Thursday, November 15, 2018

Good view, cast my vote & saw how Starbucks blesses .... {Thankful Thursday #196}

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This week I am Thankful For:

I just love my library. It's just easy to stop on my way home & see what the latest books are. I especially love they have a section dedicated to the latest books that just came out. That's basically where I visit every time & walk out with way too many books that I can read in a month.

Finished Hat
... even though I hate it....
I really like the pattern of this hat - & I followed it to a tee. Which every time I follow a pattern, it just never seems to work out for me. & this one follows suit. It's not long enough. It doesnt cover my ears.  I'm not sure that it would fit a child either because the width is for an adult head. DANG IT! ... but I am grateful I did it & now know what to do on the next hat I make using this cable method. I'll make sure to add at LEAST 2 more cable rounds.

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The right to vote is always something we should be thankful for.  We may not like how things turn out, or get upset when our party doesn't win, but it's always something to stop & be grateful for that we can take a stand with in the polls.

Good Samaritan
I had stopped in at Starbucks on my lunch walk & the lady in front of me ordered a yummy venti Christmas drink, along with a yummy snowman Christmas cookie. I thought, man, she's in the Christmas spirit.  But when she got her order, I watched her walk out & give it all to a man who sits on the corner & plays his guitar every day during the lunch rush.  He keeps his guitar open & hopes for change for passerby's.  A delivery person was holding the door open in Starbucks so I could hear their conversation - & she just offered it to him so kindly & thanked him for making beautiful music.  He was so surprised & so grateful. He asked her what her favorite song was & then he sang it for her.... I was just so grateful to be a witness to the moment.  Of seeing two strangers just share kindness to one another.

Insightful conversation
So we're back for a few weeks for HSM home groups & this past week, we were talking about Peter stepping out of the boat to go see Jesus walking on water.  We got hooked on one question - was Peter a WIN or a FAIL for doing this? I mean, the other disciples were shaking in their boots in the boat... BUT Peter doubted & started  to sink in the water.  So how do you see it?  The conversation & the debate was SO STINKIN' GOOD!  There were excellent points made on each side... & in the end, I'm just grateful that these girls can stand up for what they think, discuss the Bible with passion to one another & in the end, that we came out knowing more about this story than we did before.

Veteran's Day Parade
... it goes down the street right where my office overlooks - so I had the perfect view - in a warm building.

I took my momma to the store the other night & it was FREEZING COLD - & she had a LOT of bags. I dreaded taking them in a few at a time - but then she told me she had this cart. It has like 3 wheels on each side so you can roll it up stairs.  We were able to load up all the bags in this cart & get them in her house in a one shop stop.  I gotta get me one of these for my own house!

Breakfast date
No other time in the world will I be happy to be woken up at 6am except to go on a breakfast date with my love.

New Lamp
I actually just posted the lamp in yesterday's CURRENTLY post - but I am loving having the warm light on dreary nights.

What are you Thankful For this week?

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