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10 on 10 ... a day early ... all about Holiday traditions


Joining with the beautiful Leslie on her 10 on 10 ... a day early.
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So we know 2020 is jacking up ALL the holidays so while I say traditions, I know this year, we wont get to do a lot of the things we usually do.... but that's OK.  It will make it even more special next year, right?  Or really appreciate the things we still CAN do... & who knows, maybe we'll come out of 2020 with NEW traditions. Wouldnt that be a great silver lining in the yuckiness of the Holiday?  & honestly, this is probably going to end up a post that talks about things that used to be tradition but may have been changed a little bit. I mean... nothing ever stays the same, right?

1. Tree Up
I used to put my tree up on Thanksgiving for years.  While watching the Macy's Day parade.  The past few years though, I've been doing it earlier... like the week BEFORE Thanksgiving.  At least get started at it so by Thanksgiving night, I can sit in my living room & enjoy all the beauty of the tree & lights.

2. Disney Christmas
When Ricky & I first got together & dated -  we had a Santa Claus tree. Every ornament was Santa Claus doing something different.  We had some of the cutest ornaments.  But we went to Disney World & we got a few Christmas ornaments - & we were hooked. We changed our whole Christmas look.  All the Disney.  We would buy 2 new ornaments every year on our anniversary at the Disney Store - or get a new Disney Hallmark ornament & our collection is insane.  We have to rotate the Disney ornaments - but some of them make the tree each year. We have some beautiful Disney Christmas figurines too - really big - that we sit on our side tables.  It just makes us smile to see all the Disney love.

 ..... we actually tried something new last year  - a simple ALL GOLD decoration tree.  New ornaments & decorations around the house..... it was nice - but it wasn't us.  All of those new things are tucked into a tote & going to Goodwill.  A good reminder - BE YOU & DO ONLY WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.

Side note - of COURSE, we have our nativity scenes out too. That's one thing we DONT have is a Disney nativity set - LOL.  I love my Willow Tree nativity too much to never use that & make it front & center.

3. Black Friday Shopping
This one was a no-go this year... but we're big Black Friday shoppers.  I always say we go out with no intentions.  We just go out to see what we can stumble into - & usually, we find some great deals. Typically for us - but hey, its still a bargain that pays off.

4. Birthday celebration!
My poor hubby - his birthday on Christmas Eve. It's a hard day for him.  Especially because now, he has to work that day. At his previous job, he was always off... & I had to work.  Now he's at a job where he has to work & I'm off with my new job.  & he doesnt get out very early too.  Maybe an hour or two early - which messes us up.  I typically try to get near downtown so when he's off, we can meet up & go have some late lunch/early dinner for his Birthday.  At least now, restaurants are open more often (before Covid / 2020) & we have options.  For most of our years, there has been only like 2 or 3 places open for dinner on Christmas Eve.  I try to do something special to let him know its his birthday though.  Especially because Christmas Eve is usually when we do Christmas with my family... so his birthday gets really overlooked.

5. Church
I love me some church service for Christmas.  Especially Christmas Eve service .... which again, the poor Hub's day gets chopped back even more- but I try to tell him, its for Jesus.  Give me a candlelight service & it gives my heart all the warm fuzzies of the holiday.

I know our church has everyone turn their flashlight on their phone #welcometothefuture

6. Remembrance Tree
Obviously, this is new - but they created the Remembrance Tree here in our little town the same year my dad passed away. 2018 was rough for us.  We lost my dad, my only uncle on my dad's side, Ricky's uncle, & a close friend of the family... & all that was right after Ricky lost his best friend at the end of 2017.  This tree is made for people to hang ornaments for people that have passed away. It's such a strange feeling to see all the ornaments hanging on the tree.  Its lovely to see people honoring those who are no longer with us... but also sad to know so many people are missed.  But this has become a tradition for me to find an ornament for my dad & his brother to hang together on this tree.  

7. Jammies
Because is it really Christmas if you dont get new jammies?

8. Before Sunrise
This one is just for me.  I love to get up before sunrise & sit in front of my tree.... is so still.  The dogs will crawl on the couch with me.  I will pull out my Bible & read the story of Jesus birth & I watch the sunrise.  It's so peaceful to me & it's the one time of the year that I just feel calm & peace.  I'll put on a Christmas movie that I always decide to watch that morning & will cuddle in to watch the sun rise with it.  Looking so forward to this tradition.

Here was my Christmas morning last year

9.  Coffee Mug
To go with the above - for the past 3 years, I've done another TREAT YO SELF thing & I buy a new Christmas mug & I pull it out on Christmas morning for my alone time.  I already ordered my mug for this year - I typically get them from Daily Grace every year so they match in shape & style - just different colors & wording.    (I was going to post a pic but its already sold out on the site.. you'll see it Christmas morning)

My mug from last Chirstmas

10. Movies
So... this one is totally not going to happen as usual - but still going to happen.  We dont do anything on Christmas.  Since we do Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve & we do The Hub's family the week before Christmas, we see no one on Christmas Day.... which is crazy because we have a lot of Christmas's all the way through January - even up to February some times.... but nope - Christmas Day - nothing.  So we have created the new tradition over the years to go to the movies.  & then go to the Japanese restaurant near the theater for dinner.  We have so fun doing it - it just feels special.  .... THIS YEAR, we've already decided that we're going to watch Mulan on Christmas Day.  We both have been so excited to see it - & now, its free to stream on Disney+ - so we've made the deal to not watch it so we can make some popcorn & snuggle up on the couch for our "at home movie day".  You just make due, dont you?

So what are some things you do every year for the Holidays?

Post about it tomorrow & link up with Leslie!!! 

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