Monday, October 15, 2018

The weekend that felt frigid... at 55 degrees.... & HEY, I have a FB question!

I have to laugh when its in the 50's & it feels cold.

The girls in HSM said they hate when it goes "straight to winter"... which I had to remind them that the 50's indeed is NOT winter. & if it was winter we just finished up & it was 55 degrees, everyone would be breaking out the shorts & definitely the sandals because it would feel so warm.

Perspective is a funny thing.

But man, it sure did feel like winter around here. BRRRR!!!!

Friday, I got home & honestly felt like I had been running all week long.  I did end up cleaning up some of the kitchen & doing some odds & ends, but I ended up laying down around 9:00pm & I'm pretty sure I was already in REM sleep by 9:30pm. I was OUT.

I party hard as an adult.
It's so funny to think that when you're young, just going out at 9:30 is a thing & now, give me my comfy jammies & my dogs & my knitting & Netflix.... ahhh - that sounds just perfect.  Adulting is glamorous.

Saturday, Ricky had to work & I ended up getting up with him - actually before him - but when you go to bed at 9:30, getting up at 7 is still plenty of sleep.

& while Ricky went to work, I got started on my #minsgame..... that fun little challenge where you are getting rid of STUFF all over your house that piles up.  You take something for each day & get rid of it - Trash it, donate it, sell it - whatever you need to do. & say its the 14th of the month - you dig out 14 things. So every day, you just accumulate more & more.

I have found so much stuff, I am already up to the 19th of the month.  I think I can finish this month  still do it EVERY month for awhile. It's nice having some room in drawers & on shelves in the bathroom.

None of this even includes the 3 bags of food that I pulled out of the pantry that was old. How sad is that?  3 bags of food that went bad. That just depressed me. What a waste.... hopefully starting with clean shelves will make me keep up on what's in my pantry a little bit easier.

I had to take a break after a few hours of cleaning & pulled out my new Bible Study that just started on Thursday.  I love a good bible study.

After that, it was time for Ricky to get home & he brought home some Topp't & picked me up a salad - it was delicious. I love their salads! Except they forgot my almonds on it - GRRR - that always makes me mad. They 8 out of 10 times forget the almonds.  It's like they are gold or something.

It was getting late into the day & I have been keeping up with the new LIIFT program from Beachbody & it was Day 8 & I didnt want to miss it - so I hauled my rear down to the basement & got it in... & then could barely get back UP the stairs.  Glad leg day is always the last one of the week. TOUGH STUFF!!!!

Time to get caught up on my DVR shows.  I'm still loving A Million Little Things... & totally into Manifest now too.... & excited that Riverdale is back on, except, anyone watching it? That ending? WHAT ARE THEY DOING? They're going to make it stupid, aren't they?.... but I'm also loving the new comedy Single Parents. Those kids on there are funny!

Image result for single parents

I went over to mom's to hang out for awhile... & to get some groceries ordered for her.

HEY - QUESTION!!!!  We want to add mom's name onto dad's Facebook account - because we dont want to loose dad's FB account - but we cant find his password anywhere. So we can't add mom's name without the password - any ideas or thoughts on what we should/can do about that?  We dont want to log out or not be able to get back into dad's FB account... So we dont mess with it too much & have them shut it down or log us out.

Sunday was pretty relaxed.  I headed to HSM... & mercy, within 15 minutes of being there, I was in tears.  In our HSM meeting, they had anyone that needed prayer for any kind of struggle going on, to just raise their hand & you didnt have to say anything but just raise that hand & others would pray for you.  Man... its humbling asking for prayers.  I'm usually spot on about keeping the smile on my face  & saying, "I'm fine"... "everything is good"... "life is wonderful"... when it all feels like its falling apart. So raising my hand was a challenge.  But I'm so glad I did.  I had 3 friends come around me  &put their hands on my & my precious sister in Christ just lifted me up with the most touching words.  I honestly couldnt contain the tears.  I was so glad I humbled myself to ask for the prayers in front of others.

Image result for humble yourself

Leaving church, I picked up mom's groceries & got her & Ricky & I some lunch & headed over to the blue house....

I got home just in time to see Ricky jumping our neighbors fence - WHAT THE HECK??? ... Turns out, he was over there trying to help save our neighbors chickens.  Apparently two dogs got into their chicken coop & Ricky said it was "total destruction"... he literally talked about it all night long & I was like "YOU GOTTA STOP" - I would have freaked out coming up on a scene like that.  He said these dogs were going crazy on these chickens. It took him a second to realize it wasn't our dogs making the noise - it was after he heard the chickens freaking out that he realized something was happening. He thought it was a raccoon... nope - 2 strays....I honestly could never have chickens because i would be devastated to loose all my chickens in one crazy, wild incident. Heck, I WAS devastated - for our neighbor's chickens. That just makes me so sad.

I finished up Sunday with another day of my Bible Study, a shower, & getting my Overnight Oats prepped for the week.  I will say, I have a new obsession with these.  But I'm all about more oats & less liquid.  & putting honey on them in the morning. MMMMMM.... I'm looking forward to my alarm going off already.

.... ok... maybe not THAT excited.  After all, who is EVER looking forward to alarms going off after a weekend?

I finished my weekend by keeping my computer & tablet by my head & watching the Ironman finish line. Yep - it was in town this weekend.  & I felt so bad for the participants this year. It was SO COLD on Sunday - in the 40's - with a misty rain all day long.  But these people are literally IRONMAN - they were still out there, doing their thing, & crossing that finish line with those arms in the air.  I love watching the finish line - not even knowing anyone who is doing it. I still get weepy & teary for total strangers. Especially the ones who you can see are so emotional themselves.  I can literally watch it for hours on end - till it goes till midnight - but I can never stay up that late ... but love to go back & watch those last finishers.  THAT'S the EMOTIONAL ones right there.

The dream.... 140.6 miles.

It's funny because I wanted to walk down to the Ironman Village on Friday at work ... but it was too chilly & too far for me (maybe 2 miles) haha - I'm TOTALLY not an Ironman.  I totally applaud these amazing people.

So how was your weekend?

Was it chilly in your neck of the woods?

Do you do overnight oats?  What's your favorite way to do them?

Do you have any ideas on what to do about dad's Facebook account?

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