Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites 09.21.17

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Favorite Pumpkin

Rosy Painted Pumpkins

OHHHH...makes me want to paint a pretty pumpkin!!!

Favorite Planner Cover

courage & strength - covers

I love that Erin Condren added in a scripture cover.
I had to order it because they just had a buy one / get one sale
so I got this one (& changed the colors to grey & pink) & also got the Breast Cancer awareness one too. Win win!

Favorite Jacket

Old Navy

Perfect for Fall!!!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Belle / Beauty and the Beast Notebook ($14)
... this journal is EVERYTHING!!!!

Favorite Mind Blown Thought

It’s crazy when you think about it…but they make the most beautiful things

Kinda crazy, huh?
... but I say the same thing with knitting... its all basically 2 stitches, a knit or purl stitch,
 in different combos

Favorite Crafty Art

Coffee love string art by MandasPandemonium on Etsy

This looks pretty simple...
but who am I kidding. I'd put in nails & it would come out NOTHING like a cup of coffee.

Favorite Peencha

They belonged to his dog who had passed. He wanted to do it in memory of his dog. He wanted other doggies to enjoy them

Favorite Funnies

....getting through the work week

... whenever I go to camp with middle school kids

... when I stumbled across any part of the Emmy's #whocares?

GIPHY! ( April 15, 2017 at 06:47PM

... me at 4:00pm

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!


  1. Love the floral pumpkin and coffee cup art!! Bha ha ha, little birds nailed it! Happy weekend babe!!

  2. Love all your favorites, especially the pumpkin!

  3. That pumpkin and the journal are absolutely beautiful. Also- I'd TOTALLY hang that coffee string art in my house (and you could absolutely execute that!! Easy for you!)!

    The man with the tennis balls is my hero <3
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. LOLOLOLOLOL "10 to 4" HAHAHAHAHAH OMGF that made me laugh so hard!!

  5. Love the Erin Condren planner! Gotta get me one of those! I wish you could see where Stephanie is living! She said it looks like something out of Beauty and the Beast!! Enjoy the first official weekend of fall, Girlie!

  6. Hahahaa those birds!!! That pumpkin looks sooooo pretty!!!!!!! I want to make one! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. As always, I love those funnies! I've started keeping notes on "stupid stuff my husband says" He knows I'm doing it but I doubt i'll only be able to share half of

  8. Love the public toilet one - ha! Although I just sit & pray because I basically have no thigh muscles.

    The clock one is hilarious! Our cable box doesn't have a clock & so I always think it's 8:12 (the Braves baseball channel). Ha!

  9. Thanks for the giggles, Rebecca Jo!! I always love your Friday posts! Happy weekend!

  10. That book meme is the BEST!!!!

  11. I love the coffee art.
    The Emmys were disappointing. I liked the opening number by Colbert but I also never watched Big Little Lies (so maybe I couldn't appreciate all the awards) simply for the reason that I don't like Shailene Woodley and they changed the setting from the book. The charm of that story was the Australia part. Nothankyou, HBO. Also, Kidman is too old to play Celeste. She's not "too old"; she's just too old to play that character.
    Anyway. Apparently I have feelings on this.

  12. That pumpkin is really cute. Really cute jacket and journal. I really like that craft item.


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