Thursday, October 11, 2018

Celebrating mom, & Ernie... hay abound... & enablers!!!! {Thankful Thursday #191}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Friends Results
We were waiting anxiously for a friend's test results last Monday .... & praising the Lord that all came back well for her!  It's so good to hear good news still exists. I've not gotten much of it lately so it's encouraging when it happens for others- especially those you love.

Mom's birthday
I knew it was going to be strange feeling celebrating my mom's birthday without my dad around... but we made due - & still celebrated with big hunks of icing. As one should celebrate life.  It felt especially strange because one of the twins wasn't there this year.  She was on a Washington DC trip with her school (the other twin could care less - haha - twins & their different personalities) - but I've always taken a pic of mom with each of the girls so we had to improvise.

Brothers Patience
OK - so my brother is NOT the most patient man. But I have to give him props where its due. He had to take my mom to a new doctor last week & the appointment was at 4pm... so when I see a text at 7pm that he's still at the doctor with mom, I was like SAY WHAT?  & I dont think he & mom left the doctor's office till after 8 pm - more like 8:30. I would have lost my ever loving mind. Maybe I'm not the patient one & he is.... however it is - I'm thankful that he hung in there with mom. 

South Carolina Represent!!!
I 'met' Jenny so many years ago in a neuropathy support group page. Me & her were the only two people in this group of people who suffered from numb feet & still ran.  Everyone else didnt even want to exercise but we were like, What's your next race?... we've stayed in touch ever since & she's just been the kindest person to me through the years. She's the one who sent me my Belle shirt to run my half marathon in with a yellow glitter skirt to go with it!!! & she's been the best supporter of my Etsy store.  So here I am once again in gratitude of her kindness when she's sent me my next mug - straight from South Carolina. Where she JUST moved to.  I told her this was a good mug for her to learn more about her new home :)

Ice Enablers!!!
Y'all... I have a serious addiction - SERIOUS! Like I think some days I need to be on My Strange Addiction on TLC.  I can't get enough ICE. Like I CRAVE it - & chomp it all day long. & I'm all about nugget ice or my house chopped up ice. I even bring TWO stainless steel cups full of ice from home to get me through the day. I wish I was joking. It's CRAZY how I can't stop eating ice.  But I've also ran out of ice (with the TWO containers full of it) & luckily, I have a Jimmy Johns right around the corner from my work. It's 27 cents for a large cup of ice. Ask me how I know... because I'M ADDICTED!!!!!! & they must know it there because a few times this week, when I walk in with my 27 cents, they tell me, Just take a cup & go. :) Enablers.  That's what they are - enablers..... Oh my gosh - all this talk - I'm now craving more ice.

Winter Hay
After nearly running out of hay a few weeks ago, I had some friends give me some contacts to get some hay for the horses for winter.  So glad we got some winter stock up now for the big babies.  I think it'll get us through.  We ordered a little bit more than my brother thinks my dad ordered last year... but at least now, we have a contact person & he told us if we run out, he is more than happy to help us. Come to find out - he even lives on my street! How funny is that! Small world!!!!

Baby likes where we put the hay
.... we had to move it over some.
Sneaky little girl!

Check Error
I write a check every 3 months for our garbage.  OK - the bill is 52.50 - easy enough. Been that way for years.  So when the garbage company called & told me they shredded my check, I was like, WHY?  They said the bank issued the check for $5250.00 - SAY WHAT? I was shocked. Looked & indeed seen where the bank did write the check for that much. I had to laugh. & then was mad. Come on bank - get on the ball!!! ... OK, so maybe it was my error - but you'd think they'd catch that sort of thing when a vendor has the same amount every 3 months for years on end.  Geez.  Thank goodness someone at the garbage company was on their game.

One Year Old!!!!
Our fur baby is now 1 year old! No more "months" old. I can't believe it. I told him he has one more year of puppy acting up & then it's all adult expectations. yeah, right. Tell that to my 18 year old man who still can do no wrong.  Babies forever.

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