Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The weekend we survived Thanksgiving....

Let the holidays begin.... 
& for us, let the survival begin.

It all just feels so "off"... but we're determined to make it through.

Actually, I am surprised that we all made it through as well as we did.
Now, that doesnt mean it wasn't hard.  I know I thought of dad no less than 100 times this weekend.... & I know my mom had a really hard time - as expected.  But we got together & we survived!  

We even had lots of laughter... lots of talk about my butt & upcoming surgery, which is perfect dinner conversation.... & lots of me stuffing my face with the broccoli cheese casserole.

Which by the way - here it is in all of its glory. 

It's funny because I started digging in & was like, "WAIT - I gotta take a picture of it"... & yes, I can easily - EASILY - eat the entire dish.

But let me back up.....

Thursday, we started out with mine & Ricky's tradition - going through the sales ads in the middle of the floor. We've always done it every year since we've been married.  He goes for Best Buy ads, I go for Michael's ads, & we both fight over Target ads.

I was super excited this year because there was a MASSIVE crossword puzzle in the paper too.  It made my nerd-word-heart so happy... & made me feel really old because I couldnt see the numbers in the puzzle - so I had to keep a magnifying glass near.  Geez.... a stab to the ego.

I started making my pumpkin pies & then watched the Macy's Day Parade. It's funny because later, my brother said he couldnt stand watching it because of all the Broadway stuff. I told him, that's when I sit & watch it - & when the parade actually begins, I'll just catch it passing by the TV.  We always have been total opposites so that doesnt surprise me one bit.

I loaded up the pies & we headed to my brother's....

They always do such a good job of making lots of yummies....I was in charge of pies... & Redi-whip because Thanksgiving pie just isnt the same without it.

We ended up leaving fairly early because mom just wasn't feeling like being out too long - & Tony & Juli wanted to hit up a early bird sale & Ricky & I wanted to venture  out too.

My brother & SIL got exactly what they wanted super fast.... & Ricky & I? Screwed up everything. We had gone out to look for a new Christmas tree we liked (I'm SUPER picky about trees) & got there & found out the sale for the tree wasn't till the next day. Sigh.... just our luck.

We did shop around a little bi & then Ricky was hungry & of course, options are limited - so we headed to Waffle House... which is what we did last year - my first trip ever there.  Well, this may be the last. HAHA.

It was so GROSS.  The place was filthy - I mean, it was so bad, I walked back out to my car & got my Lysol wipes because I didnt even want to sit down in the booth, nor touch the table or menu. & yes, I'll remind you that I'm a huge germaphobe - & it was a good reminder for me to just keep my Lysol wipes in my purse.

Ricky even said his food tasted disgusting.  My hash browns? I had ordered cheese on top of it & just had to laugh when I saw the one square of cheese slapped on top. 

But we definitely made a memory going there....

& then we headed to Target - & was shocked how easily it was to get through. Granted, they had been open for a few hours, but there wasn't even any lines to check out.  I picked up 2 little things & then we just headed home.

Black Friday - you can count on Ricky to go shopping at 4:00am... me? You'll find me tucked away in bed.  He called me to see if I was up at 6am & I was like, "Yep, I'll be right down & meet you"... & then fell asleep. Oops.  But I got another wake up call at 6:30 for a check-in of where I was at. Had I left yet?.... I was like, "Walking out right now" haha - But I am pretty good at getting out of the house quickly.... so while Ricky was waiting in line, I ran into Starbucks - a good excuse to delay my arrival... & then we got to do some Black Friday shopping together. - to which I still didnt get anything, except yarn.  Because that's what's important to me on a sale day.

We didnt even stay out too long & got home & enjoyed the warmer day.  

The dogs made out for Black Friday!

Saturday, I headed out to get a mammogram - who knew they schedule on Saturday now!!! - & then just didnt want to do anything. I just was in a bad mood. I was all tore up about putting up my Christmas tree. I'd want it up & then Ricky was busy & couldnt get it out & then I was like, FORGET IT - I dont want Christmas anyways.... & then the next hour I was begging for the tree.  It was a topsy turvy of roller coaster emotion.  In the end, I just sat & knitted all day & watched Christmas movies on Netflix.

Sunday, was HSM - one of the most incredible messages I've ever heard - & then Ricky & I went out to lunch - complete with dessert....

& then we finally went home to get the tree up.  & to find that we have so many lights out on the tree. I about cried. Actually, I did cry.  

I'm just so BLAH about the holidays anyways so any little thing is going to push me over the edge.

I just decided to make Christmas simple. I didnt put up half of my decorations around the house. Left the garland in the tote. Cut out a lot of little Disney things I sit around on tables.... & you know what? I think I like it better. Ricky even said it looks nicer just having minimal stuff out. It makes you really appreciate it.

We still have 2 Nativity sets out - our Mickey & Minnie figures - & our tree is overflowing with Disney ornaments - just no bows this year... & I am SOOOO thankful to not have to deal with the bows.

So yeah.... we survived the kick off of the holidays..... that's just what you do, isn't it? Life continues on.... 

We thought of dad a lot - spoke of him often - laughed at things he did last Thanksgiving ... & I ate his share of broccoli casserole. I'm a good daughter like that.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Did you Black Friday Shop?

Or even Cyber Monday shop... since I'm slacking here a day late....

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