Monday, August 14, 2017

The weekend that we wage hope... especially when fevers are crazy high

I think life is just toying with us now....

I have learned I'm a 'schedule" kind of person... actually, I knew this before... but when life gets you 'off schedule' I am reminded how much it just messes with my mind.

Friday kicked off with me heading up to see my dad - STILL in the hospital - STILL in ICU.

When I got there though, they told him that it was release day... from the ICU... so we packed him up & headed to a room down in what I called "General Population"... just like prison.

We no sooner got down there & one of my aunt & uncles came in while they were settling dad in....

I ended up leaving the hospital later than usual... I mean, it's Friday after all. Party people!!!!

I picked up some dinner for Ricky & I & we had a really late dinner.... I dont know the last time we ate that late.

I later was reminded that I'm now 45 & eating that late causes horrible heart burn.
Getting old is fun stuff, huh?

Saturday, I was up bright & early because I had a little bit of distance to drive - but so worth it.

I did the Pancreatic Awareness 5k with my uncle & his family in support of my uncle.  He was diagnosed a few years back & is still fighting away at this awful beast

My uncle on the end in the white hat
... here's the Pancreatic Survivors at the race.... God bless them all!!!

This race is just getting bigger & bigger each year - which is wonderful. This disease needs more attention  &funding!

It was such a hot day & I'm pretty sure they didnt have the distance right because it felt like ETERNITY long.  Good thing I had my cousin to chat with along the way....

& a little fun part - there was a young man who ended up talking with me - & he was telling me about a movie he was in... he was so interesting to talk to - he had Down Syndrome but has been in many acting gigs - & even in a movie called Where Hope Grows.

He's from Louisville & was telling me about some things in the works for him...

I wish I would have gotten a picture with him!!  He was just the coolest guy to meet!

But it was so nice to just give my uncle & his family any support I can...

I never get out to that area of Louisville & was so glad because I needed to find a Christian bookstore.  Our local Christian book store in Indiana went out of business (SO SAD) & I need a large print Bible. HELLO 45!!! & I was going to order one on line but a Bible is something I want to hold &see & feel.  I'm not a fan of buying lots of Bibles... I'll even have a hard time moving to this one - but I just cant see anymore that tiny print.

& maybe it'll be good to start fresh in another Bible... but I loved getting some time in this bookstore.

& then it was off to check on dad & see how he was feeling - Day 9 ... wow... poor guy.

It was just a blur on Saturday of running around &trying to get things done & try & rest (ha! what's that?) & I was determined to finish editing the pics I had taken a week before.  I NEVER take a week to do pictures... & my sweet friend was so gracious on letting me know she was in no rush...

But I did manage to get pictures finished at midnight. Whew...

Sunday, I was back up - after Bruno had me up 3 times during the night (did I mention I'm not sure what sleep is anymore?) ... & then headed to church & MSM.

& the funny thing, I left going to church with dad saying, "My blood count is down - I wont be leaving"... & then getting a text in the middle of service from my brother that said, "I'm going to pick dad up"

... WHAT?... I'm not sure what happened.  Why they let him go.  His blood was indeed down & they told him they wanted him to go home to "build his blood up"... like its a muscle that needs weights & a work out. So dumb. I mean, WHYYYYY is the blood count always going down?  That's the bigger question that they keep avoiding...

Welcome to health care in the USA....

The rest of Sunday, I finally made it to the grocery & then worked on some pictures for my Etsy account (new items got posted this weekend - go check it out) ....

New Cowl I just finished
(Taking this picture in 85 degree weather, I was SO STINKIN' HOT!!!)

& I even got to finish the book I've been reading which felt like it just took me forever to get through - which is messed up because it was a good book...

& THEN I get a phone call from my mom.
Dad had a fever.
& not just ANY fever... a fever of OVER 104!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt even know that was possible!

& of course, he has freedom from a hospital & refused to go to the ER ... men!
I ran to the store & got some Tylenol - (Why none of us has Tylenol is surprising to me) - got the fast acting one & luckily, in about an hour, it had dropped to 102.7... which I know STILL isnt great....

geez... what is going on?!?!?!?!

Mom said she was going to give him Tylenol through the night & I told her if it got that high again, you call 911.  Something is obviously wrong & the hospital just booted him without any answers on what's wrong with him - so I say we get him in another hospital... STAT...

I'm waiting to hear from mom or dad how it went over night.

I had to get up with Bruno every 2 hours last night & kept checking my phone every time to see if anyone had messaged me or called... I think even without Bruno, I would have been up worrying.

So here we are at Monday... needless to say, I'm starting it out worn out & worried.... just how you want to start a week.

.... sigh.....


  1. Oh goodness - continued prayers that your dad is doing better. What is with hospitals?? I have to say that I'll drink an extra cup of coffee this morning and send the caffeinated vibes your way! Sounds like you need it after that weekend... :)

  2. Brandon and I watched "Where Hope Grows" on vacation this summer. It was a sweet movie. You should check it out when you arent so rundown!
    Prayers for your dad and that you get some needed answers!

  3. I hope things get under control for your dad. Apparently the hospital needed that bad....hmmm?
    How blesses you are to have met that Down syndrome man ( I hate to label people like that, because I know he's not JUST a Down syndrome man but you know what I mean). How great that more and more people are coming out for the race/ walk each year. I love when little races grow!

  4. Oh my gosh, sweetie...I am praying for your dad and all the rest of you. I sure hope you get some answers soon and they get your dad back on his feet.
    That young actor you met sounds like an amazing young man. He should write a book about his life.
    I wish we had a good Christian book store near us. The only one we have sells very few books. It's mostly become a gift shop selling anything and everything you can slap a Bible verse or cheesy Christian slogan on. Boo!

  5. What an up and down weekend girl! I'm sending so many prayer's you dad's way. Another wonderful race cause to get behind - you're amazing! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that things are still unsure with your dad and he is still in there with a crappy view to-boot. :( Thinking of you all still! Glad you got to do the race for your uncle, and that you got to meet the actor. What a need opportunity. :) That scarf is super cute. I can't wait to wear my yellow one you made when the weather cools down again! :) Hang in there, I know what it's like to be a worrier. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. Oh wow Becca, praying still for your sweet daddy. <3 Thankful that the Lord walks with us even through the valleys. It was neat to see you supporting your uncle at that race, and that is absolutely wonderful that you met that young man. I love meeting people at races.

  8. Oh Rebecca Jo. I'm so sorry that your Dad is still not doing well. How frustrating and scary! He and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, my friend. I hope your father is feeling better and you are finally able to get some rest!

    P.S. I also love the look on Harvey Dent's face as he's watching you read. Okay, more like watching your pizza. :D

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and the fever after the hospital released him :( I hope they figure out the cause of the problems soon. That's great that you were able to support your uncle and family at that race!

  10. I hope that your dad is doing better and you got good word this morning. That picture with the kiddos??? Melt my heart!! So sweet!

  11. Hang in there, Rebecca Jo! Still praying for your dad! I'm a planner, too, so when things get crazy, it kinda sends me over the edge! Like today!! Argh!

  12. Oh friend, I've been thinking of you all weekend! Hope your dad's fever is better now!

  13. Your poor family! I hate that they let him go home without any answers. And I really hope his fever came down - but it's worrisome because fevers don't happen for no good reason.

    On the other hand, cute cowl & that precious sister & baby picture - so sweet!

  14. Oh man... You are just carrying it all on your shoulders right now, my friend! I will keep the prayers coming your way <3 I hope this week is filled with more good news than bad and the healthy is on the up & up for everyone- human and canine!

  15. Praying now for you dad. I am so glad you are close enough to spend time with him <3

  16. What a weekend my friend. I am so sorry to hear things have been all over the place for you. My continued prayers are with you. I think exploring another hospital could be a good option. I hope everything went well for him through the night <3
    Beautifully Candid

  17. Oh my, what a scare and how nuts to let him go home before he was healed and doing well. Please keep us posted and my prayers will continue. Hopefully you can get some rest!!!

  18. UGH. Highs & lows. That is scary that they let him leave the hospital.
    The picture you did for your friend is so sweet. You don't even look like you're "glistening" with the scarf...I would have been drenched!
    Praying for your dad.

  19. Always such a roller coaster. Even though your dad and my father-in-law went through/are going through different things, I relate so much to the up-and-down nature of the whole process, never really being able to get your stress fully down because you're still just so worried and anxiously awaiting the phone calls with news, both dreading them and needing's so hard.

    Big hugs to you.

  20. Still praying for your dad. Hope he is better this evening.

  21. So sorry for all you're going through. I'm praying!
    It's funny, I knew you were doing that 5K, but I didn't know it was at Beckley. So I go to Beckley to do my usual run and it's all blocked off! I ended up going to a different park. And then when I saw your post I realized it was your race! The guy that was talking to you during it sound so sweet.
    Hang in there lady!

  22. I'm so sorry they haven't figured out why your dad keeps having fevers. That's crazy that he was in the hospital for over a week and all they could tell you was, "We dunno!" I will pray that they find out why he's having the fevers, that the fevers will end and that you finally get a good night's sleep and much needed rest.


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