Thursday, November 05, 2020

Look what's back.. I mean, it is November - the month of Gratitude! {Thankful Thursday #285}


Here we are again - Thankful Thursday!!!
I mean, I started this years ago for the purpose of Thanksgiving - that's why its on a Thursday.
The perfect time of the year to look at the world around us - even when it seems like its going up in flames - we still have an abundance of blessings in our lives.

Right now, we're MONTHSSSSS into a pandemic - we have people STILL arguing about the pandemic & giving no cares & turning their back on facts & science  - we see people arguing over political candidates - we are watching an election like no other, one that is just fitting for 2020.

.... & yet, we are blessed.

It may feel really REALLLLLLY hard to find it when we're so worn down & exhausted with everything going on.... but that's when we need to look for it even more closely.

So if you never join with me in this link up during the year, I hope this November, you'll do a post & look for some good in your life.  & SHARE IT... because JOY is contagious. 
Let's celebrate some GOOD in this world

This week I am Thankful For:

Selling on Facebook
I've never done that before - but while we cleaned stuff out & took loans down to Goodwill, there were some things that I figured I'd try to sell.  It all worked out great & the transactions were smooth & easy. Who doesnt need a little extra bit of cash going into the holidays?

Winterized Barn
My brother & his friends all headed over to the barn Sunday morning to get it all ready for winter.  Layering up some support to keep wind out & make sure the barn doors can open & shut easily where rain pushes dirt under it every spring/summer/fall.  We also got the Winter Hay delivery & they had it all stored up in no time.  Good to not have to worry about hay all winter long.

When our neighbors called & asked if we wanted some fresh eggs, of course we do. When I saw the amount of eggs we got - WOWWWWWW. We do go through some eggs. It's one of the ways I get some protein in my diet being a vegetarian.  There's just nothing better than fresh eggs too! You totally can tell a difference.

Back from Vacation / Coworkers
I am so thankful for everyone that covers for me while I was out on vacation.  I had a LOAAADDDD of emails to go through, but it was awesome to see how much was taken care of.  When you come back & have to jump back into busy days, to do a lot of catching up can be overwhelming. I was fully caught up by Monday when I signed off.  That's such a deep sigh of relief right there!

Chili Leftovers
Isn't chili ALWAYS better after it sits?  & to not have to worry about what you need to make for dinner?  Even better!

I posted a pair of Kate Spade earrings a few times on my Friday Favorites - totally not thinking - I'd just run across them again & think, Oh yeah, I still love those & never got them.  The last time I posted it, I got the sweetest email from The Queen In Between & she started it off with "I want to bless you". WHATTTTT? How precious is that. When they showed up in my mailbox & I opened them - they are even more beautiful in person. I always say that bloggers are just the kindest people there are.  I will be wearing these babies all Holiday season long & will be GRATEFUL for Shelly's sweet sharing heart!

Right to Vote
We may not all agree who to vote for or who is our candidate to represent our Country.... but that we get a vote to let our voice be heard, I am grateful.

Tell me something good about your week.... pleeeaaassseeeee

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