Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Prime Purchases {December 2020}

 Joining in with the lovely Tanya & all the other Primers ... Click the pic to see what everyone else is snagging off Amazon. ...She just hosted the BEST of 2020 - so lots of good stuff to see.

I'm going to just stick along with some recent purchases I got over the past few weeks
... of course, keeping the Christmas gifts for a later post :)


Phone Charger
I ended up getting this on Prime Day because it was super cheap.
It works well & I thought it may have issues since I have a pretty thick leather case on my phone - but it still charges through it.  I think I may save this to take in the office when I go back so I can just lay my phone on it on my desk.

Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2 Running Shoe

I got these on Prime Day for like $39.99 - I have another pair of Under Armour running shoes that I've had for years & I still love them. They're getting beat down hard so I was excited to get these to see how they feel. I'm really liking them. 

Kindle Paper White

Yep - another Prime Day purchase. I dont even need it right now as my old Kindle I've had for over 10 years is STILL going just fine. But I am having some issues with it charging now & it doesnt hold the charge as long as it used to - so I got this for stand by because I'm not sure my other Kindle will make it through the next year. You know you're a reader when you have to have a Kindle on standby.

Solar Lights

The Hubs got these to put in a shed he had built back in our woods.  He wanted to run electricity to it but I just dont like running it that far back in the woods so he got this to get some light in there.  It's actually nicer than we thought & if you look at pics, people use these in areas outdoors that are creative.  Some put them in tents even, or around the house for extra lighting.  We may have to get more. I would really like to get a few of these to put in my dad's barn for the horses too!


The Hubs loves trays... a weird obsession really.  But he got this so he could put his tablet on it in bed & not have to hold it. I tease him & call him lazy - but it is a handy thing to thing. You can adjust the height of the legs so it works for kids or adults. & I like that you can tilt the tray for a computer - or keep it flat to eat off of.  It folds up too (bottom of the pic) so it can slide under the bed.  It actually is pretty handy.

Full page labels

OK... all my paper product friends will appreciate this - others will be like, that's a waste.
But I create some spreads that I use every month for my planner that I print out & glue in my planner - but this is a big label, so I can just print on this & put in my planner by pulling off the backing.
I also like you can print various things on here & cut them to size... so I can print like 20 small things & cut them out & put in my planner.  They give you a year service to a place that you can design labels too.  I may see if they have fonts & designs for Christmas labels!!!  ... I get it... this is boring to some - but I cant tell you how excited I am about this stuff

I have bought so much over the past few weeks but I'll stop here
... & continue sharing all my shopping next month

 You taking advantage of Amazon for The Holidays?

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