Monday, September 18, 2017

The weekend that was full of Jesus...

What a weekend.... Talk about Jesus filled!

Friday kicked off for as running home & packing & running out of the door.

The kids from church had left at 4:30 to head up to camp & I didnt want to miss out on too much but I still wasnt going to get up there till 6:30.  I did make sure to stop & fuel up for the night...

& luckily, they had a vegetarian protein little snack ... this was my dinner for the night.

I did finally make it back up to the camp area & felt like I was just there... I mean, June wasn't too long ago I guess.

This time, our cabin was in the further most point ... that's something to get your steps up.

Friday started off with us picking out our team names - we were divided by cards so whatever card you got, that suit was now your team. So I was in with the Clubs....

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& they chose to name the club, "Up in the Club... on a Tuesday"...I officially felt old because I had no idea what that was & they told me it was a song. I went to google it & they were like, "It has bad words in it" & I'm like, 'HOW IS THAT OUR TEAM NAME?"... but knew you pick your battles so I let it go... & every time they'd say it, I'd scream SUNDAY instead of Tuesday. haha

At least our team colors was Pink...

We talked about how to LOOK towards Jesus... such a good message was given...

& then it was time to start LOOKING for the leaders.  OH MY GOSH... so fun. All the leaders had to go hide - & each leader was worth a certain amount of points... I figured since I was the oldest, my point score would be low so I went with a mission to NOT BE FOUND...


If you saw any of my IG Stories on Friday, you saw I was hiding in a bathroom.  It was so funny because kids kept running in, but I was behind the door. No one ever looked behind the door. I held my breath every time the door opened but nope, no one looked.  It was so hot in there, at one point, I felt like I was in a sauna with sweat dripping down my back. I kept texting other leaders to find out when this was over... & I made it the full time with no discovery. I felt so accomplished.

We ended the night with worship around the camp fire, which is always my favorite...

& then smores. Cant do camp with our smores.  Except I never want to see another smore in my life.  Me & one other lady was in charge of getting all the smores together after they brought the hot marshmallows to us on the flaming hot sticks.... let's just say I'm glad I walked away with one blister on my hand & one NEARLY poked out eyeball.

Luckily, the girls went down pretty well for the night. That's the advantage of having camp on a school day.

Saturday, I ended up getting up at 6:15 & no one else was up except a few of the boys & the Youth Pastor.  They ended up going for a workout (WHAT?) & I just grabbed my knitting & sat on the front porch knitting watching the sun rise.  It was beautiful... couldnt take a pic because my phone was being charged in someone else's bunk bed & I wasnt about to wake them up getting it.

After everyone was up, we had our quiet time where everyone spread out & focused on the same scriptures... I came prepared with my journal & some pens....

& then we got another message on FOLLOWING Jesus. Another AMAZING lesson....

Then we were headed off to do some competitions.  It was so fun.. & challenging.  Our team had its strengths... & weaknesses...but we also had fun, no doubt.

Then onto a mad crazy game of kickball, that also included not only a kick ball, but also a football  & a frisbee.  It was so fun....

& then it was time to start packing up... except one of the school buses wasn't starting. WHAT?!?!?!?

So we had to load up the bus & keep half the kids at camp until the other bus came back... if that's the worst that happened for the weekend, we'll take it.

It was such a fun & amazing weekend to spend with my girls & to get to know some other kids ... & to get to know some of the other leaders as well. Always a blessing to serve in something like this.

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My Girls<3 td="">
I have to say, I never was so excited to come home & get in the shower. All the competition & kick ball in the sun... I was a SWEATY MESS. Whew. Where did those cool fall temps go?

I basically spend the rest of Saturday, what was left, taking a shower & resting up. I didnt realize how sore my feet were from all the walking until I took my shoes off. OUCHHHHH.

Sunday, I ended up sleeping in from church but headed in for MSM.... we only had 2 girls show up, where everyone else must have been tired... but it was a great discussion with the 2 girls. I always say that sometimes, the best small groups are when its the SMALLEST of groups.

I ended up picking up some lunch & heading home to eat with Ricky since I basically saw him ZERO this weekend....

& as soon as we finished eating, I had to drive all the way back down to where I was at... it was time for our JOY bible study to meet up.  We were kicking off a new study so we ended up doing a fun trip to an ice cream place that had a beautiful view....

Isnt that the cutest place?

So excited to see what God is going to do in this study.

& I literally was running to my car from this study to head to another study with some amazing middle school girls....

Whew.. .a busy weekend... I'm exhausted... but wouldn't change one thing about it....

So how was your weekend?

Are you feeling Fall-like or is it still warm for you?


  1. How fun! How often does your msm group have these retreats? Yes, it does seem like June was not too long I would think the fall retreat would have been in October just to space it out a little more.

    That is a gorgeous view!

  2. Oh girl, I love see you all loving on Jesus together! Such inspiration and fun!

  3. Your lettering is so pretty! Happy to hear you had a great retreat! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Sounds like such a fun time from beginning to end! Aren't you glad you had some slow weekends to rest up for this one? ;)

  5. It sounds like you guys had a great time and it filled your heart! The whole time I was reading I was like...but did they have smores??? And you did!!!! I want a double decker covered balcony area like that place, no fair! Hope you have a great week!

  6. What a blast! And your hand lettering is so amazing!

  7. Wow, that does sound like a busy weekend! That's pretty impressive that you managed to stay hidden and they didn't find you the whole time :)

  8. Sounds like another great weekend! That ice cream parlor has the cutest building. I love turrets; it's the princess inside of me. LOL! We actually had nice weather this weekend and I hope the cooler temps stick around. But I'm sure we still have a few more hot days ahead of us.

  9. Rebecca Jo, I don't know how you do all that you do! Whew!!! What a blessing you are for those young women! You are a true servant of our Lord, working with the kids like you do. Hugs!

  10. What a fun weekend! I miss youth retreats but I'm looking forward to them when the boys can attend. There is something so powerful about seeing young people connect with the presence of God. I'm so sad I missed your story hiding in the bathroom. I bet that was a funny one! Beautifully Candid

  11. So much Jesus! Haha! Nothing wrong with that, though.
    I miss going to camp (for band)! I always had so much fun...
    That ice cream parlor is adorable!

  12. So glad you had such a great weekend. But it makes me tired just hearing about it. lol. My weekend was good, but yes it is still a little too warm for my liking.

  13. Oh my goodness your weekend was packed!! But there's no better place to be than in His presence! Saturday we took Beth to Special Olympics bowling practice, then to work, then Chuck and I went out to dinner with some friends. We haven't done that in ages. Sunday we picked up a dear friend (he's almost 90) and brought him to church. Chuck took him home after service because I had to set up for the business meeting. I ended up working from 9 - 3:00pm; had some amazing ladies come in and volunteer to help me set up; the meeting lasted about an hour; everything went really well!

  14. Yes! I would definitely say that your weekend was Jesus filled based on your IG stories. Love keeping up with you!


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