! So excited for a new year.

Picking up the 2017 leader shirts

514 / New baby Joyster.
So excited our sweet friend had her baby & her & her new son are doing well. Cant wait to meet the little man.

515 / Brave little grand son
So our middle grand son has always had issues with breathing & sinuses & allergies & all that fun head stuff,  so he ended up getting his adenoids taken out on Monday.  Julie said he was great through the whole thing, such a brave little guy & apparently his healing has been wonderful too.  Whew.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoor
Snagged Julie's picture
They let you draw on the sheets in surgery  #creatingbadhabits ;) haha

516 / MSM Meeting.
I loved getting to sit at a table with 2 ladies that I have met at MSM in passing but at separate events.  They each teach in first service while I teach in 2nd... but one of the ladies, I was helping her daughter learn to knit & the other went to Believe (the middle school conference) where we wrangled up the girls together... so it was great to spend some time sitting & chatting & praying together.  Even playing a scavenger hunt together... &coming in totally last place.  But we had first place in laughing & fun, guaranteed ;)

517 / Sweet encouragement.
I got a card from one of the staff at Southeast that just encouraged me & lifted up my spirits so much this week.  Kind words are never wasted, are they?  I think I've re-read the card 4 or 5 times just because it has filled up my soul.

What good things have been going on in your week?


  1. I haven't explored too much yet. I love the idea of not having to go to the store and then lug it home, but make sure you compare prices. I priced the Sorento flea & tick collars on there and it was cheaper at Walmart by about $5.

  2. Yay for good food for Bruno! I'm thankful my pugs don't have food or allergy issues ... but we had to deal with it with our greyhounds (making their food sometimes, adding yogurt or pumpkin or cottage cheese) ... spoiling dogs is a thing. :)

  3. glad that the surgery went well for your grandson.

    post pics of your new project (when finished)?

  4. I had no idea grain-free didn't mean low carb. I wonder if it's the same for cat food? I might need to research that more. I also had no idea spotify would provide music that goes with your pace while running, so cool!

  5. I'm really excited for our zucchini to be ready...I have a list of recipes ready to go.
    I LOVE I've been using them for over two years and I'm pretty sure our dogs wouldn't eat if I had to lug a bag of dog food home from the store.
    They did discontinue their favorite food so I had to find a replacement (without those fillers!).

  6. Your bread looks delicious! I always love your photos and marvel at how you illustrate your life with them! My week has been amazing...1st week of retirement!!

  7. Wow what a brave little guy. Seeing little people go through surgery is always amazing because I'm thankful for how God preserves their little bodies and gives them such joy before and after it.

    Also, I'm thankful you found that dog food. I hope it does help little Bruno's skin issues. <3

  8. So glad your grandson's surgery went okay! And I hope Bruno's new food helps out. Poor guy but he is lucky to have such a good Mama! :D I always tell Max he is lucky to have and Bruno is lucky to have you and Ricky!

  9. Wow - I might be tempted to try Bruno's food - I love garbanzo beans. Ha!

    I didn't know that about Spotify - the keeping pace thing. Interesting! I might have to try it when I'm healthy again. Although I'm looking forward to listening to audio books while I walk. Maybe I'll mix it up!

  10. I'm with you if you can have something just show up, except when you realize it's been 3 months and haven't received anything. Then realize it's been out of stock and now you don't have any!

  11. I might try that food for Mae. Chewy is my jam, I have been using them for quite a while. I don't auto order though because their shipping is so fast.

    Cheers to your grandson coming up roses!

  12. So glad your grandson is doing so well. I hope this alleviates his problems. That bread looks so good. My sister offered me some zucchini. Maybe I'll take her up on and try making some bread myself. Going over to pick some beans tonight. It's so nice having a sister who does a good sized garden. :)

  13. Too cool that they let kids color on the sheets! Lots to be thankful for this month! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Sending some prayers your way for your dad!! <3

  14. I wish I could order Baylee's food online but since it's prescription, I can't.

  15. Oh let me know what you think of that dog food. Love that it is delivered to your door and seems so much healthier. I love zucchini bread and need to make some from our zucchini. Totally need to bake more.


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