Monday, November 12, 2018

The weekend we had a date at 6am.....

I had hopes of putting my tree up this weekend.

But Ricky caught on to me when I hinted to him putting it up all week. Friday night, he said, "Its not even Thanksgiving week yet" _ DANG IT! I was hoping he didnt notice.  But he did tell me that next weekend, we'd start digging in the basement for the boxes.  At least that will be a week earlier.

It's OK - I didnt have time to put up our tree anyways.

Friday night, I took my momma to the store & MAN OH MAN - was it cold! The wind was BRUTUAL. I dont know if it was just because it was the first cold of the year, making it extra cold, but it just felt like it was skin cutting.

I dont know what happened to me though - I got home & got ready for bed & got in bed to watch some things on my DVR & I think I was passed out by 9pm. Goodness gracious - I cant stay up late at all anymore.

Saturday morning, I heard Ricky standing next to me while I was sleeping & whispering, "Rebecca.... Rebecca...." -I sleep with a sleep mask on most nights & I lifted it & said, "What's wrong?" ... & he pleasantly surprised me when he said, "Want to go on a breakfast date?"... ahhhh.....

Cute, right?

So I asked, What time is it? & he said, "8:00am"... & I was like, Yeah, let's do it... & then rolled over & saw the clock on the ceiling (we have one of those projector ones) & it was 6am.  I was like, HOLD UP!!! It's 6am... WHAT IS THIS TRICKERY?..... he said he thought it said 8 - which I wondered why it was still dark outside.

Good thing that I fell asleep at 9pm - I was OK getting up at 6am.... so we headed out bright & early for our little breakfast date.

There's just something fun about getting up before the world does. When things are still slow & traffic isn't everywhere & you dont have to fight people on the road or in a restaurant.

We really did enjoy the morning & watching the sun rise up....

& after we got done with breakfast, we ended up heading to Sam's Club that was having a One Day Sale... which is probably why Ricky suggested the date in the first place - but that's OK.... I found some good deals myself! 

Ricky did keep the love going though by stopping at Starbucks on the way home....

& look at us, leaving with THREE drink! haha.  We each drank one & Ricky always likes to get one to take home to warm up for later. 

We ended up heading home around noon - which one little boy was happy - because let me tell you - he LOVES the weekends too. He was all a panic when we left early that morning. He likes to snuggle in & loves all the attention & just being near us.

He's happier than he appears... dude hates his picture taken.

I did my Bible Study for the day....

& then did some reading....

& then I was on a mission. Going through my closet. ... & I was just over it. I am just tired of the clutter of clothes that I dont ever wear anymore- or dont fit & just depress me to look at it - so I said, That's it.  & I pulled everything out.

I ended up with 3 HUGE bags full of clothes - stuffed to the rims.  & about 5 shoe boxes of brand new shoes - & even a bag of jewelry that I dont wear.

There is a place near us that is like a cute store & its like an upscale Goodwill - & their funds go to women's charity - so I'm taking all my clothes to them.  There are brand new items, things with tags still on them - I hope it helps them.

After getting a shower after being exhausted - I got tucked into bed & finally watched A Wrinkle in Time....

A Wrinkle In Time - 3.9.18   I will start reading this book before seeing this film. #SoExcited

& then was up working on some yarn projects & not tired, so I started watching Sabrina on Netflix.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina bietet ein Poster.

Whooooo - that is super dark, isn't it?

But I'm hooked on it - anxious to see how it plays out... & plus, I'm a Riverdale fan so excited to see if it ever is going to go into a cross over.

Sunday, I got up to watch another episode of Sabrina & then headed to church.

The youth girls went on a weekend retreat & I couldnt wait to hear all about it. I so badly wanted to go, but when they registered for it, I was originally scheduled for surgery the week before - so I didnt register.  & then I was just afraid to travel & be away from home in case I had a flare up & being in the middle of the woods, in a cabin - it just scared me.  I missed going & being with my girls.

But they got back & told me all about it - all the fun stuff & the deep lessons they talked about over the weekend. The topic was "friendship" - which is ideal for teenager girls that just have drama ingrained in the puberty gene. 

I picked up some lunch for Ricky & I & headed home - got my bills made out - did some meal prep stuff & just stayed tucked in from the cold.

Another weekend behind... one more closer to the holidays... one more closer to my surgery (I still cant talk about it)

Do you like going out to Breakfast?

Are you watching Sabrina?

How often do you clean out your closet?

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