Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Lots of running, tennis & a little blind Bruno.... One Sentence a Day {April 2017}

Is anyone else in shock that we're already to May?  
Ricky keeps reminding me that its only 6 months till we start Christmas shopping.
I want to kick him in his knee caps every time he says that.
But here we are - in the 5th month... & looking back at how April treated me.
I closed it out with a medal around my neck so there's worse ways to wrap up a month....
So here's how April went - one sentence at a time....

1.  Ranked in the top 3 of my worst races when I did the Papa John's 10 Miler with this hole in my mouth & a week where I could eat no solid food for nutrition.

2.  So sad to hear our music minister was transferring to another campus & this was his last Sunday.

3.  Finished knitting one of my favorite slouch hats I've ever made #sosoft

4.  My GP watch has officially konked out.

5.  Storms coming in the area even had schools letting out early with the potential for some scary stuff.

6. I cant believe its freezing cold again.

7.  By the time I left work at 4pm, I'm pretty sure it was the LONGEST WEEK EVER.

8.  New shoes on a long run is not a smart decision.

9.  Started at one church for a baptism & ended at my church to have another girl decide to be baptized.

10. Pretty sure my toenail, or my entire toe, is going to fall off during this run.

11.  Love Blue Apron's finished products, but hate it takes dirtying up every bowl & pot & pan in my house for one meal.

12.  Totally sat in shock at Survivor tonight #Zekevior

13.  Got our taxes done just in time to turn around & pay property taxes. #circleoftaxlife

14.  Good Friday at church had me in a MSM Hangout & then for ice cream with some of my small group girls.

15.  The day was non stop with a photo session, the best friendship coffee date & an engagement party.

16.  So blessed to get to serve at Easter service at my church & then even more blessed to get to spend the afternoon with my family.

17.  Went to sit in sprinkles to watch my niece play some tennis.

18.  Another day of watching tennis playing & even got to see my MSM girls that were doing track practice.

19.  Tried to stop by Starbucks for an iced coffee, but the crazy Unicorn Frap has taken over & the line was wrapped around the building & the inside line was out the door. #noicedcoffeeforme

20.  I learned to never come up from behind on my little blind boy when I went to give him a hug & it startled him so much, he bite my face.

21.  I can't believe this roller coaster of weather has taken another nose dive to the cold side.

22.  Excited to buy a new treadmill!!

23.  Loved seeing 2 new faces in our JOY Group this week!

24.  I was literally so mad that Heather got voted off Dancing with the Stars after a perfect score, I couldnt even go to bed for an hour after the show.

Image result for heather maks dancing with the stars eliminated

25.  Got to watch my niece play 2 games of tennis on this beautiful warm day.

26.  My nerves for this half marathon are on full force right now.

27.  Went to Target to get a poncho for the rainy race & forgot it but walked out with new pens.

28.  Getting all prepped up for a half marathon is worse than packing for a vacation.

29.  Finished my 8th half marathon after a mental struggle like no other.

30.  Got to teach on a panel at MSM & loved being able to talk to a large group of kids again.

Whew... a lot happening... 
All the running....
I'll be taking a break from that in May... but who knows what I'll end up doing.
Heck, I may be coming back next month signed up for a triathlon. #neverdoubtme

What was the highlight of your April?

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  1. What a great month! A little crazy yes but great! Isn't it crazy how the older we get the faster time really truly does fly? Have a wonderful day sweet lady!

  2. Yea I can't believe it's May already. I do think that as you get older life goes by so much quicker!

  3. That was a busy April. And poor Bruno with the spooking and biting of your face!! Awwww. Whew, two races down! Way to go!

  4. I can't believe it's May already either. Time truly flies. Looks like another great month overall, even with all the craziness! Here's to a great May!

  5. I cant tell you how many times I have gone to Target for a specific item and forgot to get it. Bruno is such a cutie, even if he is biting his mommas face ;)

  6. I cannot believe we're in May. You ran all over in April!

  7. Yes to all the dirty dishes with the Blue Apron meals! THey're really good though!

  8. I was so mad about Heather getting voted off. I kept hoping it was a mistake!!

  9. I feel the same way about Blue Apron, I've been enjoying the food but it's a bit involved for weekdays with all the dirty dishes.

  10. April definitely had its ups and downs, but it was a pretty good month. Ugh I don't even want to think about Christmas shopping. Though I love everything about Christmas. Ha. I am excited for warm weather!!!

  11. Well done with the half marathon. I love running also and will be in the Mother's Day Classic next in my schedule. It was lovely reading about your month and this is the first time I've linked up with A Sentence A Day. Looking forward to your next month's activities.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

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