Thursday, February 22, 2018

Final shots, coffee break & lots of love {Thankful Thursday #164}

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Y'all - Sorry - I dont know what is going on with my font. It's small - then its big... I dont know what's happening here. Satan is all angry over my Thankfulness apparently!
I have literally changed the font 20 times & it's still all wonky - any one have any thoughts?

This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousands Gifts Journal - just ignore}

128 / Safe on icy roads.
Oh my word.... it was icy last week on the way to work. They ended up canceling school & the walk into work from the parking garage to the building was so terrifying. Luckily, there was another lady who was moving at a snails pace & worried about falling so I stuck with her & we kept the slow & steady pace together & cheered each other one till we got to the door & solid ground. Whew!

129 / Last Puppy shots.

We did it - survived all the puppy shots.  Next up?  Clip clip.  Next month.  I'm trying not to think about it because I'll be nervous with my baby being under for the surgery.  We'll celebrate we're done with shots right now.

131 / Ernie loves his vet.
He really does. When she walks in the door, he runs to her & jumps on her & just loves when she loves on him.  I'm glad he knows who she is & he's not afraid of her.

134 / Sweet text.

Look at this text from one of my MSM girls when I was sick last Sunday & had to miss class. She calls me Becky Jo because I had mentioned that my family calls me that - so she said she's my family so she can call me that too #peencha

135 / Roses & Cupcakes

Ricky always is so thoughtful on Valentine's Day.  He is so good at finding me beautiful white roses for every occasion. Good guy.

136 / Parents still celebrate Valentine's Day.

Like I mentioned last week, that my parents were always so good at making sure I knew I was loved especially on Valentine's Day - it still makes me smile that they STILL do that. I got to work on Valentine's Day & saw they sent me an E-card that was so sweet.  Best parents.

139 / Starbucks break.

I love that work allows us some freedom to run out for a break & get some coffee - so many coffee shops around downtown - but the other day, it was so nice & warming up & me & my work buddy just needed a break away to catch our breath & it was perfect company on a perfect day with some good Starbucks.

143 / Nashville gang up.
Good to see everyone. Those boys always seem to grow on each visit where we see them.

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149 / Surviving busy days
... especially when you feel bad. I hate when you have so much to do, people to entertain, things to keep up - & you feel awful the entire time. There's nothing like getting in bed at the end of those types of days feeling accomplished that you survived.

152 / Spring glimpses

I'll take every day that is in the 60's or 70's right now. Hope of Spring around the corner.

153 / Girls Study

I hadn't been with my girls in their bible study the past 2 weeks so I was so glad to be back with them this past Sunday.  I can't believe we're almost near the end of this bible study... cant wait to see what we do next.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. That's so cool you can run out for good coffee during the day! I always say that if there were a coffee shop on my direct route to work, I'd probably have to get a second job to support that habit. :)
    We love that vet clinic -- they're 1000x better than the one we used to go to!

  2. hell yes to coffee breaks. we have a coffee place right inside our building so no need to fight traffic to get some much needed caffeine.

  3. Coffee breaks allll day. :)
    I love reading these posts. Your gratefulness and positive attitude is contagious and makes me smile.

  4. I've said it before but I'll say it again... I LOVE that your new job is bringing you joy!! Starbucks within walking distance... I know you love that!!

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous!!! How sweet! Glad you made it to work safely, ice is no joke!

  6. I hate font issues - if you copy and paste HTML every week for this post and just change the text, you might need to start fresh. That usually helps me!

  7. Love the white roses! It's great that Ernie loves his vet. Max does not. He hates the car ride (doesn't like being in his carrier), although he enjoys snooping around the examination room while we wait for the vet but then he tries to hide. :D Ice is the worst. I'd have been snail-walking right with you! It's been freaking cold here this week and I don't like it.

  8. Your comment about your Nashville Gang reminded me I need to watch "Nashville"..haha
    Hey, do you watch "Younger"?

    I'm thankful for the glimpse of wrm weather. I had no idea about all the ice you guys got!

  9. What a sweet text! And that's so great that Ernie likes the vet :) I'm sure that makes everything less stressful.

  10. I always enjoy your thankful posts. What a sweet hubby to give you such beautiful roses and parents that sent you the sweet Valentine's card. Again, your work sounds like such a wonderful place.

  11. Yay, for Ernie being a big boy...and he really is growing!
    Aw, for all the sweetness...from Ricky and from your girl. :)
    I was loving those warmer temperatures, too. We are back to the 40s with rain for now, but that's better than the 20s (or less) with snow!

  12. Lots of great stuff to be thankful for. I can't believe Ernie likes his vet. My dog hates the vet. Ha. Starbucks breaks are the best.

  13. So much to be thankful for. And the pretty thoughtful, even your parents sending you an ecard, so sweet!

  14. Icy roads just scare me to death. We barely missed it this week and I'm super thankful for that. That doggie is adorable!!!

  15. I got so tired of fighting the font on my blog that I just type everything in Word now & then paste into my blog editor. I hope you're feeling better now!

  16. YAY! So glad that Ernie made it through puppy shots, and when the surgery happens, it's amazing how quickly they bounce back especially as a puppy. :) My little guy was pretty traumatized for about an hour or two afterwards, and then he quickly forgot.

  17. So thankful we seldom have icy roads and when we do, I don't have to drive on them. We're retired and are able to stay in until the thaw!! Haven't been with my ladies group this whole month, I am so anxious to meet with them again.

  18. Glad you still appreciate the perks of your new job so much! It seems like a great fit.

    Scout still hides under chairs at the vet.


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