Thursday, September 21, 2017

Protein, backpacks & I'm basically a basketball coach.... {Thankful Thursday #143}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts - just ignore}

614 / Sitting & knitting.
I had just a busy, lousy day at work the other day & just wanted to come home & sit & do nothing... & that's exactly what I did. Sat on the couch & knit the entire evening. Therapy for the soul.

We went through a few rainy, gloomy, cloudy days last week & when the sun finally came back out, I felt like life has been renewed. I NEED my sunshine!!!!

616 / Clearance backpack.
I wanted a backpack to take to camp with me instead of taking a purse so I could carry my bible & journal & pens... & also knitting, because yeah, knitting goes everywhere. I found the CUTEST back pack on clearance at Target for only $14.00.... I just love it. It carries everything - has great compartments, even one for my tablet, which I put my Kindle in.  & as soon as the MSM girls saw it, they instantly said, "THAT IS SO CUTE"... total teen approved.  They actually all wanted to take turns carrying it.

Every brunette needs a blonde bestfriend with grandpa shoes๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’“
One of the girls carrying it for me

617 / Starbucks for dinner
I was so hungry heading up to camp & knew I wouldnt have time to eat anything (but totally had time to grab an iced coffee) #priorities... anyways, I was so happy with this little protein pack they had.  I'll remember they have this in emergency situations.

23 grams of protein!!!!

618 / What a welcome
OK - so my heart totally swelled.  When I got to camp, the kids were already there & had eaten dinner & I walked in with my luggage & tried to find my girls... when all of a sudden, I hear, "REBECCAAAAAAAA" & here comes about 10 girls running up to me & surrounding me & hugging me.  The best welcome ever!... it was funny because later that night in our leader room, one of the ladies I got to meet said, 'So I guess you are a little loved. I've never seen the kids do that for anyone"... I love my girls.

619 / Encouragement encouraged.
We were doing all of these different challenges & we had 5 minutes at each location... well some of them, our group was just nothing but a hot mess.  But I kept making sure to encourage the kids & even when we got timed out, I told them how proud I was of them & they tried & tried to find qualities in each person that did the challenge & tell them how amazing they did.  At the end of the whole event, we were walking to lunch & one of the middle school boys came up to me... he's a more quiet guy & has never really said a whole lot to me.  He said, "I have something to tell you & I dont want you to get offended"... uh oh.... & then he said, "You are like my basketball coach". I was like, "Oh really? why?" & he said, "You never stopped encouraging us & pushing us even when we mess up"... Y'all - I almost cried.  He blessed me & encouraged me just by speaking encouragement back into my life. It's a full circle thing!

621 / Vertigo hit at home
WHOOOOOOO... I dont know if it was being in that camp air for 2 days, but man, I got home & my sinuses were acting up & I had a vertigo attack that was HORRIBLE. Like, I fell to the ground because I was so dizzy, I couldnt keep my balance. & then I was just so thankful that happened at home & not at camp with the kids, or even driving home from camp.  Vertigo is the WORSTTTTT.

624 / JOY Ice Cream Day
I like to go to lunch, or do something fun when we start a new Bible Study... & with the nice weather, we took this turn to meet up for ice cream at the cutest little place.  I had been by this place so many times & never stopped... I will be back. I ended up getting a drink that had orange sherbert & sprite mixed together... (I'm not a huge ice cream person)... this was so refreshing though.  Cool & fizzy & yummy. I could get one of those every day.

JOYSTERS are the best!

625 / More girls at Teen Study.
We had even MORE girls show up for the teen girls bible study I'm helping with.  It's just amazing to sit in a room & see 15-20 girls in 7th or 8th grade with bibles open & talking about how to be a better face of Jesus to their school.

What are some good things happening in your world this week?


  1. I'm just loving this weather this week! I am thankful we got the glitch with our swimming pool fixed so Baylee has more swimming time this year!
    I SO want to be a part of your Joyster group (or even your msm group..haha). Sounds like you have so much fun and are such a close group. Yes I am glad your vertigo episode happened at home. That's scary.

  2. What a sweet welcome from the girls! And that's so great the boy felt comfortable coming to talk to you and let you know how you're like his coach :) I feel like it's so hard for teens in general to feel comfortable expressing themselves but especially with boys that age.

  3. You are definitely loved, my friend! I've GOT to start remembering this link up!!

  4. It is so sweet and special hearing about your relationship with the MSM girls! They're so lucky to have you!
    So glad vertigo hit at home. What a terrible spell to go through!

  5. How sweet what that kid said to you about encoruaragement. That is so awesome!
    That backpack IS super cute!

  6. I see a UConn shirt - is one of them thinking about CT for school?! What an awesome experience for you, and I totally second how awesome backpacks are. I used a real work bag for a few years but have transitioned back to a backpack... it can fit so much more and feels lighter!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. You are such a good mentor for those girls!! I know they bless you too, but you are helping form their foundation in Christ. Just awesome!

  8. I love your relationship with your MSM girls. That age is so, so tough and it's great that you have to lean on and guide them. I'm seriously thinking about learning how to knit. It seems so relaxing and almost meditative and I could use some of that in my life!

  9. How sweet of that boy! Can we call you Coach now? You just keep up the good work of mentoring and being a coach to those kids. That is so awesome!

  10. I love your devotion to those kids. And as always am jealous of your knitting skills.

  11. I love the relationship you have with those girls. It is something they will cherish the rest of their lives, and I know you will too! That backpack is so cute!

  12. Ha ha, I think it's so cute that the boy didn't want you to be offended :) Sounds like you're making an amazing difference in the lives of those kids! They won't ever forget it.

  13. Are those Starbucks meals really that good? Sometimes I think about getting them at the airport and now I feel more compelled to. I love camping air, but sucks that it made you feel off. Love how much you are doing for those kids. You are amazing.


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