Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Show Us Your Books {December 2020}


Not doing good in the reading department again.
I really think I need to find a good reading space. I do my best reading outside because of natural light. I need a natural light lamp... with a good comfy chair & I think my mojo will kick in fully for winter.

.... going to Amazon right now & asking Santa for one...

Oh well - here's the sad 2 books I have for December


Quick Summary:  2 people notice their community is changing all around them & who is buying up property so they investigate to see what's happening.

I could be totally wrong on the summary.... I only got about 30% in & couldnt finish.
I know so many of you told me to hang in there. I think someone even told me, once you get to the 60-70% mark, it gets really good.  UGH - that sounds like torture to me. I think if I got that far & even if it did get good, I'd be bitter about it so I wouldn't be able to even enjoy it.

Why didnt I enjoy it? I just thought the story wasn't going anywhere.  & I was getting confused ... all in the first 30%.  I have my rule I talk about all the time - 25% & I'm not into it, I give up.  I gave this a little bit longer... nope.  Maybe I'll try again later.  Just wasn't for me right now.

*** / Liked It

Quick Summary:  A Pride & Prejudice take that involves Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy - but this one centering around dogs & dog shows.

I mean, if you love Pride & Prejudice fun retellings - & this one involves dogs, then you'll enjoy this.

I read a Teri Wilson book last month (may have been the month before - who knows what time is in 2020) & I just really enjoyed this author. Just a good light, fun read that gives you the Hallmark channel feels.  She just released a Christmas book that I'm interested in checking out too.

Currently Reading

I'm waiting for my Book of the Month copy of Holidaze to arrive so I can get into a Holiday book before Christmas... come on post man!!!

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