Monday, September 30, 2019

The weekend I had reasons for bad dreams....

Our first Fall weekend!!

Did you all enjoy it?
At our house - we were sweating like it was Mid-July! MY GOODNESS... it was in the high 90's all weekend... & all this week.

WHERE IS FALL???????????

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It's still the weekend & horrible weather & awful temps but all of taht does NOT falter the joy of being off work.  Not for a second.

Friday, I stopped at the library to drop off some books & grab some more I had on hold, only to find out the library was closing just 20 minutes after I got there. WHAT? They must have changed the hours for Friday & Saturday.  They now close at 5:30.  Good to know!  At least they're open, right?

Then I ran to Starbucks to pick up some gift cards & of course, had to grab some drinks... & then headed over to pick up groceries at the Click List waiting area.  So glad I had a new book & a yummy drink. Take your time Click List employees.... & indeed, they did.  That place is always busy on Friday afternoon. We all have the same idea of getting groceries done for the weekend right after work.

The rest of my Friday night was all about watching the show on ABC about Seigfried & Roy ... man, that whole story of Roy being attacked - or "protected" if you hear from Roy - is just nuts.  The sweet sounds of tigers attacking lulled me to sleep Friday night.

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Saturday, I got up with intentions to clean my house, work out & laundry & decorate for fall....


I got totally distracted. 

I ended up pulling up American Horror Story.  My work-sister told me that I should give it a try & I've always wanted to watch it but could never remember when it was on & then just felt like I missed out.  Thank you Netflix for being on top of it though.  So I turned on Season 1 - episode 1....

my day was gone.

Man, I could NOT stop watching. 

I will say, I did get my bedroom spic & span because I'd keep getting up with intentions to clean & then didnt want to leave my room so I cleaned & cleaned & cleaned that one room.

& before I knew  it, it was so late.  & I had watched the entire season!!!

Image result for american horror story season 1 memes
This is me... I am really anxious now what lies ahead

To be fair, I did stop long enough to take care of horses...

Someone's getting their thick winter hair in!!!!

& to get a shower in & to eat dinner.
No - scratch that - I took dinner back into the bedroom so I could watch another episode.

Man - that was so good.  Now I'm excited to dig into the other Seasons. These are perfect for leading up to Halloween.

& you think going to sleep with attacking tigers the night before can be bad for dreams?  Try going to sleep after watching 10 hours of a story on a Murder House! YIKES.

Sunday, I got up to meet up with my blog/running buddy Karen who picked me up a mug from Bahamas (talking more about this on Thankful Thursday).... but it was National Coffee Day so I had to celebrate in style.  I got to Starbucks a little earlier so I could dig into my Bible Study & enjoy my coffee in the store itself - surrounded by so many others. It was packed. I actually had to sit outside - which I never mind.  Give me all the fresh air - even if its hot July air ... in September.

It was pretty funny too because I was sitting out digging into my work & then heard a conversation behind me... it was a photographer talking to a couple about their wedding.  OK - most people, this wouldnt intrigue them at all.  This was giving me all the emotions.  When she was talking about their wedding day & what she offered, in my mind, I was like, "that's nice - that's good"... but then I also was like, "I could do that - I would be a better photographer for them" - haha!!... It made me miss it so much....

Until she started talking about how busy she is going into Fall & that she had to actually schedule her FAMILY in because she had no time to even see them.  I instantly was snapped back & remembered how stressful photography can be & how time consuming it is & then I was like, "Yeah, I'm kinda glad I've walked away from that"...

I'm telling you - all the emotions. 
Luckily, my friends conversation was a great distraction to get away from all that.

HSM time ... where we were down in numbers because the kids around here are already off of school for 2 weeks for Fall Break.  Cue me stomping my feet & throwing a tantrum because I too want a fall break!!... & then ironically, as I'm wanting to throw that tantrum, our message was on "Maturity" - let that one sit for a second.

I ran to Michael's after church & was so excited to get some little clothes pins for a photo line I have draped across my little cubicle desk at work.  Trying to bring some life to the area.  Just ordered some new pictures to hang on it too.  Want to be surrounded by people I love.

Got home & did the stuff on Sunday that I would have done on Saturday (Dang you American Horror Story!).  Got that laundry done - cleaned some - & even FINALLY got my fall decorations up.

Still gotta do my front porch, but I refuse to decorate my porch when I'm sweating like a sauna for Fall.  Just cant do it.  Hoping next week, it'll inspire me for outside fall decorating!

I took Bruno over for my mom to love on him for awhile & to give him his favorite thing - time to just be rocked.  I dont know who loves it more - him or my momma.

Then its time to set the alarm for another week ahead.
It's gonna be a busy one... 3 - count 'em - THREE birthdays this week... & a concert!  To say this week is going to be a busy one is an understatement.

So tell me about your weekend!!!

Is it still hot?

Did / Do you watch American Horror Story?

Do you decorate for Fall?  Already have it all up?


  1. we're in total fall mode but Alberta is in winter mode. Edmonton got hit with a snow storm over the weekend so they're digging themselves out right now wtf.

  2. It's still hot here, which is pretty normal. I just think it's crazy that areas north like you are still in the 90's. I heard that we will get our first cool front next week. I can't wait for it to drop below 70 at night for the first time since April! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Yes! We are still in "extended Summer" but I don't mind one bit. I love your fall decor! I never put mine out till after Sept 11 ( because I still like to have my patriotic decorations up till then). I have my porch decorated for fall but have very little inside. I have some leaf garland but can not find it. I may have to go buy more!

  4. I'm hoping to get some fall decor up this week!! I have not seen AHS...but those types of shows really scare me! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. That's a great idea to do the clothesline with photos in your cubicle. One of my co-workers has done that and it looks really nice. I love your Fall decorations!

  6. I am sooo over this heat. I mean, I don't mind not having to mow grass because it's even too dry for the weeds to grow, but it's just so crazy dry! I need to dig out my autumn decorations or maybe refresh them somehow. I kind of wanted to start AHS but I'm a weakling - it might be too creepy/scary for me. :)

  7. It's still hot by us and not showing much signs of fall. We might get a break this weekend after it's supposed to be in the 90s this week. Oh, no, no I don't do well with any type of horror stories and would have been up half the night.

  8. Wow - 90 degrees - that's crazy. But I remember Minnesota could be that way too in October. Chilly one day, then sweltering hot the next and a week or two later, a blizzard. :D I watched the first season of AHS too and enjoyed it but for whatever reason never continued watching the show. I did start watching this season, which is a play on 80s slasher movies. It amuses me because I hated 80s slasher movies back in the actual 80s, although I was a kid back then and Freddie gave me nightmares. No nightmares yet, but I'm not sure how I see it sustaining a whole season though.

  9. Nope, never watched it and don't believe I ever will. I'm just not much for scary stuff. I did watch the first season of Stranger Things recently and that is scary enough. We'll go back and watch more I'm sure. I just really have a tough time getting so tense and nervous. lol

  10. I watched season 1 of American Horror Story this weekend too! Such a creepy show, but so good!!!

  11. What?? Two weeks for fall break?? MUST be nice! Love all your fall decor and that's why I stopped picking up my groceries on Fridays after work! It was just TOO crazy for me! Now I pick them up around 10:00 on Saturday morning and it is much calmer!

  12. Oh, I love your fall decorations! My daughter would swoon...she is all about the black and white plaid. She belongs to a group on Facebook where people share how they decorate with it.

    American Horror Story? Nah, not for this chicken. I hate scary stuff like that.

  13. Yay for (finally!) fall decorations!

    I loved AHS season 1. Like, I had nightmares it was so good. I remember we streamed it in maybe 2 or 3 days. Every other season I tried disappointed me though. Granted, I only tried maybe up to season 4, so keep going and you might find a good one.

  14. Yes, (of course) it is still hot here in FL. Maybe by the end of October we will see low 80s. Joe and I watched AHS the first two seasons and then we just stopped. Not sure why. Just never went back to it. I love that your mom loves on Bruno. Sweet!! xoxox

  15. How dear that your sweet mama rocks Bruno. That must be so relaxing for them both. I think I could rock all day long. With or without a chair!! Ha!
    Had to stamp your white pony again.
    Love the fall decorations. Hang on, fall is coming. We are finally feeling it down here in El Paso. And I couldn't be happier. Sending it your way.

  16. I love your fall decor! I am too scared to watch American Horror Story!

  17. I have a few decorations for fall, seriously, like 5. I do have that same soft white pumpkin you have! I had more of them but gave some to my daughter. I have never watched AHS. Just not my kind of show, I do not like to be scared. If a friend jumps out and scares me that's one thing, but to sit through something scary for entertainment? No thank you.


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