Monday, May 08, 2017

The weekend I was infuriated to get my treadmill.....

I'm kind sad this weekend is over.  Heck, I'm sad any weekend is over.  Mondays are hard y'all.

At least I had a relaxing & fun weekend I'm coming out out of.

It didnt start that way.  Believe me - it TOTALLY didnt start that way.

Friday, I finally - after 2 weeks - got my treadmill delivered.

WARNING - you're going to be amazed at this story.....
Someone calls & says they're bringing it over.  We paid $150 for this delivery & set up.  OK. I expect professionalism, right.  A guy shows up at our door in sweat pants, in a broken down van that has no windows, ALL BY HIMSELF.  I have no idea what he would have done if Ricky wasn't home to help him get it out of this van.  Ricky had a handtruck that he used to help get it out of the van & wheel it in.  Honestly, if this guy was by himself, what was he going to do?  It weighed HUNDREDSSSS of pounds- & this guy had to be like 160 lbs wet.  Was he just going to let it fall out of his van? & how was he going to get it up/down steps?

I was literally amazed.

& then poor Ricky is pulling & tugging this thing & its so heavy, Ricky literally tripped & the thing kinda fell down on him.  Plus, they ran into our ceiling fan & tore it apart.

THENNNN - the guy starts pulling out the instruction manual that it comes with.  What? You dont know how to put it together?  Nope - the guy said, I've never done this kind before & literally walked through the instruction manual to put it together page by page.  Ricky had to even tell him where things were & how to put it together.

Image result for what is happening gif
Basically me all Friday night

Let me tell you, I was infuriated.   I still am the more I think about it.  & honestly, I dont know what to do.  I wanted to call & tell the company all about it, but Ricky reminded me that this guy, now knows where we live. So if he gets in trouble, much less fired, he can come right back to our house & do some damage.  These are scary times.

& truthfully, the guy was super nice & did the best he can - I blame the company.  They sent him totally unprepared. Who hires a guy for this job knowing he cant do this job?  That's what I want to call on - but we all know big companies blame the little guys more than look in a mirror themselves... so I havent made the call yet.

But I do want it on record as well because what if the treadmill doesnt last, or the guy did something wrong?  Like, I know the pictures of it has a stabilizing piece underneath in the center of the treadmill - mine? There's nothing there.  The guy also had spare parts ... which FREAKS ME OUT...

Its up & running... for now....

Oh mercy - what would you all do?

Needless to say, I went to bed on Friday with my blood pressure ready to blow out....

Saturday, I woke up FREEZING.  Where did Spring go? Our heater was cranked on all day.

I had plans on my calendar but the rainy cold weather canceled everything &I was so happy to stay home in comfy sweats & just relax.  Let me tell you, days like this makes me evaluate my life & makes me want to give up a lot of things I'm doing.  I'm seriously pondering some decisions.

I spent most of my morning working on some canvas work & hand lettering...

& was pretty excited how it was all turning out.

Until I set it outside to dry in our enclosed room. Bad mistake.  BIG mistake on my part.
Because I have a curious child - as a fur child... & he took his nose & investigated the wet paint.

So after a few hours of work, I end up with a messed up piece of junk.  Sigh....

Thanks Harvey!!!

I couldnt help but laugh.  Ricky even said, "I cant believe you're laughing after all the work you put in that"... I told him, "what else can i do?"... I think my blood pressure blew from the night before to care about this.

We just watched some TV, watched the Derby - which I was terrified of the horses running on the wet track, I actually tried out my treadmill - which it seemed to work just fine (thank God)...

& I ended up cooking dinner. On a Saturday.  That just feels strange to me.

Yes, I used a Kid's Kitchen cookbook! It'll be on my book review post tomorrow!

But Ricky loved the Tex-Mex bake from this cookbook & with the relaxing day, I didnt mind one bit making some yummies.

After dinner,  I watched Girl on a Train #foreverlate  & did some knitting & then watched some more of 13 Reasons Why.

Sunday had me back at church with my awesome girls... I had a big group this Sunday.  I never tire of talking to these girls...

& left these girls to meet up with my other set of girls.

Our Bible Study group just finished up our last study so we had to decide what to do for our next one so we just planned on a fun girls day out.  We went for some lunch & then some of us went to go see Beauty & the Beast.

Yep..... I got to see it again.

& let me tell you - I had to sit next to this girl during the movie.

She's turned into as big of a fan as I am.  Her expressions during the movie just made my whole day.  I said at one point, my heart swelled up 5 times the size just watching it with her & her love of the movie too.

& of course, I had to represent my outfit for the movie....

I headed home & picked up some dinner for the hubs.

I then was excited to jump on the couch & watch the special about Princess Diana. I never get tired of hearing stories about her.  She just memorizes me.  Even still.  It's just the saddest story & situaiton, isnt it. A fairy tale totally gone wrong.

 & then, pushing it as long as I could, at 11:30pm time to settle into the reality that we're back to a new week.  The circle of life... it moves us all... to work.

So be it...

How was your weekend?

Watch the Derby?

Tell me what I should do about the treadmill fiasco.


  1. Oo darn, I totally wanted to watch that Diana movie!

    I would definitely call the TM company. Maybe not so much to "complain" but just so you have your concerns on record. I would hate for the delivery guy to get in trouble but 1) he was in an unmarked "unofficial" delivery vehicle. 2) he did not have the proper equipment to move the device. 3) nor could he move it himself. If your husband was not there or was disabled, how would he have done the job? If he would have got hurt he could be a liability to the company. 4) he damaged your ceiling fan. 5) he did not know what he was doing. 6) he had spare parts (which could be legitimate, but your confidence in him is now shot because see #5). In all you paid someone $150 that Ricky could have clearly done for free but you didn't want the Hassle so you paid someone else. Turns out, you got the Hassel anyway! Haha, just reading about the situation got me fired up, can ya tell? I got your back girl!

    Oh BTW, can you use some white paint and paint over Harvey's nose art?

  2. Also, the TM company might tell you the guy does not work for them but someone they "contract" out for deliveries. He may deliver all kinds of random things.

  3. What a crazy story about the treadmill. YIKES! Sounds like a crazy weekend with everything that happened. Dare I say maybe Monday will be amazing? That's what I'm telling myself, haha.

  4. I think I'd call the company but I'd emphasize that your disappointment wasn't with the driver/delivery guy. (Pretty much exactly what F&F said.)
    I think it's kind of adorable that curious ol' Harvey tried to "help." But also a bummer because I LoooooooVED that canvas!
    The pic on FB of you and your little lady fan-girling over the movie was SO PRECIOUS!!

  5. Ditto what F&F said, I would at the minimum ask for a refund of your delivery // set up fee, and even see if a LICENSED technician can come out (free of charge) and look at your treadmill. I would explain the extra parts, as well as the obvious fact that a stability piece seems to be missing.

    I think you at least need to register these complaints, and have the company take a look, otherwise it might void your warranty if something goes wrong in the future.

  6. I think I would definitely call the company. You aren't complaining about the delivery-guy ... just that they sent someone inexperienced. I agree with the others about asking for a refund for the delivery fee too. ESPECIALLY if it turns out that something is wrong -- I mean, extra parts at the end?? I hope he left them for you in case you find out they were needed!

    Oh - I started watching 13 Reasons Why this weekend ... one episode in and I'm scared to continue. I had unknowingly let my 13 year old daughter start watching it and she said she had to stop after a few episodes because it was just too intense for her. I wish now that I had thought to read the book or investigate the series before saying it was OK for her to watch ... #parentingfail

    I love reading your weekend recaps. I thought my weekends were pretty crazy. We're all in this together!

  7. I would so ask for a refund!! That is so crazy to me. I hate that all these companies now contracted out. Don't even get me started on the people Comcast sends over!! I love love that tshirt!! That is so great. I think I need one for myself.

  8. My blood pressure would have gone through the roof too!! I'm sure the guy was nice but clearly not prepared or qualified to deliver and set-up your treadmill. And it wouldn't have been acceptable if there had been NO charge but you guys paid a $150, which is not mere pocket change. I understand Ricky's concerns (and it's sad that we have to worry about those kind of things) but I would still call and explain your dissatisfaction and ask for a refund. Have you ever thought about getting one of those Ring doorbells? You can talk to anyone who is on your doorstop from wherever you are (home or not) via your phone. They take video and some even have alarms on them. Oh, Harvey Dent. You are adorable but naughty! The hand lettering was so gorgeous. You are so talented, Rebecca Jo!

  9. Most companies now days all hire out or sub-contract that kind of work. But you'd think the guy would have been prepared to at least have a system in place to get it into your house without any help. That's a heavy delivery price for what you got.
    I can understand reading a manual, I mean I think I'd rather someone do that than just guess. I put my own treadmill together, pain in the... but if it helps, I had extra parts I think they do that on purpose in case something breaks when putting it together. Just keep them, you may need them with the monthly maintenance on the machine, I've used a few of mine over the years to keep it up.
    I don't know, that's a tough one. If he couldn't of gotten that into your house without help then ya I'd call. I am sure he's just sub-contracted, I doubt he will lose his job, but at least the company will know they need to get him a 2nd hand or a better dolly machine to carry heavy things in with.

  10. Customer Service is NOT what it used to be. So so sorry!! I do love your tee and wow, your canvas looked great, little stinker!! I am mesmerized by Di too, I cried for days after her death. Hard to believe irs been almost 20 years.

  11. That is an insane story! And that stinks that you really couldn't report it because like your husband said, he knows where you live. But I guess on the positive side at least you got a treadmill! lol

  12. I'm not sure how I'd handle the treadmill thing. It might be worth asking them to have someone check it because you think a piece may be missing.

    Love that painting. Have you considered painting over the Harvey smudges?

  13. That is such a tight spot with the treadmill because Chris and I would think about the fact that the guy knows where we live too and probably wouldn't call on it. Hopefully you wont run in to any issues!!!

  14. Harvey just wanted to paint too. I'd hang that up anyway!

    I'd report it.

  15. I DVR'd the show about Diana. Joe isn't interested so I'll catch it while he watches baseball. I would have been furious about the delivery man. Seems like you are due a refund, or at least a partial refund on the delivery and set-up fee. Grrrrrr.

  16. Wow... that delivery man. Hmmm that is something else; I wonder if he had done one before? O_O I'm glad that it prepared you for the fiasco with the dog sniffing your beautiful hand lettering. :) You certainly don't have a boring life Becca, and the grace and joy of the Lord just shines through you in every situation.

  17. Oh my gosh what a debacle with that treadmill! Your sign came out beautifully! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  18. Ooo, tricky decision about the treadmill...problem is, I'm like you and can't make decisions! Ha ha.

  19. Incompetent delivery people are particularly annoying because that's their job and I really trust them to do it...I mean, I don't expect anyone else to know how to do my exact job for me...and maybe it was a new experience for him but I feel like the store should've given him support in that case?

    Sometimes reflecting on all the things we have to do makes us realize what we don't have to do.

  20. WOW $150 for that "set up" would make me so angry, too. You're right, what if Ricky wasn't home?! OMG that Belle tee is amazing, too!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  21. That is a crazy story about the treadmill. I would have wanted to call too, but Ricky is right, better not because he knows where you live. Still crazy. That recipe book intrigues me. I may have to take a look at it.

  22. I love that Belle shirt. THAT DELIVERY SOUNDS SUPER SKETCH!! :( Glad it's up and working for now. If you have any problems I would totally call them! I just got 13 Reasons Why on my ipad, I can't wait to read it and then watch at some point! Same with Big Little Lies. ;) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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