Tuesday, August 15, 2017

When goals get off track....

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I started off August with some goals.

* 10,000 steps a day
* A gallon of water a day
* Workout minimum of 5 days out of 7
* Yoga once a week
* Interval table at least once a week

... let me tell you, I started off the beginning of the month KILLING IT!

I even would do 2 workouts a day to get in my 10,000 steps.
I'd do weight training things & not be at my step goal so I'd walk up & down my drive way until I reached it - or get on the treadmill & watch a 30 minute sitcom to laugh the steps away....

& then life was like, "HOLD UP - I'm going to intervene"... as it usually does.

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I got completely off track last week being up at the hospital & off schedule with life in general.

I'm not even sure what I ate last week... like I think one night I had a handful of cashews for dinner & one night I think I ate every potato chip within a 1 mile radius.

... that's what you call off track.

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So I'm anxious to get back on track again... praying life gets back to routine & a little kinder to us all in our family.

Hear that Life? I'm asking nicely.

Mainly because I now remember how good it feels to do the work, reach those goals, drink all the water, eat healthy... it feels really good.
I had even lost 5 lbs that week. Can you believe it?

... & yeah... this past week. Probably gained that 5 lbs right back.

Not much water...
not great nutrition...
no working out....
definitely not 10,000 steps...
& not much or good sleep - though in all honesty, I dont ever expect that to come back while my grumpy old man is around.. I'm ok with that. I'll never trade it as long as he stays happy & lives an even longer life....

But I did have a check in conversation with myself this week.  I decided I'm NOT going to do the half marathon training for October's race.  I'm just not feeling the running thing.
... I almost wrote, "I'm not feeling the runs"... but thought better of stating it that way.

I just feel like I need to start at ground zero - square one - the total beginning.

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I need to get nutrition back on par, I need to build some muscle, I need to shed some lbs....
I just need to feel better.

& then I can run again - that will make it all easier in the end anyways.
& that doesn't mean I still cant go for a run or walk... I just dont think this body right now can go through the training.  I'm ok with that decision right now.

On a positive note... I finally made the decision & ordered me a new fitness tracker.

It should be in this week....

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The Garmin Vivoactive HR

I CANT WAIT TO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fingers crossed I like it...

& even more that it will be an extra added motivation to get this old yucky feeling body back to where it needs to be ... at least point it in the right direction.

What do you do to motivate yourself after getting off track?

What's your favorite fitness tracker?

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  1. life does that (boo) but the important part is the want/desire to get back on track. YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!

  2. Oh mercy - life has done a job on me this year. I hear you. What made me get back out there and 'at it' was basically because I already had a race paid for and on the calendar. I had ZERO motivation for fitness/nutrition/sleep but knew I could take however long off as long as I got back to it for when the training program started. That helped - I think it was 6 weeks and that was just enough for me. We all have speed bumps or stop signs - but recognizing it and wanting to get past it is one of the first steps to getting past it. :)

  3. I need to refocus on my goals also. Great post!

  4. How boring would our lives be if we were always "on track"? Just kidding of course. I've really been in a running slump this summer. For me, change usually happens when there is a life change or change in schedule. Like NOW I know I have a race in the fall so I need to kick myself into gear. Also it helps that there will soon be a change in the seasons and i'll be on a schedule once school starts. So I guess what I'm saying is I don't have enough motivation to change myself, I need to wait for outside sources to make me change..haha. I guess that's sad but it's the truth!

  5. You got this!!! I got a little off track (for like 10 months) and am slowly getting back. So I know you got this!

  6. Nothing wrong with veering and you're a woman, you can definitely change your mind about the runs, lol.

  7. YES!! If you're not feeling the running, do something that is not stressful and fun! <3 And I love that you are so matter of fact; that you're just going to be realistic about the goals, and it's okay that life happens. That happens to all of us, but remember that God has a reason for every part of it.

  8. Yay on the new fitness tracker! I have several friends that have that one and love it. It sounds like not training for a Fall half is definitely the right decision at this time :) Good luck with getting things going again but remember to be generous with yourself as well...you've had a hard month.

  9. I hate that when it happens - you're doing so good against your goals and then boom! Life. All I can offer is be kind to yourself. Last week was a rough week for very understandable reasons that were 100% out of your control. And instead focus on the fact that you're not using it as an excuse to quit (which was my old go-to move) but to re-calibrate and continue moving forward. To me, when I see others do that, it's not only inspiring but those are also the people who succeed in the long run. Because life is always going to go BOOM and being able to continue moving forward is what separate those who "do it" and those who just "dream" about it.

  10. I hope everything gets back on track for you soon. I know how I feel when I'm all out of sorts or not eating and sleeping right. One step at a time and you will get there. Beautifully Candid

  11. As long as you keep standing back up and dusting yourself off you're doing just fine :) I think it's a good idea to skip the Oct. run this time around. You can ease back into your routine and fitness without too much mental pressure!

  12. I have a FitBit Charge and am happy with it. In fact, this week I just upped my step goal by a thousand steps a day. So far, so good 😊 I've exceeded the first 2 days. We'll see how today goes. I think I'm a little behind today.

    Wishing you well as you get back on track. I know you can do it!!

  13. You and me both lady, I totally feel off the wagon last week, trying to get back on track this week!

  14. Your new tracker will be the catalyst to get you back on track. I know you've got this!!

  15. I laughed out loud at the 70,000 calories for dinner, but in all honesty, that's how I eat... for years now. I do so well during the day: eating just a little and all of it healthy. Then at dinner I scarf more food than I need and I don't stop! I've tried chewing gum at night instead of snacking but that doesn't work for long. Good for you for taking some steps to get back on track!


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