Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Prime Purchases (November 2020)

Because it wouldnt be 2020 without a crazy election & drama & more anxiety & heightened emotions

.... I was up till 3 am...
& I'm just numb at this point.

So instead of posting anything election - I'm going with a GIVE YOUR MIND A BREAK post

Believe me... I've got thoughts.
I've got a LOT of thoughts.... enough to make me get up to my computer & blog at 2:30am
But we all know blogging hot off of emotions, its not smart - so I'm going to go back & re-read & touch those thoughts up... & that post will be coming. - Probably next week.
After I get some sleep... & lots of coffee

Anyways - give your mind a break & enjoy some Amazon buys
.. & if need be - GO TREAT YO SELF!


King Size Pillow Shams

Needed some new King size pillow cases for a new comforter I got from Sam's Club & these are really pretty in person. 

Phone Wallet

I really like this where I can put my license & credit card in the wallet & can grab my phone & GO
... its really nice quality too & the magnet snaps shut.
You can fold it too where it kick stands to sit up in a horizontal way - I've used that on my dash when I've had to use GPS.

Black Cohosh

Because this is what my doctor told me can help with hot flashes.
I havent taken it yet... if you know me, I'm leery of taking anything.  I read that this messes with your liver for long term use so I'm trying to hold off as long as possbile.

Anyone else take this for hot flashes? Does it work? How long have you been on it?

Hand Held Fan

Never leave home without it... or sleep without it
What I like about it too is the handle folds down to put in your purse and/or to put on a table to blow on you.  I keep it next to my bed side though because the hot flashes are the worst in the middle of the night & right when I wake up. 
Ernie HATES this turn it towards Harvey & he loves some air blowing in his face.

Paint by Number

Currently working on it - its just fun to do
& I'll share a pic when I'm done.

Ankle Brace

If you fall apart - Amazon can put you back together

CLICK HERE to see all the other purchases everyone has gotten from Amazon lately

I didnt get my Amazon Prime Day purchases on here... I'll do that next month :) 

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