Thursday, September 14, 2017

Little tablets, coffee rescue & FREE HANDS!!! {Thankful Thursday #142}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousands Gift Journal - just ignore}

602 / Kindle Fire
Sooooo... our stupid cable company has gone & screwed up everything. You now have to rent one of their boxes for each tv to get cable - it would cost us an extra $45.00 a month - or you can STREAM your internet through Roku or through the app on devices. It's been a nightmare.  Really made me start getting use to not having TV. I've had the radio on more this week than ever before. But I do need my morning news & my evening news & since our TV in the kitchen is now unusable (Did I mention how much I hate my cable company?) I've been using my Kindle Fire & the app that allows me to get access to the CABLE I PAY FOR.... (breath in.... breath out.....) But I am thankful for my little Kindle Fire that at least gets me the news stations when I'm getting ready for work & for when I am making dinner.

604 / Coffee rescuer.
Ricky had to stop at Target to pick something up & called me to see if I needed anything. I told him I was running low on coffee creamer & he picked me up the big bottle & brought it home to me, making me one happy wife.  Happy wife, happy life.

606 / Safe Mole!!!
The story was on Monday's post.  I'm still happy there is a mole running through the dirt of the earth that didnt die at our hands.

607 / New Cross
My mother in law sent this cross home with Ricky for me to add to our cross wall. We've had the best time with this cross... ok, I know this sounds weird.  But see, my friend Steph & I always used to talk about how we dont like crosses with Jesus nailed to them.  Because Jesus didnt stay on the cross - He rose again.  So those crosses with him still hanging on them?  Nope - not an accurate picture.... but I really love this cross because I said its looks like Jesus is like "HEYYYYY - look at my hands... NOT on the cross" :)  & if you turn it sideways, the feet arent on the cross either.  So this cross makes me super happy.  Glad to have it hanging on my wall.

Look at my hands... free from the cross!!!

See it on my wall? Fits perfectly

609 / Outside MSM
It was so beautiful Sunday morning, we took our small group outside to enjoy the gorgeous air.
& I guess I should add I'm thankful for my LOUDDDDD VOICE because a train went by (of course) that lasted about 10 minutes so I had to basically YELL the entire time. haha.

611 / MSM-Extra study
(We really need to get a name for this Bible Study)... but I started my first week with these girls for this extra study Sunday evening.  What a blessing to see these young girls with Bibles in hands & conversation flowing on how to be a better Christian in these crazy days of middle school.

When my Sunday is full of all these amazing faces, how can I not be grateful?

613 / Got the run in.
I am just dragging lately & I needed to get a run in. Ricky & I worked on grooming Zoe & then doing some laundry & doing stuff around the house, I almost put my run off.... but forced myself to do it.  Even when it was nearly dark & creepy outside. I finished my run after 8pm.  Yikes.  But proud of myself for pushing myself. I need more of this in my world.

So what good things have happened in your world this week?


  1. check to see if you can use comcast with that cable app; that way you can cast whatever you're streaming onto your TV (if you have a smart TV). we have something similar over here (receiver-less TV) but due to our content rights at the moment, we don't allow comcast as an eligible device. BTW, I work for TV so if you have any questions about that as to why they would have gone and done that, I can explain at a high level from the business/revenue-generating perspective but in more detail from the IT side.

  2. I love that cross and your explanation of it! And that's awesome about your MSM girls and their Bible study. With that kind of spiritual support now, they'll have a good support system for as they get older and the temptations get harder. I'm thankful I don't have to deal with cable companies -- it's bad enough just dealing with their internet-side. When I get solicitations to add in phone or cable for "great rates" ... nope. Sticking with my Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. We have one of those flat-panel receiver/antenna/thingies so I can still get the local channels.

  3. You have a great group of girls to work with at a tough age! I'm glad they have each other and you.

  4. I think it's awesome that so many young girls get together for an extra Bible study! I wish I'd have had that at that age (and at my age now!). Yay for mole-saving and yay for Kindle not being a giant turd like the cable companies!

  5. 13 is such an amazing and yet tough age. It's great that you're working so closely with this girls and helping them thrive. And not just in their faith but also as young women. It's age when good guidance can set you up on a great path.

  6. Glad you found a way to get your news. We pay way too much for cable. We keep talking about getting rid of it, but haven't done it yet.

  7. I use to have a cross walk. But then we moved and I never put them back up. :(

  8. I always plan my grocery trips around when I'll run out of coffee creamer. What flavor do you go for? I like the ColdStone sweet cream.

  9. Love the cross! You would like my friend, Fran's, house. She has crosses, angels (and she only collects ones depicted as male), and swords. It is way cool.

  10. Cable companies are so annoying with all their added fees and stuff on the bill. So rude!!! Is that an extra large bottle of our coveted Sweet Cream Bliss creamer?? mmmmm


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