Wednesday, December 16, 2020

All the stickers... all the doodles... all the links! Closing out 2020 planner style {Keep it Together}


Today's the day I get to join in with the with the beautiful  Alexandra Lauren .  My fellow friends who love all things planner, stationary, pens, & organization. Be sure to stop by & see their posts tomorrow (on Thursday).. or feel free to post tomorrow with them & link up with us.

So we made it to December... where we look forward to new planners - clean slates ... bring it on 2021.  Our 2020 calendars & planners may not look like we expected, but they'll be something to look back on down the road.

The one big planner thing I did since the past week was take advantage of some Black Friday sales!  Yep, sticker shops & Planner stores had some sales & I loaded up. 

Because I'm going to be using my Passion Planner for 2021, I made sure to snag up some Tabs for the planner. You can choose which color you want & I am really happy with this earth tone neutral color palate.  It looks so pretty spaced out on the planner.

If you've been interested in Passion Planner - they are having another sale familiar to their Black Friday Sale.  It goes till Dec 18th... check  it out.

I've printed out some samples off their site & tried them out the past 3-4 weeks to get the feel of it & I think I'm going to be very happy in this planner.  Here's some of the looks I've done in it.  The only difference in my new planner will be it wont have the coil in it - I've taped these in my Amplify planner to finish out 2020

I also ordered me a 5 year planner on Black Friday from Plum Paper Planner.  I got this with the intent to use it like I did the little 5 year journal where you write down how your day went & come back & fill in the same day each year. A good way to see how 5 years on the same day looks.

Well, what's different about this planner that I didnt realize - on every day, there is a prompt - a question.  I didnt even know that was in there.  I'm not sure if I'll just answer the question every day & see how the answers change every year... or use it how I normally use a 5 year journal.  I have 15 days to figure it out :)

I also loaded up on stickers... because I love me some stickers.  I especially went to town on stickers from Wobot & Friends & The Coffee Monsterz Co ... both are just sized so perfectly to add a little cuteness to a planner day - but not too big where its overwhelming.

I love the ones above I just got in the mail - especially love the guy with the hat on & a face mask.

I ordered some more I'm waiting to come in & they are some little Monsterz with Target shopping bags - LOL.  They are just so darn cute.

I had to get these for the year end though... crazy working days...

I actually bought a lot of cute ones for the Holidays - Santa hats & fireplaces & Christmas trees... I'm sure you'll see them in my next month's post in my planner.

& Finally, I'm really liking moving my Faith Journal into a Bullet Journal I had gotten at Hobby Lobby. The pages on this thing are SO THICK where nothing bleeds through them.  

This bullet journal that I use is on sale at Hobby Lobby for $5.00 right now!!! WHAT??? I need to stock up myself!!!

I have really enjoyed practicing some doodling with my Bible study time....

& of course, stickers make it all just pretty to look back & read again....

Some days is just about writing scripture....

& I even use it for church services online & writing down notes.

The best part about this journal is where I use it for "Check In's"... its what our church calls it when you basically journal your prayers with God. Checking in with Him... telling how you're feeling. I need to do a post on it because it's really given my prayers with God a new boost.  I obviously can't share those pages because they're super personal.... but I appreciate looking back at these prayers lifted, cried out to God over the past month.  

... & there you have it... another month of planning under my belt.

I'm so excited about 2021 & cant wait to share what my new planner looks like & how I've been printing on sticker paper to make it work just for my needs.

Do you have your 2021 planner yet?

Have any questions for me about planning? Let 'er rip.


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