Monday, August 28, 2017

The weekend that had me trying not to get blood on my white pants....

Here we are again.... Monday.

How fast they come.

Friday started off with some grocery shopping & picking up some mexican bowls from their new deli.... which were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!  Glad to find another quick go-to for a fast dinner when we need one now.

I got home though & was on a mission - to organize a corner shelf in our kitchen.

I treated myself to this organizer at Hobby Lobby earlier that day that I had had my eye on forthe longest time & was anxious to put it to use.

The main thing to note... I own WAYYYY too many pens & pencils. This isnt even all of them.
I take my writing utensils seriously.

It ended up taking me a few hours to get this whole shelf organized... but loved walking away from it & having at least one place organized in my house.

I then spent the rest of my Friday starting on a new knitting project... always entertaining to me.

& catching up on some So You Think You Can Dance.

Exciting stuff!  I know how to party on a Friday night.

Saturday, after doing a few wake up calls with Bruno, it felt wonderful getting a day off to sleep in. It was cool & I had the windows open & I just could have laid there all morning long.

But the cool air made me get up & make some coffee & do my other favorite thing... get my Kindle & go out on the porch with the fresh crisp air. It was wonderful.

I then got my Bible study stuff together & sat out there until the sun drifted across the table to reach me.

I wanted to try out my new watch GPS feature so headed down to the local park to get in some miles.

I hadnt laced up running shoes in awile...  &felt it. UGH.
But the watch was awesome... my body felt so NOT awesome... but glad to get some miles under my feet.

On the way home, I stopped by my parents house ...

& then got a call from Ricky he wanted to go out & get some dinner.

I'm all about food - especially after doing a 5k.

We ran into Q'doba since we are now on a Mexican bowl kick... & it didnt disappoint.

& of course, you cant go out anywhere without a quick trip into Target.  #saturdayvibes

We got home & ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (I am so in love with Baby Groot) & we laughed that we felt like 'young kids" because we were up past 11:30. Wow... that's just sad.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol. 2: Check Out The Awesome New Trailer And Poster For James Gunn's Sequel

Sunday, I ended up sleeping in late again... #sorrynotsorry

So ended up missing church, & wasnt sure how it was going to go to get to MSM.

First, I lost my keys, which made me late getting out.... & then on the way to MSM, I got a nose bleed. GEEZ. & it wasnt bad enough I had a nose bleed, I had on WHITE PANTS with a nose bleed. GASP. I was grabbing everything I could to cover my pants.  I did end up dripping blood all over my red, white & blue plaid shirt... & of course, every drip went into the white parts. UGHHHH....

I finally got to church & forgot my glasses in my car, went back only to find I had left the TRUNK OF MY CAR UP when I was looking for a garbage bag to put all my bloody tissues. With some of my photo equipment right there to snag .... WOW... just wow....

I was glad to get in church so I could get some Jesus all up in my day....

We had a great group this Sunday....

There's my white pants... nose blood free

& then it was time to waste some hours.

It's just a weird time when I get out of church at 12:30 & bible study isn't till 3:30 ... sometimes I have some things or Ricky will meet me for lunch or the time just goes fast.... & then there's Sundays like this one where I didnt have anything to do....

I ran over to TJ Maxx & then headed to a coffee shop nearby  & had a new Handlettering book I had been sent & got a drink & spent some time practicing .... it was really nice actually to have some slow time & an amazing drink.

Then it was time for our JOY group... we finished up our latest study. WHOOO HOOOO...

& we had a new baby in our mix.

This is our group's 6th new baby since we joined together. Isn't that CRAZY?!?!? All the babies!! & we still have 2 more in the oven cooking.

But we love our babies....

Those 2 big girls were our first babies in the group.

I got to spend some time talking with my friend after bible study & then stopped to pick up some dinner for Ricky & I ...

& didnt get home until 8:00... wow... that was a long Sunday.

Glad to be home....
& not glad to be setting the alarm clock for another week.

I just really need the weekends & weekdays to change places Wouldnt that be amazing?

At least we have a long weekend ahead on the next one.

Let the countdown begin for that!!!

& Side Note.... been watching all weekend of the horrible Hurricane Harvey.  Which every time they say the name on TV, our Harvey stops & looks like, "Did someone say my name?".... but praying for everyone there. My Son in Law has family down in the Houston area & just glad for social media to see updates that everyone is OK.  Scary stuff.  Praying for everyone in that area....

How was your weekend?

Was it nicer weather?

Do you love Mexican bowls?

Do you love some quiet time at a coffee shop?


  1. I want to know who set up the week that we have to work 5 days and only get off 2? We should at least set it up to have off 3 and work 4! I'll vote for the next presidential candidate that can make that happen!

  2. While I thought my weekend was busy, it's nothing compared to yours! :) I love the cooler weather though and we had the windows open for most of the time. I think the Mexican bowls are the only thing I've ever gotten at Qdoba -- love them! Here's hoping this week goes quickly and the long weekend is nice and slow.

  3. Good Lord, Girl! I think the devil was trying to sabotage your Sunday!! Hope your white pants aren't ruined! And I love your pen collection! I'm known for "borrowing " a good pen! Ha! How's your precious daddy doing! Yes! Praying for our Texas friends!

  4. Wow 6 new babies? That's wonderful, and I was totally drawn in by your title. I hope your shirt is ok now. And also, your parent's farm is just so beautiful; I would love to visit there with you. :)

    Qdoba is a wonderful restaurant; I think I like it better than Chipotle. What about you?

  5. As someone who loves pens and organization I'm all sorts of excited over your organizer! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  6. I love Mexican bowls, I love your new organizer and please let your white pants be clean! Happy Monday!

  7. Glad the GPS watch worked out well! I'm a fan of mexican bowls as a meal too. They're so customizable that it's an easy option for groups usually :)

  8. we just watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 last night! Love baby Groot but I also loved all the one liners they gave Drax!

    My daughter is in Houston and it has been a stressful couple of days for us. But she is safe and dry right now!!!

  9. I hope you SIL's family is safe and dry. It's so crazy seeing those images.

    I love Baby Groot! He was the best part of the movie and while I understand he can't stay Baby Groot forever, I'm sad that he'll be grown-up Groot when we see him again. :D

    You do such beautiful handlettering, Rebecca Jo. I can't even write in a straight line. Seriously! You're so talented!

  10. Your handlettering practice is beautiful! I wish I could do that!

    Oh Harvey. I saw some of the pics & articles when I was waiting for a flight last night. And then I checked FB & saw that they are releasing a damn near my cousins house, which would likely flood them. BUT, they don't know what to do or where to go since they can't get out to drive anywhere safe! It's crazy. Our company has lots of manufacturing there so we are getting updates from co-workers too.

  11. I love your new organizer!! Your parents farm is beautiful. I could see myself sitting out there on a rocking chair reading a good book with a nice cup of coffee!

  12. Rain, rain, rain...that was our weekend. I posted my weekend recap, but it was not as busy as yours.

  13. So glad the weather was beautiful for you, too! We were outside all day yesterday, and it was barely into the 80s - in August?! Loving this!! Also, I could shop for organization supplies ALL DAY - I love the one you bought - big enough for almost everything :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  14. You are getting better and better at lettering! Which is saying something because you were amazing when you started!!
    I used to get bloody noses all. the. time. For some reason I don't anymore- maybe one a year now. So annoying! When I was a kid and they came at night they'd ruin my bedsheets. I was always SO upset!

  15. Nothing like a new tracker watch to motivate you to get out running again :) I blame my lack of running motivation partially on me not knowing where my Garmin is for sure!

  16. Gosh Houston is just awful. Breaks my heart. Hoping the worst of it is over, though who knows if that is true. Your lettering, as always is awesome! I liked Guardians II as well. My in laws are hoping to buy and watch it soon. We spend most of the weekend reading and working on projects. I got 2/3 of my travel PL album done! :) Hooray for babies, they are the best. Got to see my nephew this weekend too! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  17. yay for yummy mexican bowls! And yikes about the bloody nose, I haven't gotten one in a long time! Sounds like a busy but nice Sunday.

  18. i am not a fan of mexican food, i know i am in the minority there lol but i blame the fact that it isn't *as* popular as other cuisines where i'm from. i still eat it occasionally, like tacos and stuff, but i max out on qdoba like 3 times a year. it's KC's favourite restaurant, so bummer for him. lol. i can't remember the last time i stayed up past 11:30 except if i got caught up in a book, seriously. i still haven't seen guardians of the galaxy 2!

  19. Reading outside in the cool air is so refreshing. We are having Mexican tonight and now you have me thinking possibly a bowl?! Yikes with the nose bleed! Glad you saved your pants! Were they the stay white ones?! Beautifully Candid

  20. I am obsessed with Mexican bowls. You get all the goodness without the extra fat from tortillas. Total win. I love Mexican food. I can't believe how bad of a nose bleed you had. Luckily you saved your pants. That is why I can't wear white pants. ha.


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