Tuesday, December 01, 2020

One Sentence a Day {November 2020}


Can you believe this is it... just 31 days & we get this year behind us.
Let's start counting down RIGHT NOW!!!!

But here's how my November went... One Sentence a Day....

1 - Sun / Daylight Savings Time & we got the barn winterized for the horses which was perfect timing since it dropped to 28 degrees overnight #FirstTimeTurningOnHeat

2 - Mon / The first day back to work is always the hardest but at least just doing it in my own home takes the sting out a little bit #backatit

3 - Tues / ELECTION DAY!!!! #WhyIsItScary?

4 - Wed / ... & still we dont know who is President #justtoaddtotheanxiety

5 - Thurs / I was so glad The Bachlorette had an episode on a weird night for good distraction from the crazy election world. #GoodforClaire #Daleisahottie

6 - Fri / How has it only been one week since I was on vacation when it feels like its been a month? #timewarp

7 - Sat /  BIDEN IS CONFIRMED AS PRESIDENT!!!!! #gladthatsover #orisit?

8 - Sun / I'll take the rest of November with highs in the 70's please! #lovingit

9 - Mon /  Took a break at work for lunch & went over & spent it with the horses cleaning the barn #thebenefitsofworkingfromhome

10 - Tues / Why am I having issues with reflux & heartburn now when I go to bed? #anothersigngettingold

11 - Wed / I'm excited about my new Disney Christmas jammies I got for myself for Christmas Eve night #yesIbuynewChristmasjammiesjustforme

12 - Thurs / Spent all night putting some of my planner stickers in a sticker book #likea12yearold

13 - Fri / I totally forgot it was Friday the 13th until I was going to bed. #SoMuchForThat

14 - Sat / Binged Dash and Lily all day long #socute

15 - Sun /  Just when I thought I couldnt get any lazier than Saturday, Sunday came. #whatelseistheretodo?

16 - Mon /  Signed back up to LesMills On Demand to get me through the Holidays #workitout

17 - Tues / I have to laugh that I am spending money to get my hair colored when I literally see no one but my husband & mom #doitforme

18 - Wed / Everyone keeps saying my hair looks so long & I didnt really notice it until today when my hair got caught in the back of my pants #Ijustgotittrimmedtoo!

19 - Thurs / BLEH #nauseatedallday

20 - Fri / Why do closings end up coming in at the end of the day on a Friday? #workedanhourlate

21 - Sat / Got up at 7am to go grocery shopping to avoid the crowds #tryingtosteerclearofcrowds

22 - Sun / Decorations for Christmas are up & I am excited to have a little bit of pretty light & joy in some dark evenings #Tistheseason

23 - Mon / Super excited my 2 favorites made it to the top 2 in the Dancing With the Stars finale! #WantedNevToWinItAllThough

24 - Tues / How are we having thunderstorms coming in November? #alwayslovethesoundofthunder

25 - Wed / So super excited that work closed early for the holiday & I got to sign off an hour early #Startthisweekend!

26 - Thurs / Thankful on Thanksgiving that EMT's & first responders still work on holidays #alsoHappyBirthdaytomybrother

27 - Fri / The first Black Friday we didnt go out to one store #gotalotofshoppingonlinedone

28 - Sat / Got to see my mom after she got trasnported to the rehab facility #quarentinedfor2weeks

29 - Sun / Ended up watching church online around 2pm since I missed the LIVE showing with our electricity out for over 2 hours #gladitwasniceoutside

30 -  Mon / Ending the month with our first snow of the winter season #Notreadyforit #SOCOLD

Tell me something good about your November! 
What was your most memorable thing that happened?

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