Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Show Us Your Books {November 2020}

 Knit By God's Hand: I have another new favorite to add to my list.....{Show  Us Your Books}

Honestly - I've been sitting on the same book all month long.

With COVID numbers spiking up breaking records every day, with election chaos going on, with less sunlight every day... all of it has just sucked away my motivation to read.

Funny enough - November 7th - the day we got our results of the election for the projection of who is becoming President, I was able to sit out in beautiful sunshine & finish reading.  Ahhh... 

Hope ... I felt hope... & I was able to find my reading mojo.
Hopefully next month, I'll be able to share more than 1 book.

The Heir Affair
*** / It was OK

Quick Summary:  The follow up to Bex & Nick after their Royal wedding from "The Royal We".
How do  they pick up in the beginning of their marriage after Nick finds out & deals with his brother trying to steal his fiance away & how do they handle all the pressures of filling Royal shoes.

I think most sequels are just not as good as the first book - especially if it's not a series that tells a story.  I think this feels like an afterthought.  I could be wrong. Maybe the authors had the idea for this when they wrote the first one.... didnt seem like to me though.

It started off strong for me.  I thought I would get through this pretty quick... but its 464 pages & I think that's the problem. It felt REALLY long to me. While I was just not feeling the urge to read, being in a long book that seemed to be going on with useless pages, it was a struggle about mid way in.

It would pick up & have its moments that would suck me back in, but then more pages that just was like, I dont need this.  

In the end, I enjoyed it enough to finish. I enjoyed seeing these characters again. I still love Freddie & wish he got happier things in his life.  I'm not sure I'd pick up a 3rd book if it came out in this series.

“It’s unrealistic to expect to find peace in the arms of someone else if you can’t find it within yourself”

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