Thursday, October 04, 2018

3 mugs!!!... family... & talking it out! {Thankful Thursday #190}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Busy Days
I love a good busy day at work. It makes the day go by so super fast.  So much better than sitting & watching the time tick by. That's like a watched pot... it never gets to 4:30 fast.

Dinner with friends
I met up with 2 of my friends for dinner & man... did we ever talk. I'm glad the restaurant was empty because we just took over the table & stayed there for 4 hours chatting.  Lots to catch up on!  I honestly couldnt believe 4 hours had gone by but we looked & they were ready to close & yeah, it was 9pm. That's the sign of good conversation.

& there were incredible onion rings!!!!

So got this baby in the mail & I think this is officially my furthest WEST mug now.  The precious new momma Mattie sent this to me. Many of you I know miss Mattie in the blogging world like I do!!!!!  But again, so thankful for Instagram where we can still stay connected & you can see her beautiful daughter! I know blogging takes on a different priority when you have a little baby needing attention. I hope you come back to blogging Mattie!!!

As you have seen in my posts the past few days, we lost an incredible man in our family.  But I am so thankful this week for the strength & bond of family. Going into the funeral home & seeing all the family supporting one another - & letting everyone know how loved they are & how precious every single one of them are... you should never take family for granted.

Hope of Heaven
Heaven is just filling up more & more with people we love - & it's just good for the spirit to hang onto the hope of seeing them all again when we arrive.  Growing up in a Baptist church, I know all the hymns, so I have been constantly singing, "When we all get to Heaven - what a day of rejoicing that will be...." & that's exactly how it feels lately.  Clinging to the hope of glorious reunions.

Hash it out
I had a weird situation this week when someone came up to me & told me why they were so angry with me. Angry? with me? I had no idea why.... & after we discussed the situation, we found out that what my friend thought was happening, actually wasn't & it was all misconstrued.  I was just so grateful that she came to me & talked about it - because what if she hadn't. What if she sat on it & stewed & got angrier & angrier.... when all of it wasn't even truth that was making her so upset?  I know some of us dont like confrontation or stressful conversations, but in the end - we were both crying & hugging & the air is clear. Those conversations are worth it to discover what the truth really is.

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Breakfast with my friend
I mentioned this on Monday - but I could get together with my sweet friend every week & just talk & laugh (& cry) & just listen to her wise advice. I just enjoy her presence.  Know those kind of people?  I am so glad we were able to get together on short notice for time together AND a yummy breakfast.  Looking forward to our next meet up, Kelly has already figured out a new place that I haven't been to in a little town in Indiana - I'm all for it.

Tennessee & Missouri
... & how cute is Kelly that when she went on vacation, she got me TWO mugs!!!  She said her husband was confused why they had to stop at Starbucks throughout their trip - but that's a dedicated friend.... & a dear husband who obeys to all the stops.

What are you Thankful for this week?

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