Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What's Up Wednesday - August

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What We're Eating This Week

We had last night some Black Bean Pasta with some portabella mushrooms & peppers.
mmmm... a little taste of heaven.

Image result for black bean pasta

& for the record, Ricky is the one who picked out this pasta!
Look at the Hubs making good choices!

What I'm Reminiscing About

I've been all about all the Princess Diana shows on the past few months.
I still could cry thinking about the loss of her in this world.  I dont know... she just held a fairy tale status to me. I grew up watching her. Can remember my mom waking me up at 4am to get in bed with her to watch that magical wedding.  But what we learned later is how fairy tales dont really exist, do they? ... She will always enchant me though.
I can remember the day of her dying.  It actually was on one of our girls birthday.
I left the tv on all night long after the news of her accident & heard the news of her passing in the middle of the night - about the same time as I watched her wedding.
Breaks my heart.

Image result for princess diana

What I'm Loving

I got this cell phone holder on Amazon for a Lightning Deal... but even regular price, super cheap, under $10. I love having it on my dresser, making it easier to see my phone. It's really sturdy too. I'm loving that I made a rash decision in ordering it.

(Click Pic for link)

What We've Been Up To

Well, not really me... but I've been a cheerleader of my husband...
but HE's been up to clearing out some trees from our back property to build a new little area for some yard equipment... & he & our neighbor took down some trees & left a perfect spot that now has me wanting to put something out there for a reading area.

What I'm Dreading
Evenings getting darker earlier...
I'm already hating the mornings require head lights now.

What I'm Working On

Right now, I'm working on a new knit shawl... loving it.
Depends on if I have enough yarn for 2 of these if I'm keeping it or if its going into my store ;)
Always the internal battle of making something & giving it up when I love it.

What I'm Excited About

I cant wait to pull out my Halloween & fall decorations.
To me, its the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!

Image result for all things fall season

What I'm Watching / Reading

Loving YOUNGER!!! SOOO Team Charles!
Odd Mom Out - HILARIOUS!!!
Big Brother - worst season ever but cant stop watching
Real Housewives of OC - Love Lydia

Loving this book... getting near the end of it & I'm taking it slow because I dont want it to be over.

Image result for man called ove

What I'm Listening To

My Joysters totally turned me onto this album & I've been keeping it on repeat all week long.

Image result for wonder hillsong album

What I'm Wearing


(I apparently have taken on a "GO TO" pose - didnt even realize that until I uploaded these)

What I'm doing this Weekend

Hoping to get some stuff done for my Etsy store...
new projects....
involving wood & hand lettering.
ohhhh - exciting.
I'm just looking forward to a long weekend!!!!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

We have a Fall Retreat for our Youth Ministry coming up in September where we'll be heading back up to camp.  At least its for a weekend... & we're keeping fingers crossed this one is Puke Free since its just 2 days instead of 5. #pleaseLord


  1. Ove is such a great book!

    wow, you have a lot of land; i wish i had that much land in my backyard!

  2. We're on the same wavelength with the holders from Amazon!! I'm pretty happy it's wednesday because I love Younger! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I'm so glad you're a fan of Diana's , too! Just like you I grew up idolizing her. I wish she was still alive so that I could see the way she reacted to her grandchildren. That seems so weird, though, doesn't it?!? Diana and grand babies?!? I love your go-to pose! Where did you get your tunics?! I love them! Also, you look great! I can tell the exercise is paying off! I loved Ove and I didn't want to see it end, either!

  4. I love your outfits!! Totally adding that book to my reading list. I just finished The Nightingale. I loved it.

  5. You have such fun colorful outfits.

    And Diana's death was just such a shock. I didn't grow up knowing about her as much as people a bit older than me, but she had quite a story.

  6. I've already started to notice a difference with it getting darker a little earlier. It's the worst part of fall, but everything else is usually fun! Beautifully Candid

  7. I just picked up that book!! haven't started it yet. I have loved watching the shows on Diana too and also hearing from her boys and the legacy they are carrying forward.

  8. I dread the shorter days as well. I love the fall for so many reasons, but I love how it stays light out until 9pm right now.

  9. You know I am a huge fan of princess Diana, I was obsessed over her for years. Her death still saddens me. You are so stinking cute. Bring over all things FALL baby!

  10. I would love summer weather all year, but I do love those fall flavors! All of the beautiful pieces about Princess Diana coming out are so well done, and I love learning more about her life.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  11. YAY for fall! I'm so excited. We've been having cooler temperatures lately (sadly due to Harvey), but the temperatures make me really want fall! Love the knit cowl you're making!

  12. Oh my gosh, you're too cute and stylish!
    I hate doing yardwork but I love a good looking yard! Ricky has had some good weather for yardwork!
    I just feel sad when I think about the royal family now because I think Kate and Diana would've gotten along so. well.

  13. WE NEED TO TALK YOUNGER! Love that show!
    I saw Dunkin has its new fall flavors out but I refuse to buy anything pumpkin till September!

    Cute outfits this week!

    Oh, it rained one of the nights we were on vacay so we stayed in our room and watched the documentary on Diana. I too remembered the day/night she died.

  14. Your backyard looks huuuge! You probably have your hands full with all that! And I love your what-I'm-wearing photo collage; you look so cute in dresses and leggings :) It makes me want to invest in some for me!

  15. Oooh so ready for fall!! :) I love the go to outfit pose!! Also, you're making me want to catch up on younger!! I am just about done with Ove as well. I go back and forth on it. The writing is so good... and I love love love the funny moments, but it is also so heart wrenching. I think I am overly sensitive to sad things related to old people. Still loving it, but I'm reading a lot of other things in between to give my heart a break. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. Younger is seriously so good and I look forward to it every week. I am so Team Charles as well!!!! That black bean pasta sounds interesting. What kind of sauce did you have with it?


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