Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Some things I suck at.... (no one needs to add onto this for me thankyouverymuch)

A little fun for the day....

This could be hard for me to narrow it down to 10 things... but I'll try...
So without any more haste.... 

 10 Things I Suck At
(this should be fun....)

1.  Parking.  
Let me note - this is parking in my current car - a Ford Edge. I swear, it would be easier to park a army tank than this vehicle. & I got a lot of grief from the hubs until he drives it & tries to show me "how its done" & he's never in a parking spot very well either.  Its the hardest car EVER to park. It just counts as more steps for me to take on my fitness trackers because I'm forever parking in the empty part of the lot that I can just randomly pull in & know I can just pull right out.  My friends usually know its my car in a parking lot just based on how its parked. That's how bad it can be.

2.  Facial Expressions.
Yeahhhh... I'm not the best at hiding my emotions on my face.  I try. I really try.  But you want to know what I'm thinking, just watch my facial reactions.  They are a dead giveaway.  I've been working on it though. An art to perfect, for sure.

Image result for can't hide my facial expressions

3.  Keeping house spotless.
That includes laundry caught up. Or the kitchen counter cleaned off. & let's add to that the bathroom counter. & let's not forget my dresser where my make up is laid out.  & let's also not forget the pile of paper work on top of the fridge... &... oh you get the idea.  I need to stay at home full time to keep my house up to inspection standards.

4.  Painting Fingernails.
I always am in awe of ladies with pretty hands & fingernails. Especially when they're painted & looking so lovely.  I paint mine & they are literally smudged or smeared in less than an hour & chipped by the next day - guaranteed. & let's not forget the struggle with trying to keep cuticles looking nice & trim.  I dont get people that have pretty fingernails all the time.  My nails are 60% bare or 38% chipped off paint covered.  I'm classy, what can I say.

Image result for chipped nails meme
I just found this life hack... this may change my whole life

5. Skin care.
Soap & water baby.  That's basically what my skin gets every night.  I've just never been one of those 193 products to put on your skin every night, or week, or every month for better skin.  My mom has beautiful skin & has always taken care of it with product after product.  Me?  Just never learned how to care about it.  If I try, & I really want to try - my aging skin really makes me want to try - but ANY product I put on my skin, I'm like a 13 year old who just started puberty.  Break out city.  So why bother.

6.  Decision making.
THE WORST. I am THE WORST at decision making.  Always have been. I have always been the person that can see both sides to every situation & so in every decision needed, I'm like a one person lawyer show debating both sides, totally convincing each side of their case.  I always said if anyone ever needs a devil's advocate to think about both sides of a situation - ask me. I'm your girl.

Image result for decision making meme

7.  Keeping eyebrows plucked.
Thank God for my hair dresser & that wax that tames these babies every few weeks. I try to keep them plucked after each waxing but its like I wake up one day & POOF, every hair on my eye brow spontaneously exploded over night.  So then I just say forget it & wait for my next brow appointment. The struggle is real.

8.  Running.
Yeah... I suck at it. I keep doing it - but I suck at it.  I get slower & slower every year.  I guess that's the definition of sucking at it.... but sucking doesn't mean stopping me.  GO ME!

Image result for slow running meme

9.  Traveling.
Oh man. I literally just got green faced & dizzy thinking about it. I get car sick.  I envision every horrible thing happening flying. I get nervous of drivers around me on the road.  I hate sitting for so long.  I'm not adventurous.  I get grossed out at hotels (all the germs!!!!).... Yeah, some people weren't made to travel the world.

10. Being Quiet.
The hubs reminds me of this one all the time. Whether it be my talking or especially, my laughing, its loud. I cant help it. I really can't. To me, I dont feel like its loud... but apparently, it can draw attention.  Who doesn't love a big hearty laugh is all I can say about that!... & apparently, my 'whisper' is what the hubs tells me is everyone else's normal voice.  I obviously have nothing to hide in conversations then is all I can say about that.
& to give myself a case - my mom has a busted eardrum in one ear & cant hear out of one side so I think I probably naturally spoke louder growing up.  See - not may fault.

Image result for loud person meme

Bonus... why not... one more... (I could really think of a lot more - I apparently suck at a lot of things in life)

11. NOT getting injured.
It's kinda a joke - but not really - that if anyone is going to get hurt doing something, its going to be me. Walk across the room?  Yeah, I can get hurt.  Sitting still on a couch? Yeah, something can fall out of the ceiling on me.  Lifting something?  Better just call an ambulance right now.  Laying in bed watching tv? I can totally pull a muscle somehow. Heck, I hurt myself sleeping the other day.  Woke up with a muscle in my neck pulled.
When I joined the youth group at our new church, I warned them that I always get hurt & my face tends to be a magnet for balls flying around a room ... do you know I've been hit straight in the face with a basketball twice already in the past year.

So tell me something you are really bad at!!!!


  1. Yes on the nail Polish thing. Please tell me more about this life changing glitter paint. I've actually been using the sensatioNails gel Polish and I love it because it will start coming off at the nail bed before the tips so it looks a little less "trashy"

    Tell me about this eye brow taming wax too!
    I use ponds ( I think) religiously. I'm on the downside of my 30's and wish I started

  2. Wow ... I think I could truthfully put about 7 or 8 of these on my list. Though I *need* to travel -- I'm not good at it or anything but I love visiting new places and seeing new things. I think I paint my nails about once or twice a year and can never seem to find the polish remover ... and my brows? Yep - same. :)

  3. Oh how I love this! I did a post once, Nine things I'm horrible at so I can totally relate. I too suck at parking and while I also love to travel, I'm horrible, I get lost I pack too much and so on and so on, Ha! This was so fun!

  4. Oh dear that last one. :( You've had a rough go of that lately!! I'm the same with house cleaning. I've come to the (better) system of trying to spend some time each week cleaning up after myself. My night stand and vanity get covered in claritin packets and kleenexes and flossers. My vanity is dusty from foundation powder... I tend to drape clothes near my closet. I take some time each weekend to pick those things back up. When I do it daily, that's great... but at least each week I try really hard to do it! I want to get back on a real cleaning schedule... otherwise it's "people are coming over tomorrow, we need to clean up!" -which honestly works ok, but can get a bit overwhelming. haha I think each year I lose more and more control over my facial expressions. Nail polish is a tough one. The glitter hack is great! I do the same thing if it comes out streaky or whatever, just put glitter over the whole nail. Zip bam boom! haha I am also a horrible decision maker! The travel one makes me a little sad, as I love it. But you have to take care of and "do" you. ;) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. I think if you love running, that's totally enough. I'm not a good or fast runner either, but we both love it. So we'll keep doing it.

    And I am still not good at parking. I am terrified of parallel parking, and I don't know if I've done it more than once.

    Hmmm.... one thing I'm really bad at is planning. I love doing things spontaneously, but planning things stresses me out. However i need to get better at planning and really remembering that no matter what God is in control.

  6. It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who cannot paint her nails. I once did it and someone said to me, oh you let the kids paint your nails last night when you were babysitting! I'm nope, I pained them myself. Actually, I haven't painted my own nails since then. Scared forever! haha

  7. Do you really think there's too much bragging in the world? I like when people know what they're good at and aren't afraid to say it - just like I like when people know what they're not good at and aren't afraid to say it. I don't like when people make themselves small. It reminds me of that Marianne Williamson poem - we were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

    WOW tangent.

    I'm good at nail painting, NOT good at toenail painting. Also I'd argue that you're a good runner because you run.

  8. If it makes you feel better, I DO stay home full-time, and I STILL can't keep my place tidy. (Then again, I have a two-year-old I can pin the blame on, least there's that.)

    And I am SO BAD at keeping my face neutral---I'm also great at holding my tongue, but it doesn't seem to matter much when my face is speaking much louder than words anyway!

  9. I am the worst at parking. I cannot parallel park at all and I am extremely fussy about where I park. It has to be just right, like I'm Goldilocks. My nails always look terrible. I'm too lazy to paint them, although the glitter idea is genius. I am also a terrible housekeeper. My dream is to have a cleaning service. And I won't be the person who cleans before they come because I'm embarrassed. I'm the one who will say "sorry" and give them an extra big tip! Love this and may borrow it some day!

  10. I used to hate to park my old car because the windows made it nearly impossible to see anything!!!! Now I have a back up camera on my explorer so all is good in the world! I suck at painting nails, doing hair, being patient and making decisions.

  11. Definitely with you on the nail polish. I don't know why but I feel like they get chipped as soon as I'm done doing them. I lived in the city at one point years ago and didn't have a parking spot so had to find street parking every day. I had to get good at parallel parking then but I'm sure I've lost it by now.

  12. My mom's face is her tell, too! Lol
    I, too, suck at keeping my nails nice and painted. And keeping the house clean. And I don't even attempt to run ;)

  13. I too am TERRIBLE at hiding my facial expressions. Side eye ALLLLL DAY LONG. And I'm also so loud, no real excuse, especially since I have great hearing, I just can't seem to help myself.

  14. Yes to #1, #2, and #6. My husband gets so frustrated with me every time we go out and it comes time to pick a restaurant. lol you would think it was a life or death decision because I'm always second guessing myself. It's good to laugh at ourselves though! :)

  15. I think you can probably add having healthy teeth, as you always seem to be at the! I cannot do my own eyebrows, I've been going every 3-4 weeks for the past 14 years!

  16. I've always been loud too. I don't mean to be but nevertheless, it's true.

  17. lol as much as i love organizing and having a tidy house, it's damn near impossible with a kid so i've made peace with the fact that my house will be chaotic until kayla moves out!

  18. Those first four are TOTALLY me! I even have a feature on FB & my blog called "The Bug Parking Badly" - ha!

  19. Oh man I can't hide my facial expressions either!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  20. I am also terrible at almost all of these things. Especially eyebrows, nails, and traveling.

    And I would argue that anyone who has the desire to run is a runner.

  21. I agree about do other women keep them so perfect all the time? I have never gone two hours without smudging or chipping polish.

  22. I enjoyed your list and the chuckles! Might have to try the glitter polish!

  23. I love these kinds of lists. I suck at keeping my nails painted too. I have two nails that are bare and the rest are good. Ha. I suck at running too. I do it, but I am not that good at it.

  24. This was a fun post, and I can pretty much relate to most all of the things that you listed (except you keep running, and I don't run at all - haha!)

  25. seriously i SUCK at painting my nails. should just give up.


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