Thursday, December 10, 2020

God Bless the U-P-S (sung in the Lee Greenwood tune) Thankful Thursday #290


This week I am Thankful for:

Christmas movies
I've seen some really cute Christmas movies already on Hulu & Netflix.  They have been a fun escape from the crazy of 2020.

Advent Study.
I really enjoyed the study from Lifeway for the first week. Every day was just really nice digging into the Bible & reading different scripture that all tied together for the week. At the end of the week, there were different things ...a craft for the adult - a lesson for teens - & a children's message & activity.  There's one at the end of every week.  Such a great idea.

Delivery people
God bless 'em!  They have keep me working from home so well for 9 months & now, delivering all my Christmas presents right to my front door.  I have bought hardly any gifts in a store... majority of it  is coming from online.  I cant imagine how busy delivery services are right now.  Every time I see my UPS man come up, I break out in the best Lee Greenwood rendition of God  Bless the USA ... except change the last part to UPS.  It feels very appropriate.

Back to Disney
I just mentioned this in my post yesterday about how we tried something new last year with our tree & I'm so thankful we went back to our roots... Disney.  My tree just makes me smile every time I walk by it. & I'll stop & just look at the fun ornaments on it. I need to do a close up of some of the ones on the tree this year.  Baymax, Mulan, Mary Poppins, Scar, Woody & Buzz Lightyear... so much fun.

Gorgeous Sunrise
When I work in the office, we dont get to really enjoy the sunlight sitting in the middle of a floor  in cubicles... but working from home, I've got to watch the most stunning starts to the day.  The other day, I was just in awe of the colors.  I ran outside & took this picture. ... & the funny thing, by the time I walked back from my front door to my desk, it had gotten cloudy & gray... all the color was gone. Making me even more thankful to see it & just inhale the gorgeousness of nature.

Warms my heart & belly
I was on the phone with my brother the other night & hung up & walked in the kitchen to find The Hubs had made me some hot tea & warmed me up a piece of apple pie.  How sweet is that. It really is the little things in a marriage that just makes you fall in love over & over again with the same person.  The sweet things of tiny gestures that let's you know that you care about one another.  Plus - its pie! :)

Masks & all those who are doing the right thing
I know its been awhile since I posted this... & I still (Lord, STILL) have a lot on my mind about it & a lot I am fearful of & a lot I get so angry at people about who just are ridiculous in their actions in this pandemic.  .... I have so much I want to say, could say, but I know it doesnt really matter. People are still going to be idiots & fight a system that is trying to help get this pandemic under control, but politics & "religion" (I say religion because that isnt the relationship with Jesus - that's the the group that wants to claim rights over being the hands & feet of Jesus & showing love for one another as they do themselves)... I"ll stop... I'm telling you - I could rant about this for hoursssss... Ask The Hubs.  ANYWAYSSSSS - all that to say - I am grateful for everyone still hanging in this fight.  Doing what is asked.  Wearing masks.  Social Distancing. Canceling events. Canceling Holidays just in the hope that it makes the difference, even when others mock that idea.  Light is coming soon. Normal is coming soon.  We're so close. Let's hang in there & encourage one another.

Tell me something good about your week!

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