Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thankful Thursday

This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

577 / Hand Lettering book for free.
I got this book to look over & review & let me tell you - I LOVE IT. It's probably my favorite hand lettering book I've ever looked through. It has step by step instructions on things & not just the same old "do these strokes over & over".  I'm super impressed with it ... & again, even happier I got it for free!

578 / Fun surprise.
I had a hair appointment & got home to find these canvases laying on the counter. I asked Ricky what those were & he said, "They were outside when I got home".. & then I noticed the 'signature' on it - a cowboy hat.  Knew immediately who they were from.  Isn't my daddy the greatest?

579 / 5k on a pretty day.
I was glad to get out & enjoy the gorgeous weather over the weekend. It really has inspired me to lace up some shoes & get out & enjoy this fall air more often.

A bush at the park I was at
580 / TJ Maxx for dogs!
I ran into TJ Maxx just to look at their picture frames ... & yeah, ok, their journals (Cant NOT look at their journals while in there) & stopped by the pet aisle. I was SO THRILLED. I found some deer antlers for Harvey Dent for $9.99.  The same ones that go for about $30.00 at the pet stores. I stocked up on those babies!  My Harvey Dent is one happy boy right now.

581 / New addition to our group.
I love when a new baby comes into our bible study group. That baby is usually fought over by all the ladies... & now, we have the ones that were originally babies when we started, now ALSO fighting to hold the new babies.  The struggle is real.

582 / Bible Study Finished.
We made it through another study guide in our JOY group.  I love we are getting a few of these under our belts.

583 / Beautiful evenings.
Its the kind of evenings that I want to sit outside until I cant see my book or Kindle in front of my face anymore. Enjoying all of these humid-free / before it gets too cold evenings.

584 / Started a new 10k running program.
... let's see how it goes....

586 / Found a letter board CHEAP!
Did you know Walmart had these letter boards for $9.99 ... & the extra letters for another $9.99... though after pulling it out & looking - I wouldnt bother with the extra letters. The gray is hard to see against the white & there's not a lot of the blue letters. I ended up buying more black letters off Amazon - put your money towards that instead.  But I'm still loving my white background letter board.  Be prepared to see a lot of it in IG pics ;)

What good things have happened in your life this past week?

Also going to give a shout out of thanks for all the good we are seeing from people reaching out & helpings being hands & feet of Jesus in the horrible aftermath of Harvey in Texas.  It's so good to see what when the rubber meets the road, people dont care who you voted for, or what color your skin is, or what your sexuality is... its just about helping one another.  Let THAT be the norm.


  1. I am LOVING these cooler and humid-free mornings and evenings! Just need more hours in the day so I can enjoy them. :) Pretty cool letter board! And a free lettering book? Sweet!

  2. awww babies! :) So fun that you got the book for free, and that your dad brought you canvasses. That signature is too cute! :P Ooh that's a good deal on the antlers. :) I want one of those letter boards in black! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. LOVE new babies; we had a baby shower for 2 babies and one not yet born in church in the last couple months last week, and it was delightful!

    Congratulations on starting a new running plan! I had been training for a half, but I realized I couldn't do one before our trip in 2 weeks. So... I think maybe I'll start again when I get home; Lord willing!

    I'm thankful for:
    Huskies who like to run
    Stars that remind me that God counts them and knows them all by name (how much more does He know me and care for His children and His world?)
    Early Morning fresh air
    Quiet Houses
    Upcoming Vacations

  4. When you said you stocked up on antlers I thought "wow, her dogs must really like wearing them!" Ha! #notadogowner

  5. We are a great country that knows when to help our brothers/sisters in need!

    What is letter boards? Does your dad have a hat stamp that he uses as his signature?

  6. "when the rubber meets the road, people dont care who you voted for, or what color your skin is, or what your sexuality is... its just about helping one another. Let THAT be the norm." Amen!

    I am jealous of your cooler temperatures. We've had a real heatwave this week. And I have a cold, which somehow seems extraordinarily wrong. :D

  7. This post totally warmed my heart :-)

    First time on your blog but certainly will be back :-)

  8. Oh man! That bush in the park! Genius...

    And I think it's so inspiring that you're constantly pushing yourself to do races and to try out new running programs...I basically have just set myself a goal to do one long-distance event (a half or a full) every other year and call it good, ha ha.

  9. The weather has been so great. It was beautiful up where we were too. Hoping tomorrow will be great so we can get out around here and enjoy it.

    I love your lettering. It's getting better and better all the time. I love seeing all you've been doing in Instagram.

  10. Free books and good deals are some of my favorite things :)

  11. Thank you for the tip on the letterboard. I will check it out. How sweet of your dad to bring you the canvas.

  12. I have fought the urge to buy a letter board for a LONG time but that deal might be irresistible...
    I loooooove cool nights in the backyard :)
    Your lettering is amazing! I wonder if a book would give me some tiny speck of talent, too. Haha. Maybe when I get a few pots off the stove I'll give it a try!

  13. That book looks fun! I just added a hand lettering book to my Amazon wishlist because I would like to give it a try. I don't write a lot of letters but it would be fun to do quotes or things for around the house maybe. Aww little squishy! I love his baby fox feet.


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