Wednesday, November 11, 2020

10 on 10... all about Thanksgiving ...a day late


Joining with Beautiful Leslie who hosts this every month.
She's been through the ringer the past few weeks so even if you dont  join in, stop by & give her some well wishes!  

1. Will you watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?  Football? Movies?
I do watch the Macy's parade. Anxious to see how they do it this year. I always love the time before the parade actually gets started - when they would have all the Broadway acts do their thing. I was there for every single one of those songs & dances!!! 

Football? What's that.... could care less.

Movies? I'll typically watch some Christmas movies because I'm usually putting up my Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day.

2. Who does the cooking? Fix ahead of time?Usually, my sister in law & brother do most of the cooking & my mom would bring some sides & I bring the easy stuff.  Maybe a side.... pumpkin pie usually too.  I'm the one that doesn't cook so we're the family that brings drinks or plates. LOL... what can I say?

3. What time do you eat the big meal?
The past few years, we've eaten fairly early - maybe around 2 or 3... because we had to get out to do some Black Friday shopping... that isn't on Friday at all.  

Now, this year, with COVID, I'm not even sure what's going to happen... with family get together and/or shopping.  

I'm ready just to hole up in my house & eat all the pumpkin pies myself in front of my Christmas tree.

4. Do you set a formal table or keep things casual? Place cards? Children's Table?
If you do place cards... I want to shake your hand. You fancy!  

I can remember the Children's table when I was little & we would go to my grandparents.  My mom is one of 10 siblings - so you can IMAGINE all the cousins & how full this little house was on Thanksgiving.  It was always just ALIVE with personalities - all the laughter, all the crowds.  We always said that strangers could walk in & no one would even know because they would think it was someone's boyfriend/girlfriend.  ... I miss those days.

Doesnt sound so bad this year, does it?

5. Is the food placed on the table or served buffet style?
We're usually a "place it on the table" people... take a bowl, serve yourself & pass the bowl down.
I just sit near all the carbs.... mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, rolls. 

6. Ham or turkey? What's for dessert?
.... gag.... gaaaaggggg.... GAGGGGING!!!!
Nope - no ham NOR turkey for us.  You're welcome Ms. Pig & Mr. Turkey.  Not on our watch.
I mean - when you're belly is so full of carbs anyways, I dont miss it one bit.  Not for a second.

Dessert is anything that's there.  Give it all to me. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, cake, peanut butter balls. ALL OF IT.  Let's kick this season off with a bang... & 5 lbs.

7. Does your family have a Thanksgiving tradition?
Not really... kinda... nah... maybe...

I mean, I usually put up my tree on Thanksgiving.... The Hubs & I have gone shopping Thanksgiving evening the past few years.... I used to do a 5k every morning.... 

Its things that are expected... but I've never really thought of them as "Traditions"

8. Yay or nay to leftovers? Favorite leftover recipe?
If its carbs or dessert - yep, Wrap those babies up!

I know a lot of people eat on turkey for a few days.... gagggg.... 
& the whole coming up with recipes for turkey or ham the next day... that always has grossed me out.
Not sure why.  Even when I did eat meat, it bothered me.
As you can tell, I have weird food issues.

9. What will everyone wear? Dress up or comfy?
All about the comfort.  I have actually gone to my parents for Thanksgiving wearing my clothes I just ran my 5k in when I let the day get away from me.  All of you that have matching outfits & look super nice.... you are #Goals to me.  

10.  For what are you most thankful this year?
In a crazy year.... I am super grateful that my family has been healthy & even when Julie got COVID, she did OK with it.  I think we'll never take health for granted after a pandemic rolls through.  

I'm also super grateful that I've been able to work from home in these crazy times.  That's taken so much anxiety off of my mind & I know so many have not had that opportunity ... I dont take it for granted about how amazing my job is.

& of course, my biggest gratitude is always & especially, my relationship with Jesus... whom I can cry out to & lean on & learn from -especially in a crazy year.

How does your Thanksgiving look?

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