Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Fall 2.0

Favorite Fall Color

I love the army green during Fall.  Dont know why I like it - maybe because I love the jackets in that color.

StylishPetite.com | Olive, Leopard and Stripes Plus Ways to Wear a Utility Jacket

Apple Cider HOT or COLD
I'll drink it either way, but there's something about it being HOT during the fall nights that is just cozy & feels special

Caramel Apple: YES or NO
ALL the yes! I love me some Caramel Apples. They scare me a little bit with my easy breaking teeth - but it's well documented that when we used to go to Gatlinburg in the fall, I would get a caramel apple EVERY NIGHT after dinner. True story.

Pumpkin Donuts or Apple Cider Donuts
Fun fact - I've never tried either....but if I were standing at a bakery counter, I would probably go with the pumpkin.

Long or Short Cardigan
I love all the long cardigans out.  Anything that will cover this butt of mine? I'll take it.

Favorite Football or Fall Party Food
I'm a simple apple with caramel dip kinda gal.

Image result for apple slices caramel

Orange or White Pumpkins
I love the look of white pumpkins, but have only ever gotten the orange.  Classic I guess.
But I have been tempted to buy the white ones & hand letter in gold on them.  I sat in Michael's for 15 minutes debating if I wanted to try it.
Watch out Pinterest - here I come for ideas.

Hayride or Bonfire
Bonfire - I could sit by a fire every night - especially when its cool for fall.  Break out the smores & the smell of fire? I love everything about it.

Image result for bonfire quotes

Favorite Fall Baked Good
I always say that Apple Pie is my favorite dessert & it just feels more appropriate during the fall.

Most anticipated Fall Activity
All the festivals.  We have a local one in town called Harvest Homecoming & we're excited about it this year because one of our HSM girls won the pageant so she's one of the queens in the parade this year. We're going to go as a group to cheer her on. Can't wait to do the princess wave back to her on her float.

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