Friday, November 06, 2020

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Sweatshirt

Favorite Hot Sauce / Gift

I say "Hot Sauce" but I really mean "Gift" because The Hubs LOVES some hot sauce & loves trying out new ones. This may be a good gift for me to get someone who is so hard to buy for!

Favorite Candle

So this basically smells like Kentucky.... gotcha

Favorite Dolls

OF COURSE I mean this for kids... cough cough... sureeeeeeee
But how fun is this!!! All the Princesses from Ralph Breaks the Internet
New cool & updated versions of the Princesses....I gotta get Belle
But look at how cute they all are styled.

Favorite Catch All

Favorite Earbuds

I've not tried wireless earbuds before.. it sort of freaks me out having Bluetooth waves going so close to my brain.  But, they're making phone lately where you have no choice. FRIED BRAINS FOR EVERYONE :) ...  & if I have to get wireless ones, I'm not forking out the big bucks. These are cheap & the reviews are still good on them. I may have to give them a try.

Favorite Eye Mask

I love me a face mask to sleep in. 
But I have issues with some that are too tight (I have a big head) & the one I have, it is comfy, but it slides & if it comes up a little bit, I can see light under it & I have to readjust.
This one intrigues me... the reviews are great on it & its not a bad price.

Favorite Harness

They have different styles with the bows.
There's one that even looks like it has a button down shirt. TOO CUTE!

Favorite Kid's Gift

One of my grandsons would love this. 
He's always loved rocks & Gems... & with his mom being a scientist, this is the best of both worlds

Favorite Funnies


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