Wednesday, October 03, 2018

One Sentence a Day - September 2018

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Another month behind us... & heading into Fall...
Here we go!

1.  Picked up my first Christmas present for the year. #dreadingtheholidays #missingmydaddy

2.  I cant believe the movie theaters were still playing Incredibles 2 - but so glad because it was a nearly empty theater & we finally got to enjoy it on the big screen. #dateday

3.  Honestly so beyond glad we were off work when I could get NO sleep the night before & couldnt even imagine having to try & function in real life.  #happylaborday

4.  Found a Colorectal Surgeon that just left me feeling so sad... & with a surgery date. #gottabedone #eventually

5. Kicked off our HSM home Groups & excited that we had more girls show up than I expected. #gooddiscussion

6. I felt like I was in high school again with the painful cramps I was having. #12Motrinin6hours

7.  Traffic always feels more frustrating on the drive home on a Friday than any other day. #Justletmegethome

8.  All the rain made it feel like Fall temps #perfectreadingweather

9.  So happy to find this dog's owner when he was roaming around our home. #lostbutnowfound

10.  Got a free massage at work today. #Soreafterwards #girlfriendworkedmeOVER

11.  Had to run out at 9pm with Ricky to meet my brother when my mom fell in the hallway & couldnt get up. #hurtshoulder #ivefallenandicantgetup #couldntresistthatlasthashtag

12.  The 2nd week of home groups was even bigger & better than the first! #suchgooddiscussion #withlotsofgiggles

13.  Day to reload at the library. #decisionsdecisions

14.  Another lunch for another coworkers last day. #goodluckChris

15.  Spent all Saturday morning with our bank investor & the whole time I was thinking how much I'd rather be in my PJ's with coffee & a book. #whatweekendsarefor

16.  Such a powerful message on words that can bully & drive us to extreme thoughts, when we really need to be focused on God's words & what HE calls us. #loveHSM

17.   Rain from Hurricane Florence reached Louisville today. #prayingfortheCarolinas

18.  Hair Day!!!! #lovemystylist


19. The kids are getting WAY comfortable now in the HSM home groups. #allthegiggling #allthetalking #alltheeating #allthelove

20.  A sure sign we're getting older, the hubs & I were both asleep by 9pm after a long day for him & no sleep the night before for me. #growoldtogether

21.  Learning new things at work makes me so excited. #alwayskeeplearning

22.  First day of fall felt about right when our temps dropped down into the 50's & the rain kept it chilly all day long. #breakoutthesweaters

23.  Such a gloomy Sunday, all I did was nap the day away. #wontsleeptonight

24.  Devastated to hear the news that Ricky's only uncle has passed away. #WeloveyouUncleKenny

25.  So enjoyed sitting & talking with my friends for nearly 4 hours when we met for dinner. #precioussistersinchrist

26.  Can't believe we're at another funeral home to say goodbye to another incredible man. #RIPUncleKenny

27.  The gloom & rainy weather is effecting everyone at this point. #everyonebeloosingtheirmind

28.  Surprising when you find out someone's angry with you for things you had no idea about & then find out they weren't even true. #dontbelievewhatotherstellsyou

29.  Enjoyed breakfast with my friend as we caught up in life & she gave me TWO Starbucks mugs she picked up for me on her vacation. #sweetestfriends

30.  Started meal prepping for Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge in October. #prayingitworks

I wish I could add my One Second a Day video - BUTTTTT - again, keeping up with the suckage of 2018, my phone mysteriously got rid of all my photos - & that included all my videos that were in my One Second a Day file.... so I've lost all my other videos for the year. Luckily, I've backed them up so I can still see them on YouTube - but September had nothing from Sept 1 - 18 so I didnt bother with the rest of the month.
I hate technology sometimes.

What stood out to you for September?

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