Monday, September 11, 2017

The weekend we could have had 911 called on us over a mole....

Oh man... I kinda feel guilty... our weather here was the best of the best. Top Notch. It doesnt get any better than this.  So watching all the reports on Florida all weekend, I just feel bad.  I'm sorry my Florida friends.

I've been keeping an eye on the news all weekend worried for everyone.  It seems like everyone has connections with people in Florida... & let's face it, I'm extra worried about Disney World too.  #happiestplaceonearth #maybenotthisweekend

Our hearts & prayers are with everyone in Florida & praying that they escaped the worst & if not, damage was minimal.

Mean while, back in the beautiful area of Indiana.... life continued on rain free... & beautiful skies... & allergy fest in full gear.  They got Ricky right in the face & ear this time.  Just what I recovered from. UGH.

But Friday, we just took it easy by picking up some dinner at the grocery store... let me tell you, we're addicted to their vegetarian Mexican bowls in their new deli area.

Funny side note, I said I wanted vegetarian & there was a girl behind the counter who asked me, "Are you vegetarian in everything you eat?" & I told her yes - she was full of questions for me.  The man fixing my bowl looked up at Ricky & said, "Are you vegetarian?" & he said that he doesnt eat any meat at the house but he will maybe eat a burger every now & then but he's probably about 90% vegetarian now himself because of me".... to which the man, who granted, was an older guy who was gruff & probably set in his ways, said, "If my wife ever changed to be vegetarian & expected me too, I'd leave her so fast"....

What do you say to that?

I wanted to say, "Well, my husband loves me more I guess"... haha.. but I remembered he was in charge of my food & I didnt want anything going in that I wasn't aware of, so I just smiled & shrugged my shoulders.

I spent the rest of my Friday starting the Netflix show, Ozark... WOW... not what I was expecting. Reminds me of Breaking Bad.  I'm just on episode 3 & have already been disturbed at least two dozen times.

Image result for the ozarks netflix

Saturday had us a little adventure...

I had gone back in the back property to tell Ricky I was going to go run... I took Harvey with me & saw he was digging at the ground. He's not a digger... & the ground back there is mole infested. Its like the ground just caves on you with every step you take.

So I walk over & see that Harvey had gotten something up that was moving. HOLY COW - THAT"S A MOLE!!!!!

Ricky ran to get his shovel to kill it & LET ME FREAK THE FREAK OUT... in the most literal of terms.  I WAS FREAKING OUT... running up & down the drive way telling Ricky if he killed it, he was NOT the man I married & he had to live with mole guilt the rest of his life.

He kept telling me, "TOM (our neighbor) WILL KILL ME IF I DONT KILL IT"... to which I screamed back "TOM DOESNT HAVE TO KNOW'...

which if anyone ever heard this conversation just based on that last few sentences, they may call 911 on us.

& Tom, if you're reading this... sorry neighbor.... I just couldnt let him kill it.

So I ran & got a bucket & Harvey was all about his new little friend he found.

He just didnt want to take his eye off of it

... look at his nose trying to see in here too

So Ricky agreed that he'd take it down to a huge empty place down the road that used to be a land dump.... so we all loaded up... & even Harvey wanted to go on the ride - a dog that HATES car rides. He didnt want us to take his new little furry friend.

I sat in the back so the bucket wouldnt tump over & a mole get on the loose in Ricky's car...

& Harvey kept making sure I wasn't loving on his little friend... he is a jealous dog...

... & it has a happily ever after ending... Ricky got to the area & let him go... & he said as soon as the mole hit the ground, he had dug under the dirt & was FLAT GONE.

Ahhh... hope you find your family Mr. Mole.

... & this is why I love this man.... he didn't kill a mole for me. #itsthelittlethings

So anyways, I did get my run in... so accomplished something.

I ran over to my parents house to take a few pictures & my brother & his gang was over there.  Funny to talk to my nieces whose birthday is just a month away.  TEENAGERS. Y'all... they will be teenagers. I just cant

But I did get to take some pictures at my dad's house...

I just always love being over there. Nature at its finest.

I came home & we all took advantage of the cool night air... Ricky by playing some B-ball with Harvey Dent.

I love Google for making these sorts of things

Funny side note - Sydney used to be SO GOOD at playing basketball with Ricky. Seriously - she'd steal the ball & she'd roll it with her nose & paws.  Harvey has big shoes to fill in this area.

Sunday had me back at church with my MSM girls... such a good message on social media & if we put the REAL US out there or if we use filters for every area of our lives.

It was a great honest discussion in our small group...

& then Ricky met up with me for some lunch...

THUMBS UP always for McAlisters

I then went to take advantage of Michael's sale they had on yarn...

Oh yeah... I'm stocked up for awhile.

I ended up coming home & working on my Etsy store (6 new items went up for sale) & edited some pics & then had to take a walk to just enjoy the air...

& then it was time to head to my MSM girls Bible Study that they started on their own ... how cool are these girls???

I just love that I get to see some of the girls twice on a Sunday & to see some new faces as well... hoping & praying they get connected with our church as well, but happy just to see them connected in SOME way with this bible study.

I didnt get home till 8:30 & now see that my Sundays are going to be busier than any work day that I even think about... but its worth it to help these girls along their path that leads them closer to Jesus.

So how was your weekend?

Were you affected by Irma in any way?

& let's be sure to take the time to remember 9/11 today... still chokes me up & memories are fresh & real in my mind of that horrific day.


  1. We had a critter situation too this weekend. I was cleaning the yard so scott could mow and came across this tiny bunny. Scott put gloves on to put him back in his nest with his brothers and sisters and before you know it we had 6 bunnies running around our yard and on our porch! We had to corral them all so they wouldn't get run over by the mower! #AnimalLovers! Today is especially a hard one. Not only was I hearing about Irma, the earthquake in Mexico, but it's also 9-11, and the day we lost our first Labrador. Such a sad day all around. Yes, I had a few tears building up in my eyes on the way to work today.

  2. i had to google what a mole looked like and ew! they look weird but i wouldn't have had it killed either. we discovered a family of Meadow Voles (aka part of the mice family) under one of Kayla's play houses in the backyard and although I don't like mice (because infestation!), I made my husband shoo them into a box and take them into the big park/yard by our area.

  3. We're into Ozark right now as well & taking our time with it! What an odd thing for that man to say about if his wife decided to be a vegetarian LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Sounds like you've got a great catch. I'm not sure how I would have responded to that guy's comment in the restaurant either. People are so rude sometimes. By the way I love that horse photo!so pretty, and it almost looks like he's giving a side eye haha! And it's so crazy it's been 16 years since 9/11 and today there's so much devastation going on around the world. Breaks my heart.

  5. I would have said the same thing to the older man making the comment about being vegetarian. Like, dude! Mind your own biz!! I felt guilty about our gorgeous weather this weekend, too!!

  6. At our old house we had a vole once too, and we didn't want to kill it, so we ... took it somewhere else.

    And I know what you mean by feeling so bad and praying so much for Florida; I do feel guilty that there is so much sunshine and such here, and they are so vulnerable there, but I know we have to pray and trust God and be willing to lend help as much as they need it.

  7. What a weird comment by the guy at the store about what he'd do if his wife decided to be vegetarian... if that's all it would take for him to leave her I'd guess there's something else going on in the relationship. That story about the mole! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time but your telling of it now is pretty funny :) I'm glad he got back into the wild safely.

  8. Oy! That guy at the deli. I would've wanted to smack him down too but been concerned about him messing up my food too. Oh poor Harvey - having to give up his new friend - but at least to a new home versus a grave. :D And I had to laugh so hard over your "if anyone ever heard this conversation just based on that last few sentences, they may call 911 on us." LOL!

    I feel so bad for those who suffered Irma's (and Harvey's too) wrath. When I found myself whining about hot temperatures, I told myself to shut up because I had nothing to complain about.

  9. My mom has been super worried for Disney, too. Lol
    THe guy at the deli was a real turd. I hope his wife secretly sneaks him vegetarian meals every now and then. HA!
    I laughed so hard at the mob-like conversation in your back yard. Hahaha! Yay for saving the mole! When I was a kid I'd make my dad get the mouse traps that are a box, not a real trap. He'd catch them and drive them to a field to release them because I made him. He's a hunter/meat and potatoes kind of guy so he was definitely doing it to keep my from screaming about dead mice. Lol

  10. Sounds like Ricky is just the perfect guy for you! As mine is for me. Isn't it wonderful to have been blessed with men who are so good to us.

    As for Irma, my oldest daughter left for Cuba last Sunday for almost 2 weeks. So she weathered the storm there. She called us Wednesday before the storm and let us know they had a plan to move inland, if need be. We didn't hear again (because she has to find a hotspot to call) until yesterday morning before church. They are fine and we are blessed. Now it will be interesting to see how her apartment, cat and car survived the storm in the Tampa area. Also, the Miami Airport is shut down and that is where they are supposed to fly back in to. At least that's not until Friday, so hopefully it will be open by then. As far as I know, the rest of my family in FL are okay.

  11. That's right mind your own business dumb guy!! Gues what, we are watching Ozark too, just put it in for my Friday Faves this week...crazy wow but yet good! Lol. I hope this is a good week, feeling so bad for everyone in the south.

  12. I'm dying laughing. Love Harvey's love for his new friend.

  13. The picture at your dad's house is stunning! I can't believe what the guy at the grocery store said. People say the most ridiculous things!

  14. Love your hypothetical response to the guy at the deli!

    Laughing out loud at your conversation about the mole. He must love you a LOT to catch a mole and drive it to a new home. So funny.

  15. I would love for there to have been a video of you and Ricky and the mole - hilarious!

    I can't decide if it was a good or a bad thing that I didn't go to Michael's this weekend...

  16. oh my word, when I lived in Indiana my dogs would leave dead moles by the back door! ugh! so ugly!!

    I LOVE your new look on the blog!!

  17. Those moles! They can destroy a yard so fast. Your parents place looks like paradise! It's so beautiful! We weren't affected by Irma at all; a friend of a friend kind of thing, but nothing directly. We made sure to put our flag out on 9/11. I am a calendar person - everything goes on my calendar - and I remember writing what happened on the date, so I wouldn't forget. Seems crazy now...

  18. Ozark!! Yes, it can be disturbing at times, but so good!!! Speaking of good, that Mexican bowl looks delicious! I cant believe that guy said he would leave his wife over meat. Seriously dude??? Some people....It has been forever since I have been to McAlisters. You make me want to go.

  19. Crazy moles! Your MSM girls are pretty amazing! I always love your photos.


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