Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Cutting Board

OK, So I may just have to have a Schitt's Creek item every week up till Christmas.
& I'll love every single one of them!

Favorite Winter Jammies

I love thermals in the winter.  They're comfy to me.

Favorite Tech Helper

I like these leather cord organizers.
SO MANY CORDS next to my bed, or on our kitchen counter..
I really like that you can wrap your ear buds up too.. for those of you (like me) that still use corded ones

Favorite Note Pad

I LOVE THESE!!!! You end up scratching off the black - not really writing in white.
But I saw the idea where people use these & cute them in half & use them as name tags on gift bags - SO CUTE!

Favorite Sweater

Between the color & the shape of it - I LOVE!

Favorite Hand Cleaner

I want these & I may end up giving these to everyone for Christmas.
You get 200 sheets of SOAP in these. So when you go to a place that has water, but no soap dispenser or a GROSS one you dont want to touch. you put these in your hand & wash away!
It was made for hikers or traveling - but in the world of COVID - keep those hands clean!

Favorite Tea Helper

Look at these little snails!!!!
You can wrap your tea bag string around it so it doesnt get sunk into your cup.
Plus, they are just so dang cute!

Favorite Ice Cream Help

Who knew this existed????
A personalized cozy for little Ben & Jerry cartons of ice cream! LOL
A place to hold your spoon too! I love  it!
If you have a ice cream lover - this is a perfect little gift.
There's lot of designs too!

Favorite Funnies

(This one hurts because its a little TOO accurate to me)


Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!!

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