Monday, May 22, 2017

The weekend I walked back into my friend's house.....

Why do these weekends fly by?  Seriously, its not even fair.

I had a busy & packed weekend full of faces I loved seeing.

Friday night, I was going to finish up 13 Reasons Why when I got a phone call from one of my MSM girls.  They were down the street at their friends house... the one who is now living in my friend's Steph's house.  (That post I talked about that is right HERE)

Anyways, they wanted to know if it was OK if they could run down & say hi....

Of course.  I knew this was going to happen but less than a week after they found out where I lived?  Made me laugh.  But the girls came over & I turned off 13 Reasons Why & put on a lighter movie... The Secret Life of Pets ;) I love that movie.

It was so fun talking to the girls & they were making plans for us all to do things during the summer. I just love these girls & love they want me to spend time with them.

They had walked over when it was light outside & by the time they were ready to head home, sun was set & it was dark.  I live on a country road full of hills & no street lights. No way I was going to let them walk home.  So I told them to get in the car & I'd drive them home ... & let me tell you, I almost had a panic attack when I turned into that drive way.  I havent been in that drive way in 10 years.

& then the girl that lives there, her dad is a police officer & he was anxious about his daughter coming down to my house in the first place so I told her to have her dad come out & meet me so he knew who I was... & she text him & she said, "He said you can come in"

... breath in... breath out...

I am now walking up the side walk of my friend's house... & walked in the living room where I havent stood in so many years... & so many memories were flooding me.

It was so surreal, I cant even begin to tell you....

But I did meet her father & all the girls hugged me & I headed home... crying my eyes out.

I was in the perfect mood to finish up 13 Reasons Why.... & let the heart tearing continue.

OH MY GOSH... I finished it up - those last 3 episodes.  I was cringing & so upset. I dont remember the book having that same sort of grip on me. I really need to re-read it.  I think I'm going to start on it today actually.

I ended up staying up to nearly 1 am to finish out the show....

so that meant I slept in on Saturday.  Nice. Super nice.

I was able to take my time & do some cleaning & worked out my body & worked out my hand lettering... & did some on my Bible Study for the week....

& then it was time to go do a family photo session.

I did this couple's wedding... & then their first baby's pictures... & here they are a family of 4 now. I love seeing these families grow & staying in touch with people. It helps when your clients are amazing people.

We werent sure we were going to be able to pull it off because the weather had been iffy all weekend.  But I swear by my app Accuweather & it said it would rain one time during our session & it sprinkled EXACTLY the time it said it would - just long enough for us to hide under some steps & let it pass....

& then it said some large hail was going to come through & luckily, we had JUST finished the session when it came in. & MAN OH MAN... I need to check my car & see if there is any damage.

Chasity had come up to help me since I knew there was going to be a little one.  Kids anywhere from 1-4 years old, you need extra attention getting tactics. & Chasity is a pro.  But we planned on getting the hubbys & her kiddos to all meet up afterwards & we were able to go out to dinner together.

I cant believe I didnt take any pictures... I was just loving talking to Emerson.  She is just at a funny age right now.  & still loving Beauty & the Beast.  She at one point got up & was walking around the restaurant singing "Belle"... everyone was laughing at her... while my heart was bursting with pride.

I ended up getting home & washing up after that humid photo session & I knocked out EARLY.  So much for sleeping in.

The drive home... the storm finally passed

Sunday had me at church & MSM... I cant believe we only have 3 more weeks & then our summer break.  The girls are already wanting some dates planned for summer get togethers ... a total must.

I had to run to Target to get some stuff & then ran over to see my parents & drop off a heart healthy cookbook for my daddy.

I came home & had to take advantage of cooler temps (Finally) & sunny skies (finally) & finished up my latest book.

Then I finished up m evening by editing... & thinking of the week ahead.. the one before a holiday  weekend. That always makes the week more tolerable, doesnt it?

So how was your weekend?

Did you have horrible rains?

Did you watch 13 Reasons Why?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites 05/19

Image result for friday favorite knit by god's hand

Favorite Best Beauty Target Buys

Best Target Beauty Buys

I love this link...(click the pic above to check it out)
top 18 beauty products to buy at Target - All under $18.00
I'm totally looking for some of these items on my next trip!

Favorite Shower Curtain

... makes sense...

Favorite Bathing Suit

Trina Turk Other - Trina turk Algiers high neck one piece swimsuit

Not that my body would EVER in this side of heaven look like that
but I do like this bathing suit.
I think the lines totally are flattering for any size - draw those eyes inward.
Plus, I always love a halter neckline.

Favorite Knitting

Free Knitting Pattern for Yinyang Kitty Socks - Toe-up ankle socks with a kitty chart on the toe and foot and a simple short-row heel. Designed by Geena Garcia:

Ohhhh... I need these in doggies!!

Favorite Shoes
ASICS Gel-Nimbus® 18:

So Asics has put out a comic book line of shoes.
I need these something crazy fierce!!!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Precious Moments Disney You Are My Fairy Tale Come True Belle with Beast 161013:

Favorite Peencha

The League Of Justice Becomes A Family:

Favorite Funnies

#adulting #running #injury:

Morning Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 35 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics:

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 31 Pics:

... life in a day when you work as a wedding photographer

... when I wake up in the morning & walk in the bathroom

... me every morning when I sit down at my desk at work

GIPHY! ( May 10, 2017 at 09:48PM

... every time I place an order on Amazon & the hubs asks if I really needed that book

GIPHY! ( April 5, 2017 at 07:17PM

... me at 4:00pm today

GIPHY! ( May 9, 2017 at 01:59PM

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Flowery legs, happy hours & anything for a dog.... {Thankful Thursday #125}

Image result for gratefulness

This week I am Thankful For:
{the numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

338 / Happy Hour.
I took full advantage of Starbucks Happy Hour last week.  I got to try new frappe's that I wouldnt otherwise try.  Thumbs up for the Mocha... Thumbs down for the Coffee Frappe.  & always heart emoji eyes for the Java Chip!!!!

339 / Free Bookmark.
I love some of the free things Shutterfly offers.  I typically dont care to use their free promo stuff because you still have to pay a hefty price for shipping. (I see what you do there Shutterfly. Free aint free) but I wanted to order my race pictures so it all worked out well & I got this cute little bookmark to document my Spring racing season for 2017 with my love. (Reference Point - if you're thinking of ordering these - they are $6.99 ... they are VERY small... but they are medal. Pictures are small too)

340 / Mothers Day Roses.
All the women at work got a rose for Mother's Day. Isnt that cute?

347 / New Fabletics leggings.
Arent these leggings the cutest? I've been wanting to try the Fabletics leggings...I should do a post on them because I have 2 pairs & I'm 'iffy' about them... how they feel & fit... but I do love the patterns on the ones I got.  These are just so pretty!!!

348 / Run a 5k
Running a 5k feels so much more wonderful than 13.1 miles. I am totally enjoying that distance right now. & glad to do it with my friend across the miles.

349 / Found the yarn store!!!!!
I'm already dreaming of project that MAY need to be made just so I can go back in & buy some luxurious yarn!!!

That ball of yarn in the window should do me for a bit

350 / New shoes that helps doggies!!!!
I saw these shoes & thought they were so cute. Plus, they are so comfy - & have a little height on them (hello longer looking legs) & then when I saw a little puppy face on them & saw that a donation goes to help animals...I was sold. Literally.  These are my favorite shoes right now.

351 / Beautiful evenings.
The heat has crept back in, but the evenings have just been so beautiful. The humidity has stayed away - that's the key.  I have loved sitting out side every night reading a book & watching my dogs.  I COULD do without the bug bites I've already gotten... but if it were perfect, it'd be heaven, right?

352 / Mother's Day.
Loved celebrating mom with games & sitting outside & all the Coke from McDonalds a girl could want!

 353 / Mother's Day love.
Found this in my mail box on Monday... the most precious card & note inside.  It made me cry.  & I also got phone calls from Julie & the boys on Mother's Day & a text from Lindsay that had me all choked up again... & get this... one of my MSM girls sent me a text thanking me for being such a mother figure in her life .... I legit was speechless on this text she sent me. Like I couldnt form words because I was shocked at the sweetness.  Day totally made.  I typically struggle with Mother's Day & I have to say, this year, I felt truly blessed.

Tell me something good about your week!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The usual things I miss so dearly....

Funny story...

So I have one of the girls in my MSM group that brought her best friend with her to our middle school youth conference we went to back in February.  Her best friend was just ADORABLE & I just loved talking to her &getting to know all about her.

I had invited her to come visit us at our church but she already attends a church with her family she goes to & I was thrilled to know she was involved anywhere -  but I told her to please visit me with her friend any Sunday so I could see her again... & we said our goodbyes.

Well, the Sunday before last, who should walk in but my MSM girl with her friend.

I was so thrilled to see her & was once again amazed how fast middle school kids seems to grow up. It's only been 4 months since I had seen her but she looked like she's aged at least 2 years.  Funny what some mascara & lip gloss can do to a preteen girl.

Though when I put it on, it doesnt make me look like I'm 13 years old... dang it.

But this was her first time coming to our church so I had her fill out a visitor card with all her info on it... follow protocol & such.  I'm nothing but a leader that follows rules.

I take a picture of the info just so I can have their names in my hand if any of the kids come back.  I had 5 new girls that day so I was going through the names & placing faces with each card so I could remember... & then noticed something on the card.

That address... why did she have MY address down for her address????

I stopped & looked again.

It was my street but at second glance, it wasn't my numbers... but I knew those numbers.

& then it hit me.

I had written those numbers probably more than I wrote my own....

See, me & my friend were big on mailing cards to one another even though we lived just houses apart from each other.

It was the address of my best friend's home.

Yep...this young girl lives in the house that Stephanie lived in.

What are the odds?

I just had to laugh.  Truly had to laugh.

I text her friend, my MSM girl, & told her that her friend just lived a few houses down from me  & that I used to walk down to that house nearly every night...

My MSM girl thought that was the coolest & now she cant wait for a sleep over at her friends so they can walk down to my house... I'm expecting knocks on my door all summer long. Totally up for some front porch talks with these girls.

But man... what timing.

My friend Stephanie is so on my heart right now... not like she's not most days anyways - but today is the 10 year anniversary she's left us.

A decade.

That just blows my mind.

This picture always makes me laugh... I said, "I'm playing piggies with baby Jesus toes" & Steph said,"I'm patting Joseph on the back to let him know he did a good job  stepping in" ... we're always good at cracking ourselves up.

I know I've done so many posts through the years on missing her & what she's meant to me... & they all still hold up exactly how I feel.  Even 10 years later.  Probably more so.

It's funny how usual the day was to walk down to her house for dinner with her knowing I wasn't a cook in any way so she & her husband Jack always made plenty to share with me & Ricky

... & it was so usual to know that every Saturday morning, we were going to try & drive up to the yarn store & maybe sit for awhile to  knit in the shop talking with the owner of the store & talking to every person who came in the store. We needed to know what they were making & if we needed to make one too.

... & it was completely usual to expect that every birthday or holiday, we needed to schedule time together to celebrate with our own families together.

Steph with my niece Sophia

... & it was 100% usual to know if a Christian concert was coming near by, we'd be there with our hands held high, singing loudly, not caring how off tune we could be.

... & it would be usual to know that a game night was going to be held every few weekends with Steph & I against Ricky & Jack... & man, we each were good teams against one another.

... & it so usual to get a phone call in case we didn't make it to one another houses to just get a check up on how the day went.

... oh my heart...

I think that's what I miss most of all.

That DAILY friendship.

I am blessed with so many amazing friends in my life... amazing people... great friendships.  But those friendships that involve those daily catch ups or those phone calls to just say, "I hope you had a great day"... or even a "Turn your TV on channel 4 & watch!"... I miss that so much.

I always say I wish I had a sister because I think that's what a sister relationship would be like... & that's exactly what it felt like.  Family through & through.

It's been 10 years since I've had that kind of friendship.

It hurts even still... more so I think... because I know even more how valuable those kind of friendships are. How truly special they are.

She wanted to kiss their noses

I always remind myself that I am blessed that I had it, even for a short while....

I miss that lady every day.

I drive by every day to go home & have to pass that house & memories flood back.  They can be so fresh that they make me smile or laugh as I drive by.

... but isnt it cool that when I drive by that house now, I look for my new little friend that lives there.  I always get stuck behind her bus when it lets her off from school & now that I know exactly who that little girl is that gets off the bus, I will roll down my window & yell "HEY" to her & give a wave....

life goes on, doesn't it?

It's never the same... but you cherish the memories that you have & know you are blessed to tuck them in your heart.

Miss you dearly my friend.... always will....

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Day in the Life....

I always love reading everyone else's posts like these ... the little glimpse in the day of the life.

I'm going to try & make every 15th of the month my "day in the life" that I capture... who knows when it'll be posted.  Hopefully anytime between the 16th to the end of the month.. no pressure.

It'll be interesting to see how different days on the 15th play out too.

So anyways - here's my first day in the life...

May 15, 2017

1:00am... we're really starting the day off early.  Actually, if I'm going to document the full day, this is officially the 15th.  The clock even says so.  Bathroom trip with my blind boy.

5:10am - hitting the snooze button.

5:28am - Finally getting out of bed.  Harvey isnt happy one bit about it being Monday either.

See Harvey's bed rail under Harvey's head.

5:31am - Be glad I'm sparing a picture of this.  My little blind boy threw up EVERYWHERE.  That's how you start a Monday morning exactly right.  Cleaning up puke & throwing blankets away just minutes after getting up.... hope this isn't a sign of how the day is going to go.

5:45am - Time to slab on the make up & cover these sleep baggy eyes.

6:20am - Eating breakfast... & I'm running late. I should be getting my stuff together to walk out the door & I'm just now sitting down to eat.  Breakfast for the day: eggs with cole slaw on a tortilla & hot sauce. mmmm... delicious.

6:30am - Cant leave without getting my dog's treats ready for when I leave. Every morning.  They know they get special treats when I walk out the door for the day too. #spoiledbabies

Those are bones filled with peanut butter - Bruno doesnt get PB ... tore up bones (each seperate kinds for each dog) & apple slices... the snacks on the end are mine for work. Cant forget momma's snacks!

7:10am - Made it to work. Surprised I'm only 10 minutes late after the morning I've had.

7:15-8:00am - Get caught up on email & making copies of paper work.

8:15 - 10am - Monday's deposit. Monday is always my big mail day & it takes awhile to get the deposit done.

10:15am - Whew - deposit done & now time for a morning snack.  These Fage Crossovers are AMAZINGGGGGGG.

10:30-12:30pm - Opening mail & sorting invoices & entering in the computer

12:30-12:45pm - Have to pay a Euro order for some motorcycles for one of the 3 companies I do the books for. International wires always make me nervous.

12:45pm - LUNCH!!! I had intentions of sitting outside because it was a nice day... but then felt like it was a little too warm... only to freeze inside & felt wonderful defrosting walking outside.

Quinoa Salad... THE BEST!
I totally customize it my way too - Add Quinoa / add spinach / take off olives/change dressings

1:50pm - Back at work & sending out Property Taxes for all the companies I deal with.  All of these are due today. Glad I did them last week & had them signed & ready to go for the day.  Exciting stuff, huh?

3:55pm - FREEDOMMMMM!!! outta work.

4:15pm - Stop at Starbucks on the way home. I HAD to this time. I had a Starbucks challenge & if I got one more star, which expired this day, I would get an extra 75 stars.  I already have 6 free drinks on my card.  I'm all about collecting those stars.  They pay off for me!

4:40pm - Made it home after listening to more of my audiobook on the drive home.  I literally laughed at one part of the book where he's talking about puking before the show & no one caring to tearing up & seriously crying over a story of a man he sat next to in a vet's office who was blind & had to put down his seeing eye dog. Oh gosh... I was blubbering on that.

4:45-5:00pm - Time to get Harvey Dent's energy ran out by throwing frisbee.

5:15 - 5:50pm - Workout time. I was going to start a new running plan today but its HOT.  & its only getting hotter through the week & really, me & running just arent feeling each other right now. So I made the call to start another round of 21 Day Fix... my body needs the muscle toning.  Plus, I can do it in the AC (I wish I would have taken a pic of the sweat - so much for said AC)

5:50 - 6:00pm - Folding laundry that was running while I was working out.  #multitasking

6:00 - 7:00pm - Ricky got home & we sat outside in the shade & played with Harvey & caught up on the day.  He had picked up some Chick Fil-A for himself (I didnt want anything) & we just took an hour out of the day to relax & see each other in the hustle of a day.

that dog SOARS for a frisbee catch

7:15pm - Dinner time.  Since Ricky picked up a sandwich for him & I wasnt that hungry, my dinner for the night was just snacking on stuff.  I had some chips... an apple... a half sandwich.

7:30pm - Cleaning my kitchen.  I think I could sweep all day long & 10 minutes later, have another load of grass on my kitchen floor again.

8:00pm - Dancing with the Stars. Monday nights at 8pm, you ALWAYS know where to find me.

10:00pm - I love texting with my friend during shows - especially when they have shocking endings.

10:59pm - After watching some random TLC show & some Keeping up with the Kardashians (I never watch that - dont know why I got caught up in this episode), finally turned off the TV.  Got my little man all tucked in for the night.  Praying for a puke free night.

& preparing myself to get up with him in 3 hours for his first bathroom trip of the night.

There you go - a typical, usual day in the life...Exciting stuff, huh?