Thursday, May 04, 2017

Encouragement & inspiration... a lot of that this week!!! {Thankful Thursday #123}

This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / Just ignore}

303 / Sparkling water in bottles.
I credit sparkling seltzer water to getting me off Diet Coke... & I know - I KNOW - its an acquired taste, but once you love it, you love it. & I do love it. But its rare you find it in places out available to eat or to grab & go.  So I was so excited when I'm in the line at Target & see Dasani has these in bottles to go! They taste delicious too!

I think I need one more rubber band on my wrist too.

304 / Race expo.
Loved it was close to work.  I always HATE driving downtown & finding a parking spot for the expo every year. This was just heavenly.

305 / MSM Girls calling
I got a phone call on Friday night from some of my girls asking if I was coming over. One of their mom's host a small group that she's invited Ricky & I too. I had just gotten home & needed to get ready for the race so we didnt make it - but the girls were so cute wishing me luck on the race & telling me how much they love me. I have the best group of girls!

306 / Snail Mail.
Got this precious card from my dear friend. Totally made my day complete!!!

308 / Perfect race day parking.
I talked about this Monday - but it really was funny how the second I asked Jesus to help us park after the hardest time, the most perfect spot opened up.  It was just far enough from the finish line that we could get away without traffic, & easy enough to walk to after the finish so I didnt have to add another 5k to the race. & free!!!!

310 / 99 cent ponchos
I never had these before - Just dealt with rain & getting wet but now that I know these babies exist & are 99 cents? I'm stocking up. We tossed them about mile 5 in the garbage.  They served their purpose.

Pre-race photo... That's Ricky's expression of "If this is delayed one more time, I'm outta here"

311 / Inspiring Uncle!!!!
OK... for all the moaning & groaning I did during the race, I have to learn to put things in perspective.  My uncle just finished his 2nd half marathon... all while battling & kicking pancreatic cancer in the butt!  He put off his chemo treatment for the week so he'd have the energy to do the race. How amazing is that????  He & his wife both trained the entire time too.  I know if there are 13,000 runners on that course, there are 13,000 stories on how they got there & how they are getting to the finish line... his story is my favorite of all 13,000

I did it.  My 8th half marathon.  Always thankful to complete a difficult race.

313 / Encouragement!!!
I have to say, all the texts & emails & phone calls & messages left for me for the race - they truly were a boost for me. When I was struggling the worst, I honestly thought of some of the things you all said to me & written.  It was just what I needed to give me the extra push I needed to get to the finish line!!!

315/ Free lunch after race.
So remember when I talked a few weeks ago where I ordered a veggie burger at Chili's & they gave me a REAL burger? UGH... well we went there after the race & Ricky ordered a veggie burger & stressed again how they always mess up our order. Well, do you know they brought out his order WRONG.  Unbelievable.  Well, we had just told the waitress how they always mess up our order - this was before our food came out - so when it came out messed up, she was even was like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  The manager was so super nice about it though & they remade it & gave it to us for free. We said to each other we're going to try this place one more time - if they mess up again? We wont be back. Geez.

317 / Teaching at MSM
I was so honored to be put on a panel in our MSM group this past Sunday to help in a series we are doing called Question Box.  Where questions kids have are answered by leaders.  My questions were on being the only Christian in a family & on cutting. Some big topics.  I just love serving in my church so much & being a part of this amazing group of people in youth ministry.

What good things have happened in your life this week?


  1. I love how all these things just sort of worked out for you!

    Your Uncle is Amazing! What are those orange things on his shoes?

  2. Enjoyed reading your list of 'thankfuls.' Hope you have a day.

  3. we used those cheap ponchos at disney when it rained and the tossed them afterwards. good job on your 8th!

  4. So awesome about your uncle! I love hearing stories like his! Take that, cancer!

  5. Ah awesome! I love all of these run posts! So fun for you and Ricky and your uncle! And yay for $0.99 ponchos! ;) Yay for friends and encouragement and snail mail too! Sounds like a lot to be thankful for! <3 XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. God bless your Uncle!! Wow! Congrats to you on your 8th half-marathon! You are amazing. When we were in Italy, at every meal they asked if we wanted water with or without 'gas'... we got so we liked the Pelligrino mineral water, with 'gas'!!

  7. Snail mail (when not a bill) is always the best! Mmm diet coke. I broke myself from it when I was pregnant but I find myself ordering it when we go out to eat sometimes. Only in moderation is better than daily right?

  8. Your uncle is amazing! That is inspirational, and you're right, every one who was in that race probably had a story to tell that's inspirational. Congrats again to you and to your uncle :)

  9. I love your Uncle's triumphant story! That's amazing and awesome! It's sad that Chili's cannot get your order right but at least they make it right with a good attitude. Some places just don't care. I know how much you love your MSM girls but I love the fact they have you.

  10. I love sparkling flavored water. I need to try this line of them. Yay for finishing your race and having the cheap ponchos for it.

  11. That MSM panel sounds intense but so helpful for young kids!
    Still so amazed and proud of you for killin' that race!! And way to go to your uncle!! That's so amazing!

  12. Wow, your uncle is incredible! What an inspiration.
    So is Ricky a runner too?! I am still so impressed by you crushing that race no matter how hard it was.
    I always love hearing how sweet your MSM girls are! Wish I had a group like that to go to when I was in middle school. It's sweet how much they adore you.

  13. Isn't it the worst when your order is messed up? You see the food coming to the table, the excitement builds, and then, disappointment! Also, I just love snail mail, and that card you received is so cute!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  14. Sorry for being so late. I've been having some computer problems today. I think it's okay now.

    Congrats on finishing your race and kudos to to your uncle. So awesome!!!

  15. snail mail is the best & that poncho picture is perfection! :)


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