Friday, December 04, 2020

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Pillow

Favorite Socks

These are hilarious & a great gift for anyone that you know that owns their own chickens.
Or just anyone that loves funky socks.

Favorite Sweat Shirt

Because who doesnt love Home Alone during the holidays?

Favorite Succulent Holders

Favorite Ornament

...because I have that "Protect Dr. Fauci at all costs" mentality.
Also - isnt it hilarious someone created an ornament with him on it.
The quote though - all for it!

Favorite Yummy

I dont know if I would want to keep all these mini bottles myself (one serving per jar) ... or if they would be cute little gifts to toss in a stocking for gifts.  But either way - YUMMY!!!

Favorite Keyboard Cleaner

Because keyboards get get Groooooossssssss

Favorite Phone Cover

I have been looking for this phone cover ever since I watched Emily In Paris on Netflix.
sadly - I STILL cant find it for Samsung phones - only iPhones... COME ON PEOPLE - GET ON IT!
But its still one of my favorites. SO CUTE!!!

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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