Monday, November 05, 2018

The weekend that we enjoyed fall.... before I hole up for the year....

Well, here we are.... the time of year I hate more than anything.
The dreaded time change.
Dark at 5:30pm.... is there anything worse?

Cue the countdown to December 21 when the time starts moving the other direction....46 days.

I say my spirit animal has to be a bear because when the time changes, all I want to do is hibernate. I dont want to do anything, go anywhere. I just want to stay in PJ's, in a warm house, with lamps & lights on everywhere & eat comfort food & drink lots of warm drinks.

Before I head into my mental cave, we did get to enjoy one last weekend of beautiful fall.

Actually, Friday night, I spent as a bachelorette.  Ricky went to Lexington with a coworker to go see the UK Wildcats play some basketball.  I kept life exciting in my single night home & ate some soup & did another chapter in my Bible Study.  Exciting stuff, huh?

I was glad I was awake when Ricky got home.  I have been kicking out to sleep early the past week with the darkness earlier & earlier.  But then I actually had a hard time falling asleep....

& then was shocked when I didnt wake up on Saturday till 9am! I dont know the last time I've done that!!!  & Ricky being out so late as well, he was in bed till 10am. That NEVER happens. He's the one who thinks if you're in bed still by 7am, you've slept half the day away.

It was nice having a lazy morning though.
It was even nicer seeing the sun back out. We've been under rain clouds & gloom the past few days so it was really nice to see the glowing orb back - & actually feel some warmth from it!

I waited for it to warm up a little bit more by working in my journaling bible & having some coffee... the way Saturday morning should be spent.

& then it was time to venture out to enjoy the beautiful fall day.  I headed to the local park to go walking.  & by walking, I mean SLOW walking.  Its amazing to me to think that i actually used to run, when walking a few miles is still so tough on me.  I try to think of the positive & know that I used to struggle to walk from one room to another, much less walk 3 miles.  Forget the time! I did 3 miles.  & still was in a little pain... & got upset thinking I'm going back into surgery in a month & it's going to be a long time again that i get up to 3 miles....but man, just trying to suck it up & remember God has a plan for me & my life & a purpose for all this journey I'm going through this year.

In the meanwhile, I truly loved soaking up every bit of the warm weather.... & the beautiful scenery... the leaves changing color & the sun on my face.  It was a perfect day. I should be glad it took me an hour to walk 3 miles. More time to enjoy the beauty of the day.

Driving home, I stopped at mom's to take care of the horses because my brother was taking his wife out to dinner - ahhhhh - cute..... & was so excited to see my dad's cousins on the front porch with my  mom.  My dad & his brother had 2 girl cousins & they were all like brother & sisters. I know its been hard for the sisters to have lost both my dad & his brother this year.  So it was nice to see one of my dad's cousins & spent a little bit of time with her & her husband.

I had to get home & get cleaned up because we met out friends for dinner.  Trying to decide where we were going to eat, I just told them to let their 5 year old daughter figure it out... & she chose Topp't - who doesnt want a pizza? I'm with her.

This little girl is just so special.... she was sitting in the corner being quiet for a minute - which in itself is shocking because she basically sings songs to Jesus for about 90% of her days.... but she all of a sudden looked up & said, "you know, you dont always have to talk to people - you can just stop & talk to God"... seriously y'all - a 4 year old said this. If she doesnt become the next Beth Moore or Kari Jobe, I dont know who will.

But we had a little treat for her because she had been saying the only Princess dress she didnt have was Sleeping Beauty. Well, her Pappy has a soft spot for making sure this little girl knows she's a Princess & found this dress.... when she pulled it out - I wish I taped her reaction. She just kept covering her mouth & said, "I AM SO HAPPY" haha
... & then she wanted to walk around to every table in the restaurant & say hi to everyone & tell them Jesus loves them. haha

She was in so in awe that it had long sleeves :) 

Her brother? He was just happy to get a new Hot Wheel. Boys & girls. How different they are.

Showing me his car :) haha

Sunday, of course, you have to start off changing every clock in the house which takes forever - & I still think we have 3 clocks we didnt get to - & I know they'll probably stay that way for the season & we'll just have to remember to take an hour off the time, or freak ourselves out thinking we're late.  Tis the season.

But I was up at 6am - which is 7am - UGH ... & just was ready to go to church because Chris Tomlin was leading worship at our church this weekend.  It was soooo good. He introduced a new song from his new album (which I've already been playing on repeat for the past week) & told the story behind the meaning of it - & it was just beautiful.

The hard part for me though with his worship - I dont know how I've avoided it, but I haven't sang "Good Good Father" since my daddy has left this world.... & man, I got so choked up having to say the words, "you're a good good father... its who you are".... It just tugged at my heart & brought instant tears to my eyes.  I honestly wasn't sure I could sing at all.... but at the end, I was able to get the choked up words out.  I mean, if you're going to pull a band aid off, pull it off with Chris Tomlin, right?

After church, I stopped to pick up my groceries (thank you Click List) & some lunch for Ricky & I & then headed home to enjoy the last bit of warm weather before more rain came back in.

It involved a lot of frisbree throwing, a lot of dog loving, & I even did some of my Bible study outside... until it started drizzling rain & I had to finish inside....

You can actually see the frisbee up in the air - Harvey is looking right up to it

& then it felt dark so dang early.  Ricky even said, "it feels so late" ... & it was 4:30. THE WORST TIME OF YEAR!!!!!!

& the struggle was real for me to make sure I was awake for The Walking Dead!!!!! It was a huge pivotal episode & I knew I had to watch it - no recording for me. & it comes on at 9 - which was actually 10 - so I was debating having coffee late in the day to make sure I was awake to watch it.... instead, I made sure to sit up in my bed & knit until it came on. & it was about knitting a complicated pattern too - nothing soothing & calming. The opposite of what I needed.
... & actually, it messed me up doing a complicated pattern because I was so into the show, I messed up a whole role of stitches & had to back it all out & start over again - a row with cabling. Yes... knitters just moaned everywhere because they know how miserable that is.  But it totally kept me awake - that's for sure.

& now we're back to Monday - where I'll feel the time change the worst!  It usually takes me a week to fully adjust.  THE WORSTTTTTTT!!!! WHYYYYYY do they still do this?  Is there a petition still going to stop this madness? Because I'll sign it 100 times over.

Anyways -happy Monday!  YAWN

Did you get a good Fall weekend?

How are you dealing with the time change?

Do you watch The Walking Dead?

Are you a fan of Chris Tomlin?

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