Thursday, November 01, 2018

Breakfast, breathing & 1 foot difference..... {Thankful Thursday #194}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Beautiful Warmer Days
I'm just not a fan of winter. I hate the cold. I actually hate the heat too. But give me 50's to 75 & I'm good & happy. But it literally went from in the 90's to the 40's - STUPID. We got a break though with some warmer days & it was glorious! Able to walk at lunch & sit outside a little bit (before the darkness hit) - its just been those days where you take advantage of each warmer day you get.

Breakfast for dinner
Some days, eggs & hashbrowns just make you happy.
I made some mushrooms & peppers on the side because Ricky didnt want them mixed in with his eggs - but he ended up loving it on the side like this.

Breathing help
My sweet co-worker knew I was suffering with this sinus infection/head cold - & she brought me in some new essential oil that helps with breathing. It really did help too. So grateful for her thoughtfulness.

Shooting caring
(That's a weird title - I know)
Most of you saw that Louisville had a shooting.  A man walked into a local grocery store & just shot 2 people... just because.  I dont get it. I just dont get the minds of people & the hatred it holds where its perfectly OK to take away the life from total strangers.
Anyways - I am grateful that I had people who know me strictly through blogs & Instagram & Twitter - & they were sending messages asking if we were OK - if it was anyone we knew,, our family, that was involved in being injured.  I always appreciate when someone thinks of me (us) ... the caring of others. So precious.

Kitchen Table
This is just one of those small things.  I had to scoot my kitchen table over a little bit to get Bruno (our little blind dog) out from under the table after he weaseled himself between the legs of the table & the legs of the chair.  But scooting the table over gave me space to use the table differently & one of the things is being able to put my laptop on it & be able to do work & watch my kitchen TV too. I know - that sounds so petty - but its been wonderful!  ... who knew moving a table 1 foot over could change everything.

Early Anniversary dinner
So our anniversary was on Sunday - but we did a "Pre-anniversary celebration".... sort of in honor of the rehearsal dinner :) haha .... but Ricky always lets me pick out the dinner on our date - so on this, he got to pick.  & he chose Chili's - which I HATE because they ALWAYS mess up our order. ALWAYS.  Every time I order a veggie burger, they bring out a real, meat burger. (GAGGING).... but they FINALLY got this one right.  I was shocked. & it was really good. So WIN WIN on this one.  Fun to celebrate longer & really enjoyed the meal.

Seeing GCC family & friends
I got to go to a retreat meet up over the weekend for a friend who was experiencing this retreat for the first time.  It was wonderful seeing some old friends from my old church & getting to worship together. I say it all the time, I may not serve at that church any longer, but I still love those people as my own tribe. 

23 years
I am truly grateful for 23 years of marriage to this man.  & so grateful that we had such a wonderful day together celebrating - laughing & taking it easy - shopping & eating. We needed a good day in a year full of dark heavy times.

What are you thankful for this week?

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