Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Summer time, our baby is 4 & a lot of loss.... {One Sentence a Day - July 2017 Edition}

This is it... officially half through the year.
& Halloween & fall decorations are trickling in.
Didn't we just start 2017?... is it just me?

Wow... just wow...

Anyways - here's a look at how my July went - One Sentence at a time.

1.  Got news that a friend of our family had passed away unexpectedly #RIPMandy

2.  Had a photo session with a precious family that tried so hard to plan & schedule pictures only to have the kids not feel the heat very well & had to cut the session short. #stillgotgoodpics

3.  Felt like such a weird day where I had to work & the office was half empty, to spending my evening celebrating the 4th of July with my family  #Rainbowoutofnowhere

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4.  Thanks America by letting us celebrate your birthday with a day off work!  #'Merica

5.  Heartbroken for a friend who lost her dog after a quick illness, making me love my little fragile little blind boy/grumpy old man even more during the night.  #Whycantdogsliveforever

tired after a bath
6.  Went to pay respects to a family friend who unexpectedly passed away.  #liveeverydayboldly

7.  Kicked off Friday with a Joyster Coffee shop date.  #laughtergalore

8.  Got to see one of my favorite couples for their son's first birthday pictures.  #cutestfamilyever

9.  Stopping at the pet store for Bruno's food is becoming as routine as going to the grocery for our food. #naturalfoodisbestforeveryone

10. Just feel like life is running at full speed all the time, every day. #needavacationBAD

11. Laughed through my hair appointment when its all people you know in the hair salon at the same time & you can talk about things you'd never talk about if a stranger was in there. #girltalk

12.  The heat must be life draining because both Ricky & I came home from work & fell asleep for a nap.  #summerishere

13.  Got to give a little knitting lesson to a fellow MSM leader's daughter.  #sharetheknitlove

Look at her fun colorful yarn

14.  Doctor's appointment that officially shows I'm old since they want to start me on hormone replacement cream. #menopausearoundthecorner

15.  Just the most perfect day of having NOTHING planned or anywhere I needed to be. #thisisthelife

16.  Feeling the push to go more towards vegan after watching What the Health?  #beyourownadvocate

17.  Thinking about doing another half marathon training program.  #whydoIdothistomyself

18.  Havent gone out for lunch the past 2 days at work & while I like saving the money, its working on my mental state staying in the office a full 9 hours. #sanitynow

19. Started a separate Instagram page to promise my Etsy store that I'm going to be introducing my hand lettering in as well as hopes of doing other creations to add in. #creativejuicesflowing

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20.  So stupid hot, that it inspires me to knit a wool hat.  #aknitterforallseasons

21.  Harvey Dent is 4 years old!!!!!! #happybirthdaytoourbaby

22.  Worked on my Etsy store & got all sorts of new beautiful things posted up.  #lotsofwork

23.  Slept in till 9:30am & felt wonderful for the first time in the longest when I woke up. #lazysundaymorning

24.  So glad to celebrate my dad's birthday after hearing some devastating news at work of the loss of a coworker. #daddysbirthdaybringsbackthesmiles

25.  Finished one hat & started another one immediately.  #needlesalwaysmoving

26.  Sent out over a dozen texts to all my MSM girls & my nieces wishing them a good first day of school & a blessed year. #startstomorrow

27. Literally laughed out loud so hard at lunch reading my book, people were looking at me. #nocaresgiven

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28.  Went with coworkers to the funeral home to say goodbye to one of the most well liked & respected people we had the honor to work with. #RIPHoward

29.  Made zucchini bread for the first time in my life.  #thiscouldbeahabit

30.  MSM is back in session for the year #8thgradgirlsrock

31. We just added one more baby to our Joyster group with the birth of a little boy to one precious couple. #babieseverywhere

What's the thing that stands out to you the best for July?

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  1. Just love those perfect days and can I say, I always love your attitude! No matter what is thrown your way, you always put a fun spin on things and make us smile! Happy. Belated birthday Harvey!

  2. I can't believe July is over already, but then again I feel like I just said that about February. Where is the time going? Mandy is the same age as my Pappy. So sorry for all the loss you've endured this month.

  3. I am loving this link up! And I know what you mean about working through lunch. I usually do it 3-4 times a week just so I can get some things done without the phone ringing non-stop. But it sure makes for a LONG day! Sometimes I leave a little early in the afternoon, too!

  4. Oh girl, if you're making zucchini bread do I have the recipe for you!

    Zucchini Bread
    3 eggs. 3 cups flour
    2 cups sugar. 1 tsp. Baking soda
    1 cup oil. 1 tsp. Salt
    2 tsp. Vanilla. 1 tsp. Baking soda
    1 cup drained, crushed pineapple
    2 cups grated zucchini
    1-2 cups blueberries (to your liking)
    Mix all ingredients.
    Bake at 350° for 1 hour. Makes 2 loaves. Freezes well also

  5. What a month! I can't work through lunch -- I don't go out for lunch anymore and can't walk the bridge until the heat simmers down, but I shut the doors, ignore the phone, turn off my monitor and pull out my book to read for an hour. I do miss getting outside to walk though and I'm ready for some cooler weather!

  6. I'm so sorry that your month started out on such a somber note!! Huge congrats on your etsy shop!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a friend die unexpectedly and it was really really hard. Congrats on your etsy shop! I think I'm gonna have to order a hat from you, love them!

  8. I can't believe it's August already either. Some sad, hard events and so many great ones too. I guess that's this crazy thing we call life!

  9. It sounds like you've had a lot of ups and downs this month. I'm sorry to hear about all the loss. It sounds like the extra rest from sleeping in the other day was much needed! I love being able to wake up naturally without an alarm but it's pretty rare.

  10. So, pro-tip. If you're interested, you can shred zucchini, freeze it and bake with it come the depths of winter when all you want is a little bit of summertime. :)

    I can't believe folks around you start back to school so early. I am dreading seeing school buses on the roads again. ALL the roads - even highways, seem to be busier once school starts again.

  11. That's rough to deal with so much loss in one's one of those things where the aftereffect shocks will still be with you for a long while yet. I'm sorry for your losses, and I hope you find some peace in this new month to come.

  12. I love this! It sounds like a great month aside from your friend passing away. I am so sorry to hear that. Love all that you are doing with your Etsy! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  13. What a crazy month of ups and downs! Yay for knitting lessons, yummy zucchini bread, puppy birthdays, and cool summer days to keep your spirits high!

  14. I love reading your one sentence a day monthly recaps! I love that you gave knitting lessons! So sorry for all the loss you had this month. <3

  15. Your hair is so gorgeous! Your dad looks like he is lots of fun. I like him just from his picture. It is still hot and humid and raining here. Wet. Did I say wet?!

  16. So sorry for all the losses. But it sounds like you had some wonderful times too.

  17. So sorry for your loss! It's always hard when it's unexpected, but you're such a sweet person I have no doubts you were always a good friend to them. Sending hugs!

  18. Wow...your month certainly started out with many sorry to hear that. It's never easy to lose the ones we love whether that be friend's losses or ours, but I do tend to hold tighter after I hear these things!!
    I've been knitting a little this summer, but nothing to brag about---love the hat!!

  19. No it's not just you, this year is flying by way to fast!! Sorry about the passing of Mandy ((Hugs)) Love the rainbow. My heart also goes out to your friends who lost their dog. I just saw my hairdresser yesterday and I love the conversations we have. Happy Birthday to Harvey Dent. Sorry to hear about Howard too. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  20. Bless your heart, I am sorry for the loss of two people dear to you. July was a tough month.

    I slept til after 9 am this morning for the first time in ages. I woke up feeling truly rested. Ready to tackle the world. Hope we both have more sleep-late mornings in our near future.

    I can't imagine working up to a marathon or half-marathon. The most I have ever run is 5K. Right now I am trying to get back to that. All of a sudden I have aches I've never had before. But determined not to let them get the best of me.

    Hope the hormone cream works. I took oral hormones for hot flashes that were endless but then developed issues from the hormones and had to just suffer through the hot flashes without help. Isn't being a woman fun sometimes?

    1. P.S. Favorited your Etsy store. Will be needing headbands when we approach fall!!

  21. So sorry for your losses in July. Life is surely unpredictable...

    I love all your knitting projects!

    I hope your August is going well!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes


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