Tuesday, November 17, 2020



Watching: EVERYHING!  What else is there to do?
Seriously - I have been watching everything to escape from the madness of the world.  I should say EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE NEWS!!!  

I just finished Dash and Lily on Netflix - which I really enjoyed the book & was excited to see it come to life. Books are always better though - always.

Also excited This is Us is back - & my heart can't handle the Big 3 when they fight... & Grey's Anatomy. I never gave up on it & this past week's episode... McDREAMY!!!!!

I even got all caught up on 60 Days in on Netflix (Pleas Lord, let me never go to jail) & I finished both seasons of The Order (LOVED THAT SHOW SO MUCH!!!)

& excute me, but this weekend, you can expect this girl to be in front of Netflix catching up on the latest season of The Crown!

I'll also add in there - Dancing with the Stars, The Masked Singer, & of course, the new Real Housewives' of Salt Lake City - cue that madness.

Weather:  After all the wind over the weekend, we're in what feels like real Fall weather.  Really cool mornings - nice, but cool in the sun, but definitely the heat is on in our home at night.

Eating:  I went to the grocery & found they have made a lot of those prepackaged salads that are new.  I have to watch them because a lot of them have chicken or bacon - some sort of meat. (GAG) but I found 2 that I really like - one is a Mediterranean salad with feta cheese & balsamic dressing.  The other is called "Everything salad" & it has a package of that Everything Seasoning in it -with bagel chips & ranch dressing. I LOVE that one.  The Hubs hates ranch dressing so that one is all mine.

Feeling - Physically:  I've currently got some sort of sinus thing happening with a sore throat & earache & headache.  Which of course, any time you're not feeling the best in 2020, its like, where do you get tested for COVID?  I dont have a fever so that's good - but if I feel worse in the next day or two, I may go get tested.  I'm just hoping the ear infection doesnt kick my vertigo in gear.  That's just the worst.

Feeling Mentally: DONT ASK.... I'm just over the craziness in America.  I'm embarrassed more than anything.  Embarrassed at the childish tantrums that is causing division when America's democracy is put to work.  Sickened at the selfishness of people who are STILL fighting masks by saying its a "freedom" issue.  Shocked to see people gathering & acting like there's not a global pandemic that's raging out of control.  It's really worn me out.  I've debated not blogging the rest of the year, uninstalling all the social media apps, holing up in my home with my husband & dogs & wishing everyone luck like we're in the Hunger Games.  May the odds be ever in your favor.  Geez. That's what we've come down to.  I'm typically an optimistic person... well, good job 2020 - you've won. You broke me.  


Excited about:  Putting up my Christmas tree.  I'm hoping we can get it up this weekend.  I need some sparkle & soft light in my dark life lately.

Excited about #2:  Starting my Advent Bible Study. I actually bought 2 & I dont know which one to stick with.  I thought I'd buy them both & see which one looks better - but they're both looking really good.  I got the Lifeway study & the Daily Grace Advent Study.  Anyone buy either of these?  I'm anxious to dig in - maybe I'll just do both.

Lifeway's Study - Click the pic for link

Daily Grace Advent Study - Click Pic for Link

Reading: Unleashing Mr. Darcy - its a easy light read. Just what my brain needs right now. - I need to find the Christmas book I want to read for the season.  I'm thinking In A Holidaze.

Working On
: Trying to find all my Christmas gifts online.  I know the holidays are going to look totally different for us this year & shopping is one of them. I'm usually someone who browses aisles & see what pops out to me for someone for a gift.  Browsing online isnt the same for me.  When I shop online, its usually I know what I'm looking for.  I'm just ready to wrap up some gift cards & BAM - Christmas shopping done.

Signed Up for:  I've been using Daily Burn since March for working out & really enjoy a new work out every day. They're 30 minutes long & have a lot of options of workouts.  BUT - I'm moody lately - if you couldnt tell by most of my previous answers.  I just need ... NEEEEEEED... music when I work out. MUSIC with words.  MODERN music.  Beachbody had switched to a lot of workouts with NO music & that did me in for them... & Daily Burn uses instrumental music for their work out.  I mean, its energetic & has a beat... but I did some workouts on YouTube where they did workouts to the soundtrack of Hamilton & let me tell you - I felt that spark.  I pumped it OUT. I need lyrics - I need songs I can sing to that get me lost in working out. That's why I always said I couldnt run without music.  ... so, all that to say, I signed back up to LesMills On Demand.  They have some repetitive moves that get old - but they have music that is the best.  So I signed  up for a 3 month subscription to see how it works. If it gets me through the holidays sane, it's done its job.

Tell me something currently going in on your life.....

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