Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What's Up Wednesday - September

Mix & Match Mama

What We're Eating This Week

We are on a Mexican bowl kick lately

& hating the price of avocados right now!!!!
They are selling for $2.29 a PIECE right now.

What I'm Reminiscing About
I'm thinking back trying to figure out where summer went.
Geez... I honestly dont know what I did all summer long
& yet, its gone.
How does that happen?

What I'm Loving
I got this lunch bag at Target when it was on clearance at the end of the year
 & I am totally loving it.
It's super sturdy & so well made
It's a Danielle Morgan lunch bag if anyone is interested.
I end up carrying it daily to work with peanut butter & crackers & knitting
haha. Adult lunch right there

What We've Been Up To
All about Bruno lately.
All the baths... all the skin care.
& yep... I bought chicken for the first time in yearsssssssss - for the dog.
& made it in my crock pot & choppied it up & put in containers for him.
Getting my feet under me on how much chicken I need & how I'm going to do this weekly.

Picked up dinner for Bruno at the salad bar one night
... chopped up chicken & red peppers & carrots & red beans

I have yet to see a change in Bruno's skin doing this - but he's in a really bad spell right now & they say it can take weeks if the infection is bad to see changes... so we're going to give it a month.

What I'm Dreading
The October Busy.
October is so ridiculously busy for me...
not like life usually isnt busy anyways
But October is a whole other level.
I usually start on October 1st & dont get to breath until after the holidays.
Time to buckle in.

What I'm Working On

Still working on my Etsy store 
& trying to get more attention to it
& get some new items in there for the holidays.

Specifically, I've been working on 3 separate special orders I have gotten.
I just finished one up on Monday, finishing up another one tonight & hopefully finishing up my 3rd this weekend.
Aim to please.

What I'm Excited About
Short season ending.
I've really formed a new hate for my legs lately (I know - self shame is bad)
but ughhh - I'm so ready to wear pants & not die of heat exhaustion.

What I'm Watching / Reading

I'm on the last 2 episodes of Ozark...
& of course, you know I'm totally 10000% back into Dancing with the Stars.
& so excited This is Us is back!!!!
Bring on all the Fall shows!

What I'm Listening To
I just finished up the 2nd season of the podcast Homecoming

Image result for homecoming podcast

So intriguing.
I'm not an audiobook fan - they never hold my attention, but something about this story really held me in. Maybe because each episode was quick... & the voices were different for each character.
Dont know what it is, but I am loving it & cant wait for another season!!!

What I'm Wearing

That weird transition where it was chilly & able to wear sweaters & long sleeves.
... but still wearing sandals.
& for fun, here's a close up of those leggings in the 2nd picture

How cute are those?!?!?!

What I'm doing this Weekend
Oh man... you ready for this one?
... I have Friday Night a Youth event - the big Blue Vs. Pink compeition our youth group has every year where boys vs girl games happen - so fun!
Saturday, I have a possible photo session - hoping to take advantage of the beautiful day its supposed to be
& Sunday - I have church, I have my bible study group AND its my momma's birthday

I'm already tired.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

The best time of the year

Related image


  1. Loving that lunch bag! So cute! And yay for vacay in a month! :)

  2. I'm so excited all my favorite shows are back this week! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. isn't Ozark amazing?! i loved it and binged it fast (finished it in about 2 days!!)

  4. Ok....where did the pink floral dress come from!? I hope Bruno's illness gets better soon! #doggielove

  5. Camera leggings.....yes! Love you in yellow too! Yep, those are all our shows too, man Ozark was good! Yes to Mexican bowls!

  6. Oh those camera leggings are awesome!! I totally forgot This is Us was on last night. I'm so mad but I will catch it tonight.

  7. Poor Bruno! I hope that his skin gets better ASAP!!! I am so excited about fall shows starting back! About everything other week, we have Mexican bowls for two nights. It is always a regular rotation and always so good. I ignored the avocados at the store lol. If they aren't closer to $1 we skip or I buy some guac.

  8. Ah, Bruno. He's got such a good Mama to cook up chicken for him and I hope it makes a difference soon. I love the camera leggins, so you! I am not loving the higher prices for avocados either. It's rude. :D

  9. I love your transitional looks right now. And please tell me what's in that bowl?! It looks delicious.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. Love those leggings. You look so cute in all those outfits. Hope Bruno feels better soon.

  11. That Mexican bowl has my mouth watering!
    You are just so stylish!
    October is always crazy busy for me, too. I love the month but totally hate the stress.

  12. Have you tried Aldi's for avocados? I'm pretty sure they're cheaper there ... not sure by how much though. I have Homecoming on my list to try but haven't gotten to it yet. Same with Ozark. I'm just behind in all the good stuff right now! :)

  13. I would say you do indeed need a vacation and hope you get a good one! Whew!!

  14. You are going to have so munch fun on your vacation. I know you will need it with your busy October. I loved This is Us last night. Soooo good. I love mexican bowls. I did find avocados on sale this week, so hopefully you can too.

  15. Yeah, I've been freaking out about the price of avocados, too. I'm like, remember when you used to do these for like $1, Sam's Club? REMEMBER?! It's a major problem because avocados are a total staple for us, but I refuse to pay over $2 for just one! (It makes me almost cry thinking about my time living in El Salvador where people would gift me like, 15 avocados fresh from their tree and half would go bad just because I couldn't eat them fast enough!).

    And October seems to be every photographer's busiest season...good luck with the upcoming month!

  16. You've given me another show to check out. I've never even heard of Ozark. Oh, you are too stinkin' cute in your work outfits! I'm growing into serious like with leggings. I've been avoiding them, but Walmart has some really cute patterned ones this year and I can find tunics (or what the young'uns claim are dresses) just about anywhere so my excuses are evaporating. I hope Bruno feels better soon.

  17. Look at how stylish you are!!!! The weather here has allowed me to wear all my dresses to work so far this month! I dread putting on a real pair of pants!

  18. That lunch bag is so cute! I already feel overwhelmed because we don't have a free weekend until November. I love this time of year but also hate how busy it is. I was so happy This Is Us is back on. I was so not expecting it to end like it did! I have to know what happened!!! Beautifully Candid

  19. Wow I can't believe avocados are that expensive there!


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