Monday, December 14, 2020

The weekend I'm getting medical advice from Gray's Anatomy

 Hello Monday!

Is this the last full week of work for everyone else? 
Can you believe next week is Christmas!!! 
I have a feeling that this week is going to be hectic where everyone is going to be trying to finish a lot of year end stuff before the big final 2 weeks.

I'm glad I got a good long weekend to rest up... & rest up, is exactly what I did.

The Hubs & I both took off on Friday & was so happy that we got some great weather.  Sunny & warm!  Mother Nature trying to make up to us for giving us cold & rainy weather for our vacation in October.

I usually take this Friday off every year to take my  mom Christmas shopping but that was out this year. She did get to come home on Wednesday, but with COVID cases going up like wildfire around here, & mom actually was exposed to COVID in the rehab facility - so she had to go into quarantine in her home.  No shopping this year.  I told her it doesnt matter anyways.  Christmas aint going to be normal anyways so its OK. She doesnt need to shop for anyone anyways.  

The Hubs & I thought about going shopping in a store for the first time this year so headed out around noon ...on a Friday. We drove past Target & there was not ONE OPEN PARKING SPOT.  Ummm..... NOPE.... 

We said forget that. I'm shocked at the number of people that were out.  Totally shocked.  

We went ahead & ran in the grocery store to load up on snacks because we figured we'd just be holed up at home for the rest of the weekend. We were good with that.

We got home by 2pm & the sun was still shining & the temps were near 65... so I did my favorite thing. Reading the day away outside.  The dogs were happy about it too.  All 3 of them sat outside with me the whole time.  COVID doesnt steal that happiness.

The Hubs had a plan for Saturday & woke me up at 6am... 6AM PEOPLE!!! These are the steps we take to shop for Christmas during COVID.  We got up & was out the door by 6:30am & was at the doors at Target right when they opened at 7AM.

That's dark morning bfore the sun rise sky.. not dark evening sky

Let me tell you - it was GLORIOUS!!!!  The store was nearly empty - I think we may have seen like 4 other people in the whole store (not counting employees - who were working on stocking shelves) - but we had zero wait in line & we were out before the parking lot had even close to 25% of cars in it!

We got so much shopping done too!

At this point, it was 8:30 so everything was still fairly empty so we went over & drove through Panera's drive thru & ate breakfast in the car & ventured into Sam's Club to do some more shopping.  Again - the crowds were great.  We got a parking spot right in the first spot by the doors.

& we were in & out by 9:30.

I mean, it was pretty awesome to do so much shopping & be home by 10am.

I ended up pulling out my new book & started reading & The Hubs went & watched a new series he's checking out on Prime.  

I ended  up going out later in the afternoon to go get mom some groceries & then came home & FINALLY... FINALLY started wrapping presents.  Between the shopping & wrapping & gifts under the tree, it now is starting to feel a little bit like Christmas.  Now how we give these presents out - I have no idea.  I'm not sure how it will work this year.  If we're just going to need to drop them off on people's porches... or send them in the mail to grands that live out of town... what a WEIRD holiday man.

After standing & wrapping presents, my feet were killing me, so I got my shower & tucked into bed & turned on some Gray's Anatomy from last week... which, GAHHH - so sad. I was sobbing by the end of it.  (No spoilers in case you didnt see it).... but they are tackling the COVID crisis & all their patients, they keep mentioning the patient's FERRITIN levels.  Which if you know me at all or been around here, you know Ferritin levels are a big thing in my life.  Just search at the top the word "ferritin" & see how many posts come up... & see all the pictures of needles in my arms & infusions & charts showing how low my ferritin is & how they cant get it up & keep it up.  

So I had to google why the word Ferritin & COVID are related... & I see a TON of articles pop up.  & now, I've got to figure out if this is a good thing or bad thing.  The way I read it, people with high iron levels, the worst the COVID effects are... & I was reading on a medical board of doctors discussing that if they tried to remove some of the ferritin, it would cause the patients to go into a Iron Deficiency Anemia state (Hello... me here!!!!....) & that could be dangerous as they could cause cardiac events with the lack of red blood hemoglobin going to the heart.  So now, I'm like - is it good that I have low ferritin, or is that a bad thing? .... Wouldnt that be amazing if all the horrors of my low ferritin was actually keeping me safer from COVID?  

So many articles about ferritin & COVID - I gotta get our scientist daughter on this-LOL

I gotta try & read more about it - on a computer screen & not on my phone while I have tears flowing from fictional people's deaths on TV.  

Sunday.... I truly think it was one of the most laziest days we had in this house.

This right here is an accurate picture of how my day went....

Not even joking.... I got up & cleaned the kitchen in the morning & then got on the couch to watch church online... & I never moved the rest of the day.

I watched the sun come up & watched the sun set, all in my jammies, under a blanket, in the exact same position all day long.  & not even sorry about one minute of it.

I started to watch the new Selena show on Netflix & I tried... I really did. I made it to episode 5 & about 15 minute in it, I was like, I CANT DO IT ANYMORE.  How they take actors that are in their 30's & trying to make them like teenagers... it was horrible.  It's like a cheaper version of a Lifetime movie. & I'm sorry, the dad just seemed like someone who could be charged with child abuse the way he never let his kids have any life & the stress he put on them.  I tried.  I dont care about it.  I was leery anyways because I LOVE the Jennifer Lopez movie version.  I feel like I need to watch it to cleanse the horrible episodes I wasted my time on.

I cant handle that Rosita from Walking Dead is Selena too... I just cant

I spent the rest of my evening on Gilmore Girls.

OK... OK... I have been knocking away at Gilmore girls for the past ... um... maybe 4 years now. I get on a roll & then too much of it just drives me nuts & then I put it aside.  But I think 2020 is going to be the year I finish.  I am on season 6 & made it through 10 episodes this weekend.  So another half season & then season 7 & I finished it... only to do the most recent Netflix release one.    I just got to the episode where Luke finds out he has a daughter & Rory had just turned 21 - WHAT??? ... Season 6 is just weird.  

So that's it... another COVID weekend.  Nothing exciting... but such is a weekend in 2020.  

Are you doing shopping different this year?

Have you stuck in there with Gray's Anatomy?... did you watch this past week & cry too?
(Those  names at the end... SOBBBBBBING)

Do you wrap as you go or wrap all your presents all at once?

Did you get any warm weather - or were you covered in snow? 
I saw where up north had snow come down - which is crazy that we were in the 60's

Is this your last full week of work?

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