Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Doesnt work for me....

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One exception... Jesus :) 

I tried something new the other day.  I went into Staples & asked if I could print something from my tablet.  A pdf file. I know some people may think, "Rebecca - how do you not know you can do that?" - but I'm not really advancing with technology- but I try to learn while I can.

I walked into the store & asked if this was a possibility & they looked at me like I just stepped out of 1985 - which I kind of did in my own mind.  They handed me a card that gave me an email address that I needed to send the file to & then it would pop up magically onto their system & at their copy machines they had sitting out.  This world is really like Harry Potter... in ways... not in the way that I can grab someone's hair & make myself look just like them.  I'd be snagging hair from Reese Witherspoon every day if that was the case.

Anyways.... nothing in my world goes easily & my file was too big to go to the copy machine so they had me resend it to their computer that their copy manager works at & VIOLA - there it was. All 154 pages that needed to be printed.

What was so important?  It was the latest Tone It Up program that they offered for October.   Usually, you have to pay a fee of like $150 to get all of their programs but this was $31 & I thought, Hey, I'll give this a try & see how it works..... which is another post for another day.... not the point of todays ever long, dragging out post.

When the picture came up that showed this was a eating/food program - all the workers there had a comment.

One of the ladies said, "Those girls are gorgeous"... indeed they are. #goals

Another one of them said, "Is this a meal plan that like tells you what to eat for the next 31 days?".... indeed it is.  & then I told her to download it so she can print it out herself.  I dont know if I'm supposed to do that, but hey, I paid for it & I can do what I want with it.  I told her I'd sign something if she needed me to so she could print it out herself is she wanted it for the recipes.

& finally, there was a man there - the manager of the whole store, who asked me what the plan looked like (its basically a clean eating, no carbs, lots of greens, lots of veggies - a lot of their TIU products!!!!) & then he said, "Well, I just lost 100 lbs a month ago!"

100 LBS!  I told him that was incredible & congratulated him & asked him what worked for him.

He told me, "The biggest thing that really changed for me to finally get my weight off was stopping to drink sodas"... he then went on a 15 minute speech on why soft drinks & sugar in soft drinks are so bad for you (agreed) & he was just on top of his game with info about that.

I told him that I totally agree - sugar is just so bad for us - but so hard to avoid.... & he continued to just stick to the "Soda" theory.  Told me if I gave up soft drinks, I'd see a difference in my own body.   If I gave up any sort of drink, even diet sodas, I'd just shed the weight like the weight loss fairies were just pouring their glitter dust all over me.

I didnt have the heart to tell him.... I havent drank a soft drink in probably 7 years - or longer.

I did try to slide in my comments about sugar "in general" - but nope... it was all about NO SOFT DRINKS! NO COKES! NO PEPSI!  NO CAN DRINKS!  NO FOUNTAIN DRINKS!!!  NO DRINKS BESIDES WATER".... 

I just thanked him for sharing his story - congratulated him once again & left.....& got to my car & sat & got a little irked.

It also made me think about the book I mentioned before in a book review, "Girl, Wash Your Face" - where the author said basically the way to lose weight was easy -  just cut calories & move more.  Simple enough. & when I read that even then, I had that same irked feeling... I believe my comment reading that was, "Wait sweet little girl until you hit your 40's or 50's & menopause starts knocking on your door... THEN tell me its that easy"

I think what just gets to me is that people think there is a ONE METHOD WAY of doing things.  & if it worked for them, it should work for you & every one else.

& this thinking is so contagious right now.

Let's look at diet... let's look at parenthood... let's look at how to be a wife... & LORD KNOWS, let's look at politics - & people have their opinion & then most people think, "That's the ONLY way to think"... "That's the ONLY way that works".... "MY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY THAT IS RIGHT".

But wait.... We are so individual.  We are so unique.  God created us to be a particular being... one of a kind.  & to think that ONE thing works for everyone is just so misguided.
... & frustrating.

People get OFFENDED now when you dont think the way they do.  Please even become outraged, insulted & just plain MEAN when you dont feel the same way they do.

That to me, is so sad.

I really have no point to this whole thing because I have no answer on how to solve it.  Until people can truly see that everyone can have their own opinion & everyone may have a different way that works for them on how their life, how their body, how their finances, how their views work .... & just accept it & can say, "You have your opinion, I have mine & that's ok"... then I think we'll all start getting along a lot easier.

.... & in the end, I'm just glad the man didnt say to me that he gave up Starbucks to loose the weight, because the argument would have been ON if he tried to push that negativity on me ;)

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, love at peace with EVERYONE.
Romans 12:18

Finally, all of you, have a unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart & a humble mind.
1 Peter 3:8

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