Monday, May 22, 2017

The weekend I walked back into my friend's house.....

Why do these weekends fly by?  Seriously, its not even fair.

I had a busy & packed weekend full of faces I loved seeing.

Friday night, I was going to finish up 13 Reasons Why when I got a phone call from one of my MSM girls.  They were down the street at their friends house... the one who is now living in my friend's Steph's house.  (That post I talked about that is right HERE)

Anyways, they wanted to know if it was OK if they could run down & say hi....

Of course.  I knew this was going to happen but less than a week after they found out where I lived?  Made me laugh.  But the girls came over & I turned off 13 Reasons Why & put on a lighter movie... The Secret Life of Pets ;) I love that movie.

It was so fun talking to the girls & they were making plans for us all to do things during the summer. I just love these girls & love they want me to spend time with them.

They had walked over when it was light outside & by the time they were ready to head home, sun was set & it was dark.  I live on a country road full of hills & no street lights. No way I was going to let them walk home.  So I told them to get in the car & I'd drive them home ... & let me tell you, I almost had a panic attack when I turned into that drive way.  I havent been in that drive way in 10 years.

& then the girl that lives there, her dad is a police officer & he was anxious about his daughter coming down to my house in the first place so I told her to have her dad come out & meet me so he knew who I was... & she text him & she said, "He said you can come in"

... breath in... breath out...

I am now walking up the side walk of my friend's house... & walked in the living room where I havent stood in so many years... & so many memories were flooding me.

It was so surreal, I cant even begin to tell you....

But I did meet her father & all the girls hugged me & I headed home... crying my eyes out.

I was in the perfect mood to finish up 13 Reasons Why.... & let the heart tearing continue.

OH MY GOSH... I finished it up - those last 3 episodes.  I was cringing & so upset. I dont remember the book having that same sort of grip on me. I really need to re-read it.  I think I'm going to start on it today actually.

I ended up staying up to nearly 1 am to finish out the show....

so that meant I slept in on Saturday.  Nice. Super nice.

I was able to take my time & do some cleaning & worked out my body & worked out my hand lettering... & did some on my Bible Study for the week....

& then it was time to go do a family photo session.

I did this couple's wedding... & then their first baby's pictures... & here they are a family of 4 now. I love seeing these families grow & staying in touch with people. It helps when your clients are amazing people.

We werent sure we were going to be able to pull it off because the weather had been iffy all weekend.  But I swear by my app Accuweather & it said it would rain one time during our session & it sprinkled EXACTLY the time it said it would - just long enough for us to hide under some steps & let it pass....

& then it said some large hail was going to come through & luckily, we had JUST finished the session when it came in. & MAN OH MAN... I need to check my car & see if there is any damage.

Chasity had come up to help me since I knew there was going to be a little one.  Kids anywhere from 1-4 years old, you need extra attention getting tactics. & Chasity is a pro.  But we planned on getting the hubbys & her kiddos to all meet up afterwards & we were able to go out to dinner together.

I cant believe I didnt take any pictures... I was just loving talking to Emerson.  She is just at a funny age right now.  & still loving Beauty & the Beast.  She at one point got up & was walking around the restaurant singing "Belle"... everyone was laughing at her... while my heart was bursting with pride.

I ended up getting home & washing up after that humid photo session & I knocked out EARLY.  So much for sleeping in.

The drive home... the storm finally passed

Sunday had me at church & MSM... I cant believe we only have 3 more weeks & then our summer break.  The girls are already wanting some dates planned for summer get togethers ... a total must.

I had to run to Target to get some stuff & then ran over to see my parents & drop off a heart healthy cookbook for my daddy.

I came home & had to take advantage of cooler temps (Finally) & sunny skies (finally) & finished up my latest book.

Then I finished up m evening by editing... & thinking of the week ahead.. the one before a holiday  weekend. That always makes the week more tolerable, doesnt it?

So how was your weekend?

Did you have horrible rains?

Did you watch 13 Reasons Why?


  1. What a sweet looking family. Love that picture.

    That must have been so weird to be in your friend's house after all that time. But I'm so glad you had the opportunity and that you are getting to have this special relationship with these girls.

    Hope you have a really great week.

  2. I have 4 episodes left for 13 reasons why and I just want to finish it already!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I am currently watching 13 Reasons Why. I am only a couple of episodes in. I have to pace myself because it's such a trigger for me...but the book was SO amazing that I have to finish the show...eventually.

  4. My Big Girl and I are about half way thru the show. It is soooo slooooowwww! Maybe I should have read the book instead! Happy Monday!

  5. It's absolutely amazing how the Lord so mercifully holds off the rain when we really need to get outside and do something. He is SO kind and gracious.

    And I haven't watched '13 Reasons Why' but .... I'm skeptical. What would you say about it? :) I'd love to see a review from you on it, if that was something you would want to do. :)

  6. I finished 13 Reasons Why about a month ago - it was definitely a trigger for me as well, but I ended up liking it. Super hard to watch sometimes, though. I <3 Clay! And I'm not super into that they picked it up for a 2nd season.. Just wish they'd stop things when they should.

  7. Oh - that family photo is so precious! And I just LOVE the little rolls on the baby's arm :) It was one of those weekends where I know I was busy ... but I don't remember a thing I did. I guess that's a good thing, sometimes. I still could only watch the first episode of 13 reasons ... I need to see the rest of it, but I'll have to rewatch the 1st one again. Started watching The Last Kingdom, so I need to finish binging on that one first. :)

  8. I haven't watched 13 Reasons Why but I really want to. Seeing as I lost a dear friend to suicide recently, it hits a little to close to home. Just not ready to watch it but it's on my list.

  9. I had to go read the post you linked to so I understood why going into this home was hard. And girl, I completely understand. It would have taken my breath away but it sounds like a great family is there and it is still home with great love. I have not seen or read 13 Reasons Why and I can't decide if I want to read/watch it. I have no doubt it's great but I also think it will keep me in bed for a week afterwards. :D

  10. Chris and I stayed up late on Friday finishing 13 Reasons too!!!! The last three episodes were hard and graphic, but man what a good show!!! Its pretty cool that you got to go in that house, even if it did bring back a flood of memories and emotions. What a sweet family portrait!! Hope you have a great week!

  11. I love how you are able to see these beautiful families as they grow - I love that photo. I watched the first episode of 13 Reasons Why and need to keep watching. My kids at work always talk about it, and I really think it'll help me relate to them and know what they're thinking.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. Wow, that was a beautiful sky after the storm! I managed to miss the storms with the traveling, they didn't hit Atlanta until after I left and they were done in DC by the time I got back. Though I did have a flight delay. I haven't watched 13 Reasons Why yet but I keep hearing about it. I'm not sure if I can handle it.

  13. Wow! I feel like this weekend was super taxing on your emotions! I'm glad you ended it with a little downtime and you-time! So sweet of your MSM girls to include you and spend some of their time with you!!

  14. What a lovely weekend! That's awesome that you get to watch those families grow though your photography! How special!

  15. My sis watched and was telling me about 13 but I haven't seen it yet, now I'm not sure if I want to read the book first or not. I love that those girls already wanted to hang out since they live so close and getting to go in and see your old friends house, amazing!

  16. Have never watched (or read) 13 reasons why, but will have to look it up now. Those young girls are so blessed to have you mentoring them!! You are blessed too - I know. :)

  17. It was rainy here but it don't remember it actually raining. Must have just been overcast!
    I remember the feeling of us girls loving our youth group leaders back in the day. We thought they were so cool! They were always adults that didn't have children of their own. Once I got married I ran into on of my leaders and he had married one of my moms friends and they adopted a baby from China. TMI?

  18. Wow. I bet it was surreal going into your friends house. But you did it and tore that bandaid off. I loved 13 Reasons Why and I cringed so hard at the suicide scene. It was rough, but now I have soooo many questions on it. that is a beautiful photo you took of the family. Hope you have a good week ahead!

  19. Such an emotional night for you, walking back into her house! I'm glad you were able to get home and release all those emotions. Wow!

  20. i'm wondering if i should start watching 13 reasons because the content will likely be hard for me to watch and also, f*cking canadian netflix probably doesnt even have it!

  21. How surreal you got to go back to the house just after sharing your story on Friday. I'm glad you had a nice time visiting with the girls and got to finish 13 Reasons Why. Beautifully Candid

  22. So amazing about the house! And what a wonderful day to be able to sleep in a little. I am only on episode three of 13 reasons why but it is already tugging at me. Such a tough workd to live in for teenagers these days so I am super happy they have ladies like you to be a wonderful role model!

  23. The sky is beautiful in your photo. I haven't seen or read Thirteen Reasons Why, yet. I think I'm going to read the book first.

  24. yes SO much rain! Had it again in the middle of the night (hail again too)!

    What bible study are you doing now?

  25. I will be watching 13 reasons why soon. I just read it. Heart wrenching for sure. Wow, I can see how that would be a heavy pairing with going to your friend's house. Hugs. XO - Alexandra

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