Monday, August 21, 2017

The weekend I had a fever....

Man oh man... if I ever needed a weekend, it was this one.

I got kicked in the face, literally, with a sinus infection last week & it was only getting worse.
It actually started when I was in the hospital with dad. The air up there was just so different. I'd leave there every day feeling like I was so dry & needed to drink 20 gallons of water.  I'm sure that air did something to really stoke up my sinuses.

Fun stuff.

Friday, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it, but I fought through to make it to a photo session for one beautiful momma.

She actually was one of my past brides & I dont ever like to reschedule maternity sessions if I can help it because you never know when things can go early. I did a maternity session one time & had the momma deliver just a few days after her pictures ... super early.... that has me scared now that I'll have a momma delivering while I edit pictures of the bump.

I weathered through.

I must have looked pretty rough because at one point, here's this pregnant lady with a bump on her asking me if I needed help carrying the cart up a hill.... ahhh, how cute is she?

Cameras & kleenex... 2 musts on this session

This sinus infection had me so out of breath & I thought I was going to pass out... but I would NEVER ask a client, especially a pregnant one, to pull this cart.  Bless her heart....

I got home & just crawled in bed... I wasnt going to do anything else.

I actually woke up in the middle of the night with a fever... UGH... the worst.

When I woke up on Saturday, I knew my day was going to be so low key... the lowest its been in awhile.

We turned on the AC in our enclosed room, & Bruno came out with me & I spent most of the morning right there ....

I had knitting, coffee, my Kindle, my dogs... Lord, heal me right here in this spot.

Ricky came in from working outside for a little bit so we could watch a movie...

Have you seen The Case For Christ trailer at the movies? Now, the poster is headed there too. Let us know what you think! #CaseForChrist

Wow... so good!!! I knew the story of Lee Strobel & have read his book before but loved how well this movie was done.

After it was over, Ricky went back outside to do some work & I went right back to my happy place...

I finally made my way to the computer to edit my session & was so glad that I had nothing else to do because I ended up finishing the edit marathon in just a few hours.

Watched another movie too...

The Nanny Diaries - Rotten Tomatoes
Read the book years ago ... was anxious to see it come to the screen

After sweating out my fever, it was time for a good shower ... & then giving Bruno a bath too

& then it was bed time.

Sunday, I wasnt even sure I was going to make it to church, but I got a message that the girl that helps me was going to be gone so I didnt want to put anyone out... & my fever seemed to be staying away so I was good.

Glad to make it to see my girls.  The best medicine.

Ricky met me at church after I was out & we got to hang out. We hardly ever get to spend Sunday together anymore so it was nice to go get some things done at Sam's Club & at Target... & then grabbed some lunch.

I was so excited to see they had a new salad that sounded amazing... a Black Cherry Spinach Salad. The picture had chicken on it so I asked for no chicken & I like to always add "I dont eat meat" just to let them know that because so many foods have meat snuck in them without even being on the menu.

... & low & behold it comes -& look amazing... & I cut it up

Those are red onions & black cherrries & candied almonds

& see freaking bacon on it .



Needless to say, Ricky got a salad with his lunch.

We headed home - & just wanted to stay indoors.  It was so miserable with the heat & humidity.  It was the kind of heat that you sweat just stepping outside.

I spent some time working on my women's Bible Study stuff.... & ordered my teen girls Bible Study group book to get prepped for that.  #allthebiblestudies

I wanted to head back to church since they were having a Night of Worship with the group Awaken Worship ... its a hodgepodge of the worship leaders from difference campuses that have made this AMAZING group. They are SO GOOD. They were recording their new album out at the main campus & I SOOOO BADLLLY wanted to go - but didnt want to push it.

First, I had no energy from feeling bad & 2nd, I need to get better to face the week ahead... sigh...

I'll be first in line to buy the CD.

One of my all time favorite songs!!!!!!

So here we go into a new week.

Praying it's a better one... no sickness... no fevers... no dad's getting sick...

& praying no one burns their eyes out today on the solar eclipse.

Anyone excited about it? I'm actually pretty stoked about it... going to be surfing Google for all the ways to look at it since I dont have any glasses.

Image result for eclipse glasses meme


Image result for eclipse glasses meme

How was your weekend?


  1. Bless your heart, hope you're feeling better now! I'm excited yet kinda scared about the solar eclipse haha. There's been so many mixed reviews about whether or not you can look at it without going blind, so I'm a little worried.

  2. You're such a trooper for keeping your photo shoot when you weren't feeling well! I haven't seen Nanny Diaries in forever, but I loved the book too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Ugh, I hope this week is better! I love how serene your enclosed room looks, definitely a great place to hang out while recovering :) Mike got us glasses and a local park is having a viewing party with pinhole viewers and stuff so we're planning to take a couple hours off work and head out there to check out the eclipse.

  4. I hope you're feeling tons better soon! And the maternity shots were gorgeous! She's gonna be one proud mama!!

  5. Hope you are feeling better. Loved the book The Nanny Dairies but I wasn't that crazy about the movie. Thought the book was so much better.

  6. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out today at 11. I'm really struggling with the anxiety around it. Too difficult to explain my super anxiety. But prayers appreciated

  7. Thankful you're doing better; I'm grateful that our Heavenly Father so graciously gives us time to rest when our bodies are broken down; I hope you get some refreshing time this week to just slow down. <3

  8. I'll be honest, I feel like maternity photos often don't capture the beauty, but rather end up showcasing the swollen ankles, faces, and other not so great things that I hear come with pregnancy. But the pictures you've shown from this session have been amazing & make her look absolutely radiant. Which, I'm sure is a testament both to your skills and how beautiful this woman is.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  9. Glad you're feeling better! You're a real trooper, weathering through a photo shoot when you're feeling miserable. I'm looking forward to the eclipse. I don't think we get total blockage in LA but something. :D

  10. Sinus infections are the worst -- and they usually seem to hit when the weather is decent but they wipe me out completely. Hope you're feeling better! I don't have eclipse glasses either but I'm planning on being outside during the peak time and with a couple pieces of paper to see the shadow (pin prick version).

  11. I hope you are feeling better today. I'm not planning to watch the eclipse, however I want to look outside and see what it looks like during the eclipse. Hubby says the color of everything should be different.

    I want to see that movie. Just last Saturday I watched one of the documentaries for one of his books. I can't remember which one it was right now, but I totally loved it. I forgot about this movie. Hope to watch it soon.

    Hope you have a great day.

  12. So glad you're feeling better! Candied almonds take salads to a whole new level!!

  13. Oh that sucks, sinus headaches are the worst! Hope you can get past it soon!!
    Your images are stunning as always!!

  14. hope you are feeling better friend! For my sinus stuff, advil cold and sinus works WONDERS! Especially if you have to act normal and be a productive part of society.

  15. That Black Cherry Spinach salad looks and sounds so good! I am so sorry you weren't feeling well this weekend. There is something going around, we were all feeling it at my house too. I read Ove last month, so cute right??? Hope you are feeling better and have a great week!

  16. That salad looks so good. Sorry that they put bacon on it. Ugh. Not cool. I hate sinus infections and get them often. I have to use a nasal spray everyday now because of it. I totally understand wanting to get the photos in because you never know when someone is going to deliver. I didn't get to take mine because I thought I still had 3 1/2 weeks to go until my girls would be induced. Nope...

  17. I enjoyed reading about your weekend, except the part about you being sick. Bummer. Your photos are always amazing. Thanks for reminding me about the movie The Case For Christ. We want to see it and Joe just searched for it and found it. We will watch it sometime this week.

  18. Sinus infections are the worst, glad to hear you were better by the end of the weekend and still managed to enjoy the time off. We watched the coverage of the eclipse on Nasa so got to see it in all the different locations. I never saw The Case for Christ, but I'm adding it to my list to watch soon! I always have to ask if there are avocados on stuff because so many places have started adding them to EVERYTHING! And in seasonal fruit, since I'm allergic to melons. Boo! Hope you have a fabulous week!

  19. Glad you're feeling better. The solar eclipse, I used photo negatives. I know they say not to but I've been using them for years and they work fine. You have to look through the end where the negative starts and it's very black, I put 2-3 together and waalaa! A bunch of us from work went up onto the roof and looked at it there. It was really kinda fun!

  20. I hope you're feeling better! I really want to see the case for Christ. I was totally planning on going to Southeast for the night of worship, but then my sister-in-law asked me to babysit, which I could not turn down! Oh well, I can't wait to buy the CD too!

  21. Hope you are feeling better now, what a bummer, I just hate to be sick. I love that your past bride had you do her maternity shoot! That's wonderful, and also those photos look like they are going to be GORGEOUS! Also reading A Man Called Ove, but kind of stopped in June, so I need to pick it back up. I like this cranky old guy though, and I'm excited to get back into it. :) XO - Alexandra

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